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Colin Delaney Interview Recap
By: Bob Colling from from www.pdrwrestling.com

Colin Delaney was the guest on In Your Head Wrestling Radio hosted by Jack E. Jones, Oneinchbiceps and Barbie Richards at www.inyourheadonline.com

Colin says that his nickname on the streets is “Extremely Cute Wrestler” and that people call him “Extremely Cute” on the streets.

Colin and the guys were talking about the KFC Double Down off the air. Colin says that he enjoyed the meal and that it is just meat.

Colin says that he has competed in the ECW Arena plenty of times as the King of Trios will be taking place there. Colin says that the first time he wrestled there it was really run down but after the new management took over it looks really good. Colin talks about his first match at King of Trios 2007 Night 3. Colin says that his first three performances at the Arena were rather bad in his opinion. Colin puts over the lighting of ECW Arena and it’s a cool place.

Colin says that every promotion tries to put a show at the Arena and says that the ECW portion of the Arena isn’t really talked about. Colin says that he doesn’t know anything of the three guys he will be facing in the first round of the tournament.

Colin doesn’t get nervous when facing anyone nowadays. Colin is nervous about the possible difficulty to communicate.

Colin says that his WWE run helped him become a better wrestler. Colin doesn’t understand why people say they do not want to go to WWE. Colin says that when you are in WWE you are the best.

Colin hasn’t seen Curry Man in a long time. Colin is excited to see Curry Man compete at the King of Trios. Colin says that people should look out for Team Fist as they won the King of Trios last year. Colin also mentions the BDK as they have been running through Chikara. Colin believes that it will be a interesting tournament with several teams coming from all over the world. Colin says that if you are a wrestling fan this would be easily the best way to spend your money.

Colin explains what Chikara is all about. Colin says that Chikara is different and that it is very family orientated. Colin puts over the characters in the company and the roster that is involved in the company.

Barbie asks Colin about a competition who would freak people out more. Colin chooses Puma over Stigma as he has a weird look in his eyes.

OIB asks a question from the board. The question is about a New York wresting company in Syracuse named 2CW. Colin says that working for 2CW is his second place to work outside of Chikara. Colin puts over 2CW as wanting to make the fans happy and has every working for a common goal. For more information on 2CW, please go to www.2cwwrestling.com

Colin talks about DVD covers for Chikara and how he has only been on ONE cover. Colin says that when his team wins the King of Trios that he will make sure he is featured on all the covers.

Colin and the hosts discuss comic books.

A caller named Joel asks Colin if there is anyone on the Chikara roster who would work well for WWE. Colin says that Claudio Castagnoli would be a great fit as he is one of the best wrestlers in the world. Colin likes Fire Ant and Chuck Taylor in the ring. Colin also talks about Eddie Kingston and says that he could listen too him talk all day.

A caller named Gene asks Colin about the angle where Colin would be jobbed to bigger guys. Colin enjoyed the angle and thought it was a great angle. Colin says that his friend nearly pees his pants every time he watches Colin face Big Show on You Tube.
Colin says it was great to work with Tommy Dreamer. Colin says that Dreamer is a bad guy to get on his bad side. Colin says if you call him fat he will get your butt kicked.

Barbie asks Colin about his King of Trios match with the team that consisted of Glacier, Al Snow and D’LO Brown. Colin says that they didn’t have a answer for them, aside from a pin and it worked!
OIB asks Colin about working with Raven back in the before mentioned Raven. Colin says they have some things in common with facing Tommy Dreamer. Colin says that he thought they would get along but ended up getting a DDT four separate times.

Colin has never suffered any major injuries. Colin talks about facing Mike Knox back in England. Colin says that when he took Knox’s finisher he couldn’t move. Colin says that the referee had a concerned look on his face but nothing was serious. Colin says that he was knocked out by the Great Khali with a overhand chop.

Colin wished that he could have worked with the smaller guys on the WWE rosters. Evan Bourne, Brian Kendrick, Paul London and Jimmy Wang Yang were mentioned.

A caller named Brian asks Colin about working with Shelton Benjamin. Colin says that Shelton Benjamin was his first match for WWE. Colin says that Shelton Benjamin is a huge guy and he was tossed around like he was a small child.

A caller named POD from Ireland asks which wrestler helped him the most throughout his career. Colin says that Tommy Dreamer helped him greatly in WWE. The same caller asks about Stevie Richards. Colin says that Stevie is actually a good friend of his and that Stevie is a brilliant man when it comes to technology.

Colin thinks that Stevie Richards would fit right in with the Unstable group in Chikara. Colin says that Richards has been doing wrestling longer than he has been living. Colin says that Richards has been through a lot and says a lot of wrestlers wouldn’t come back from that.

Jack hypes up the King of Trios which will be taking place this weekend starting on April 23rd. For more information please visit: http://www.chikarapro.com

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