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He managed stars like Owen Hart, Dave Boy Smith, and The Nation of Domination. Now years after his retirement from wrestling, the only attorney in the United States with own action figure, Herman “Clarence Mason” Stevens has come to ClubWWI.com to speak to James Guttman in his first ever shoot interview.


Like Damien Demento, Sean Mooney, Rob Conway, and Lance Cade, Clarence came to ClubWWI.com for his first shoot interview ever and it’s a chance for fans to go behind the scenes for 33 minutes with a star who was a part of wrestling during it’s rebuilding years. Mason has a huge array of stories to tell including: The Origin Of The Clarence Mason Name, The Rib Owen Hart Pulled That Almost Got Him Attacked On Live TV, The Disagreement Davey Boy Smith Had Over A Match Against The Rock, His Very Brief First Meeting With Vince McMahon, Why His WCW Run Was Smoother, The Iron Sheik Calling Him “A Mark,” What A Clarence Mason Return To Wrestling Would Mean, Juggling Wrestling With Practicing Law, The Strange Connection He Had To Ernie Ladd That Lead To His Debut, Bobby Heenan, Vince Russo, Jim Cornette, D-Lo Brown, Bill Watts, and More.


In one of the most memorable moments of his career, Clarence Mason was a part of the early Nation of Domination. Alongside a huge entourage, the original Nation was comprised mostly of Crush, Savio Vega, and Ron Simmons. But when the group changed, names left and others joined. One person out was Clarence himself. Mason explains…


“I think I was out. D-Lo (Brown) was a part of it. Of course, they made Rocky a part of it as well. It was just a direction, like I said, of where they wanted it to go. Definitely disappointed that I wasn’t a part of what was going on. Then again, you know, I’ve got to take some of the blame with regard to being able to deal with certain things. Now I don’t want to be disparaging. I don’t want to talk ill of anyone, but like I said, I learned better after I left how to deal with certain backroom politics, antics, and different things like that. If given the opportunity to do it all back over again, trust me, Clarence Mason would have gone much further than where he went.”


Stevens go on to talk about what he would do differently, the struggle with being a new star in WWF without an Indy background, breaking in under Ernie Ladd, how Dave Boy’s match with The Rock taught him about protecting his character, ad-libbing promos, WCW vs. WWF in terms of promo leeway, juggling two careers, and more.


Aside from The Nation, Clarence Mason was also known for his management of Owen Hart and Davey Boy Smith during their tag title reign. Clarence talks in-depth about Owen Hart and his love for his family. That’s not all though.. Hart was well-known for his backstage ribs and Mason tells a story about one that Owen did on live TV…which almost got him pummeled. Many fans who saw it didn’t even realize it was a shoot, but it was and Mason told ClubWWI.com listeners the entire tale. He also talked about the serious side of Owen too…

“He always ribbed, but it was a lot of fun. It was never taken too seriously. The only time that really rubbed him the wrong way was when all those things took place with his brother (Bret) and Shawn Michaels and all that. That was the only time that was probably really difficult for him. Other than that, he was just a good spirit and really good to be around.”


The 33 minute shoot also includes talk of Davey Boy Smith’s career, the choices he made, the origins of the Clarence Mason name, and tons more. As the ClubWWI.com shoot comes to a close, James gives Clarence a chance to talk to his fans and the litigator does just that…

“If you wish upon a star, it makes no difference who you are. Anything your heart desires can come true. If I live the dream, you can live the dream. It is not unreachable. It is not unattainable. It’s nothing but a star, man.. All you’ve got to do is reach up, pluck it out of the sky, and it’s yours.. You can do it. All you’ve got to do is believe it and you can achieve it.”


You can check out all the topics right now on WorldWrestlingInsanity.com or head to ClubWWI.com to hear the entire shoot right now. With over 180 stars, you’ll have plenty of superstars to put on your Ipod, Phone, burn to CD, or just listen through your computer. Stars you can hear the minute you sign up include: Jerry Lawler, Ron Simmons, Magnum T.A., Kevin Sullivan, Vince Russo, Mr. Fuji, The Iron Sheik, Rory McAllister, Jesse Ventura, Bobby Lashley, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Tommy Rich, Tully Blanchard, Ken Patera, Bobby Heenan, Terri Runnels, Kevin Nash, Kenny Dykstra, Outback Jack, Paul Orndorff, Terry Funk, Lance Cade, Trevor Murdoch, Eric Bischoff, Nikita Koloff, Nunzio , John Cena Sr., Kizarny, Armando Estrada, Dangerous Danny Davis, Ronnie Garvin, Dave Taylor Colin Delaney, Jim Mitchell, Chris Harris, Ahmed Johnson, Glacier, Balls Mahoney, Francine, Sid Vicious, Paul Bearer, Brian Knobbs, Bruno Sammartino, Bryan Clark, Sean Mooney, Scott D’Amore, Tito Santana, Al Snow, Tod Gordon, JJ Dillon, Charlie Haas, Tom Prichard, Jacques Rougeau, Paul Roma, Jim Powers, Tammy Sytch, Too Cold Scorpio, The Honky Tonk Man, Ole Anderson, Kid Kash, Ivan Koloff, Jackie Gayda, Mr. Hughes, Scotty 2 Hotty, Dawn Marie, John Heidenreich, Jimmy Hart, Jimmy Valiant, Rick Martel, Manny Fernandez, Bad News Brown, Nick Bockwinkel, Dory Funk Jr, Diamond Dallas Page, Rob Conway, Sylvain Grenier, Mike Bucci, Samu, Erik Watts, Buff Bagwell, Christian Cage, Jazz, Demolition Ax and Smash, Koko B. Ware, Ricky Morton, Lance Russell, Bruce Hart, Dustin “Goldust” Rhodes, Damian Demento, Fred “Shockmaster” Ottman, Justin Credible, Cpl. Kirchner, One Man Gang, Scott Steiner, Shawn Stasiak, Ted DiBiase, Ivory, Chris Masters, Elix Skipper, Kamala, Samoa Joe, Giant Bernard, Bil l DeMott, Juvi “Juice” Guerrera, Nora “Molly Holly” Greenwald, Nick Dinsmore, Harley Race, Bull Buchanan, D-Lo Brown, Road Warrior Animal, Missing Link, Rikishi, Slick, Nidia, George Steele, Christy Hemme, Disco Inferno, Paul Ellering, Vito, Steve Black man, Bushwhacker Luke, AJ Styles, Chris Daniels, Dennis Stamp, Shawn Daivari, B.G. James, Ron Killings, Zach Gowan, D-Ray 3000, Dan Severn, Earl and Dave Hebner, Sivi Afi, Baron Von Raschke, Spike Dudley, Rodney Mack, Downtown Bruno, Larry Zybszko, Rick Steiner, Mae Young, Sam Houston, and many, more.


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