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Presented by Diva Dirt, the number one female wrestling website

SAN FRANCISCO, December 2nd, 2011— Just in time for the holiday shopping season, ChickFight and Diva Dirt (http://diva-dirt.com), the number one female wrestling website, have teamed up to present a brand new DVD filled with hard hitting women’s wrestling – “ChickFight: On the Road, Volume 1”.

“ChickFight: On the Road, Volume 1” is available exclusively through Amazon and, for the first time ever, compiles matches fought under the ChickFight banner in recent years.  This marks the first ChickFight DVD release in nearly four years, and and the first DVD release from Diva Dirt!

The set features over two hours of footage and boasts some of the biggest stars in female wrestling including Cheerleader Melissa, Amazing Kong (WWE star Kharma), ODB, Traci Brooks, Lacey Von Erich, Christina Von Eerie and more!

With the holidays just around the corner, “ChickFight: On the Road, Volume 1” is the perfect gift for women’s wrestling fans! Stuff it in a Christmas stocking or wrap it up with a bow–either way, the gift of quality women’s wrestling is sure to be appreciated.

Matches include…

Cheerleader Melissa vs. Lacey Von Erich
ODB vs. Candice LaRae
Cheerleader Melissa vs. Traci Brooks
La Nazi vs. Cheerleader Melissa
Raisha Saeed vs. Christina Von Eerie
Cheerleader Melissa and ODB vs. Jaime D and Amazing Kong
Raisha Saeed vs. Christie Ricci

Total run time: 128 minutes

“ChickFight: On the Road, Volume 1” is a region-free DVD, and will play on DVD players around the world!

To purchase the DVD, please visit: http://tinyurl.com/chickfightdvd

For more information on ChickFight, visit ChickFight.tv.