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Christian CageReported by Karen Belcher (10/25)Christian Cage talked to the wrestling press in this teleconference to promote his new Best Of DVD and his movie Dark Rising.

Steven Godfrey of TNA reminded everyone that TNA’s next PPV is Genesis on Nov. 11.

Christian is also publicizing an indy movie he appears in: Dark Rising, which will be available on DVD on Oct. 30. Christian also has a small part (Senator’s guard) in Shoot ‘Em Up, starring Clive Owen.

Christian said he still feels the same about TNA as he did when he started with them about two years ago. He’s excited to be with a growing company. Each new step they take forward, such as moving from Saturday to Thursday, moving to prime time, and now going to two hours contributes to their forward momentum and gives him reason to be excited.
His favorite matches in TNA are: winning the NWA Championship from Jeff Jarrett for the first time, his 6 Sides of Steel cage match with Rhino, and his most recent match with Samoa Joe at Bound for Glory.
He hasn’t tried playing the new TNA video game yet, but he has seen screen shots and a demo video, and it looks unbelievably great.
He wanted to include the videos of himself, Adam Copeland (Edge), Rhino and Simon Diamond early in their careers so that fans can see how they all were when they started out. He cringes at how brutal his first promo was, and how awful those matches were, but he wants people to see that you have to work to be a good wrestler. He wants fans to see there’s a progression, and see how much work it takes to become a good wrestler. You can’t just walk into a ring and be good immediately.
He worked together with TNA to decide which of his matches would be included on his new Best of Christian Cage: The Instant Classic DVD.
He was happy to show his home to fans on the DVD. After being totally broke for 4 or 5 years when he was starting out, he is very proud of all he has now.
He thinks the split between the NWA and TNA was for the best. Although the NWA’s Championship is the oldest and has many great names attached to it, he believes TNA can stand on its own now and needs to have its own titles.
He believes AJ Styles is much better on the mic now, and has shown that he can be one of the funniest guys around. He said it’s very hard to talk when you first start out, and it takes a lot of practice before you feel comfortable. It’s possible AJ feels more comfortable now working with the Christian Coalition because they kid around together backstage, and what they do in the ring is an extension of the normal kidding around they do.
He is in Toronto right now for a screening of Dark Rising, a funny, campy, indy horror film by Black Rock Films. He enjoyed making the film and hopes fans will enjoy it. It comes out on DVD on Oct. 30.
He generally prefers to call a match in the ring. It can be difficult to do, but he likes seeing what the crowd likes and reacting to that in what he does in the match.
What makes him happy with TNA is that they allow him to be real hands on with his backstage vignettes and his promos, and with what he does in the ring. They are very open creatively, and the talent doesn’t have to be afraid to speak up. TNA lets the creative juices flow.
He believes that going to two hours was a very big step for everyone at TNA. It will take a while for them to get acclimated and work out the problems. The shows will become smoother as time goes on.
He thinks it’s important to have both home grown talent and known stars in TNA. He thinks the known stars can help the homegrown talent by making them look better, and giving them more credibility in the eyes of fans.
Cage said that the next milestone for TNA will be taking their PPVs on the road more frequently. The Orlando fans are great, but there’s something special about being in front of new fans. The crowd in Atlanta was unbelievable at Bound for Glory.
There wasn’t any particular reference that they based the Christian Coalition on. Obviously they are all aware of great stables in the past, such as the Horsemen, but he thinks that it’s the chemistry among the wrestlers that really determines what a group will be like.
If he could add a Knockout to the Coalition, he’d choose Traci Brooks, because he sees she has a little evil streak. If he were to choose someone from outside TNA to add, it would be Giant Bernard, because he’s Tomko’s tag partner in Japan.
Regarding Steve Austin‘s statement that TNA has some stuff, but no major stars, Christian said you have to consider who he’s working for: “What else would you expect him to say?”
Cage is more comfortable where he is now, working as a heel, because the personality is like his own, but cranked up.
TNA does have drug testing in place, he said, and they are working on refining it to make sure the proper steps are being taken. In answer to a question about whether it’s new, he said that it’s been in place, but since they are a privately owned company, it hasn’t been public knowledge.
Joking, Cage said he would take all the credit for Tomko’s improvement in TNA: “It’s all because of me.” Then he answered that Tomko didn’t get a chance to improve in WWE, but that Tomko was always a student of the game, always watching the other wrestlers and learning, so he was a much better wrestler when he returned from Japan.
Sometimes you just find opponents where the chemistry clicks, such as with Jericho, Rhino, Team 3D, and his latest matches with Samoa Joe.
He doesn’t know what goes on behind the scenes at WWE. As far as he knows, the matches at Cyber Sunday really are based on the fan voting.
Christian stated that RVD is well respected by most in the TNA locker room, and he would be welcome. His star power could help TNA.
A TNA Magazine could be a good idea, and may be something that fans will see within the next year or so.
He is getting older, but he wouldn’t mind trying an Ultimate X match. He doesn’t want to join the X Division, as he’s after the TNA Heavyweight Championship, but there are a number of X Division wrestlers he’d like to have matches with.
Christian said that he goes into every show and every PPV wanting to be the show stealer. If someone’s not up for the biggest PPV of the year, or any PPV, they shouldn’t be on the show.
He has been in touch with Edge, and Edge is feeling better. He’s doing rehab and expects to be back in a couple of months.
Cage said he hasn’t thought much about a union for wrestlers, but maybe it’s something that should be considered.
He always tries to top the last match he had. He will always look at tapes of his matches and find things he could have done better, and hopes to improve for the next time.
He thanked the fans and said that without the fans, he’d never be what he is.
— Karen Belcher