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Here is a great vintage photo of CAC honoree Al Baffert and famous actor Charlie Chaplin. It is from Dave Cameron’s personal collection.

Al Baffert’s career, in both wrestling and stunts, began in the 1920s. 6’2? and weighing 210 pounds, European-born stunt performer Al Baffert was highly noticeable in action melodramas from his debut in the late ’20s until at least 1959, when he appeared briefly in the low-budget “Alaska Passage”. Among Baffert’s other screen adventures were the 1928 serial “The Chinatown Mystery” in which he did a job for diminutive Joe Bonomo, in “What Price Crime?”, as a wrestler; and as Utah the bartender opposite the Three Stooges in “Gold Raiders”.

According to http://wrestlingdata.com Al passed on October 3, 1989. He was 83 years old.

A close, personal friend of Mike Mazurki, Al was one of the earliest members and earliest honorees of the CAC.

Thanks to Steve Ogilvie, CAC Life Member, for sending in the photo!