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August 15th 2012: By now most have seen AJ Lee make an impact on WWE television starting out as a member of the third season of NXT, to then moving to bigger and better things to where she is now as the General Manager of Monday Night RAW. What some people might not know is where she got her start, and that is with a female promotion, Women Superstars Uncensored, as Miss April, and we at Clickwrestle.com have a large library of her in action, which you can see for yourself by clicking Here!

Speaking about Women Superstars Uncensored, we have recently finished releasing their recent Internet Pay-Per-View, Uncensored Rumble 5. There were some very intense matches on the show including the Uncensored Rumble, and also a casket match in the main event for the WSU Championship with Jessicka Havok putting the gold on the line against former champion, Mercedes Martinez. Every match from this event can be found by clicking here!

And as always continue checking back on Clickwrestle.com as we release new content daily!