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Pro Wrestling is Everywhere – The Silver Screen, The TV Screen, and Now on the Computer Screen Thanks to ClickWrestle

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 6 /PRNewswire/ — While ‘The Wrestler’ is knocking out Silver-Screen Audiences and TNA and WWE are dominating TV screens, ClickWrestle is bringing professional wrestling to the computer screen. At one time, it was every professional wrestling federation’s dream to attain the glitz and glory of its very own television show, but today wrestling promotions are taking to the ‘net to get their video broadcasted to the world.

Video is making a big splash on the internet; according to a recent study by comScore, online video popularity is up 40% in the last year and niche interest video producers, such as wrestling promotions are taking advantage of the growing trend in online video broadcasting. ClickWrestle is a great example of a niche website that has pioneered the industry of broadcasting online video – bringing backdrops, bodyslams and video on-demand to professional wrestling fans since 2002 and now going stronger than ever.

ClickWrestle offers full-length wrestling matches and other professional wrestling content from over thirty international wrestling federations. ClickWrestle currently carries hundreds of hours of wrestling footage in the form of thousands of matches. These videos are available for high-resolution, direct-download and are sold as low as $2.95 per match.

Wrestling promotions are even incorporating their ClickWrestle into their long-term sales and marketing strategies. Dave Prazak of Shimmer, a leading all-female wrestling promotion, says, “Online video has played an integral part in the success of Shimmer! With business partners like ClickWrestle, we’ve been able to reach a lot of new fans and increase our profit margins.”

The internet has transformed not only the way that people watch video, but the way that companies do business. The wrestling industry has been forever transformed by websites like ClickWrestle. With a new source of revenue and exposure, professional wrestling federations are becoming empowered and even more profitable.

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