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Former WWE Superstar, Colin Delaney, was one of the special guests on this past week’s special edition (09/22/08) of Monday Night Mayhem, hosted by The Big Mosh, Blade, & DFL. “Your Home Of Wrestling Radio” is officially presented by Sweet Sunshine Sauces, “the official finishing sauce of The Mayhem,” and is also sponsored by: Custom Muscle, The Monster Factory, Old Time Wrestling, The History Of WWE.com, & TicketRelief.com.

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Here are some of the highlights from Colin’s interview on the show, provided by The Mayhem’s show correspondent, Dan Kriegbaum:
The Mayhem Crew welcomed Colin to the show by naming some of the Western New York area’s “lesser known” independent wrestlers in his introduction, which Colin said was the “worst introduction ever” for naming some of the people in his introduction. Mosh, Blade, & DFL then mentioned how Colin has not “forgotten his roots” since his WWE run, by still being located in the Rochester, NY area, and helping out with the local Kayfabe Dojo wrestling school & NWA Empire/NWA Upstate promotions.
The Big Mosh asked Colin how he was able to avoid getting the “big-headedness,” or ego, like some people tend to get when reaching the high point in their career. Colin said that he just thought of it as still living life & doing his job, while staying around his friends & family.
Mosh & Blade then said that it must be “a hell of a ride” getting to tour the world like Colin did at such a young age. Colin added that when he was signed, he was the youngest male member of the roster, only older than Kelly Kelly. Colin then said that while everyone’s goal is to make it to the WWE, it just seemed like he was focusing on trying to better himself in wrestling in general when the WWE deal “came out of nowhere.”
Mosh then said he was surprised to see Colin on television for the first time last December, and asked how it all came about. Colin said that he was working at his “9-5 job” at a factory called Bags Unlimited in Rochester, NY. His close friend, Brodie Lee, then called, and asked him how fast he could get to The Blue Cross Arena, where SmackDown & ECW were being taped that night. Colin then said, “So, needless to say I broke many traffic laws, easily the fastest I think I’ve driven down those city streets. Got down to the arena where I was met outside by some people, they brought me in and said I was perfect for what they needed, wrestled Shelton Benjamin on ECW television, everybody loved it, and they brought me back.” Every week after that, they would ask him to come back the week following, until finally getting a contract a few months later.
In regards to being compared to previous “small guys” like The 1-2-3 Kid (Sean Waltman) & Mikey Whipreck, Mosh & DFL asked Colin what his thoughts were on being put on the same level as those guys. Colin said that he “doesn’t like the whole comparison thing,” but that he was “trying to be the first Colin Delaney” to make his own path/legacy. He then said that there are quite a few smaller guys “in the limelight” in wrestling nowadays, “guys like “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles holding NWA Championships & such.” He then added that it’s crazy to be in the same breath as guys like Sean Waltman & Mikey Whipreck, and said he would “be alright” if he had a career like either of them did.
Mosh then switched gears slightly & asking Colin about The Great Khali & just how intimidated he was wrestling superstars like Khali, Big Daddy V, Kane, & “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry. Colin said that wrestling Khali was “easily the scariest wrestling experience of (his) life.” He added that when he was hit with the Khali Chop on his head, it “legitimately felt like somebody dropped a brick from the ceiling,” adding that it was the most painful experience of his life. Colin then joked, saying that Khali speaks English, but not well enough to assure him that he was not going to die.
As many fans around the world know, ECW Original/”The Innovator Of Violence,” Tommy Dreamer, was an integral part of Colin’s career in the WWE on the ECW brand. Colin said that Tommy was a huge mentor to him while in WWE both on-screen & behind-the-scenes. He added that he was a huge ECW & Tommy Dreamer fan back in the day, so getting to work with him was a big honor. He then mentioned that they still keep in touch through texts & the occasional phone call.
The Mayhem Crew then asked Colin about another large part in his WWE run, which was feuding with The Miz & John Morrison for the WWE Tag Team Titles. Colin said that luckily he does not think of big situations like that too deeply, or he might pass out after realizing what he’s going into. He mentioned that the first time he was in the main event on ECW against Chavo Guerrero, he started thinking in that mindset a little bit, and told referee Scott Armstrong that he was nervous, when Scott responded “Just breathe, kid. Just breathe.” He added that if he thinks about it as just wrestling, he would not get too nervous about it, and it will (more or less) come easy.
“Your Home Of Wrestling Radio” plugged this Saturday night’s NWA Upstate’s show in Rochester, NY, where Colin will be facing off against his former partner, Jimmy Olsen, in the first round of the Upstate 8 Indytational Tournament. Visit www.NWAUPNY.com for more info. Colin Delaney & Marcos from The Ring Crew Express will be taking on El Hijo Del Stargazer & Stargazer Jr. at NWA Empire in Wheatfield, NY the following weekend (October 4th) for the NWA Empire Tag Team Titles. Visit www.NWAEmpire.com for more info on that as well.
One of Blade’s favorite wrestlers/superstars, Matt Hardy, was then brought up, as Mosh asked Colin how much of a significance that Matt played in his WWE career. Colin said that he was another guy he got to be in the main event against, and hanging out with both Hardy Boyz is always a good time. He added that Matt was really fun & easy to work with in the ring, and added for the record that they both kind of had the same path going into the WWE.
DFL & Mosh then mentioned Chikara, another promotion Colin works for, and asked him what it is like for him to be back working for Chikara & the independents again. Colin said that part of him enjoys being back on the independents, without the pressure, & being around his old friends again. Colin then said Chikara is a great product with a great bunch of guys, and recommends it to the listening audience. He added that he tries not thinking too much into being “better” than other guys because of his WWE experience, and says he is just “the same old guy.”
In regards to TNA, Colin said that he has had no contact with TNA at all, due to his 90-day no compete clause. “I guess I’ll cross that bridge when it comes up in 90 days, but until then I’m just enjoying independent wrestling.”
The Mayhem Crew then asked Colin if their next trip to Rochester would include a famous “Garbage Plate” on him, which Colin greed to, as the interview came to a close.
Indy promoters: Interested in booking Colin for your next show. Contact [email protected] for more details!
In addition to Colin’s interview, the author of the brand-new book, “Gorgeous George: The Outrageous Bad-Boy Wrestler Who Created American Pop Culture,” John Capouya, stepped into The Mayhem’s squared circle, to discuss his latest release, which has earned high praise from The New York Times, Newsweek, ESPN, & Entertainment Weekly. Check out your local bookstores to purchase this fantastic read, or log onto www.GorgeousGeorgeBook.com & www.HarperCollins.com.
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