2004 Online World of Wrestling Year-End Awards.

As Voted by Over 1000 'Online World of Wrestling' Fans.

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Best Wrestler
Best Tag Team
Best Female
C.M. Punk
  • Chris Benoit.
  • John Layfield.
  • Monty Brown.
  • C.M. Punk.
  • Chris Hero.
  • Samoa Joe.
Triple X
  • La Resistance.
  • Basham Brothers.
  • Triple X.
  • Second City Saints.
  • RVD & Rey Mysterio.
  • Stampede Bulldogs.
Super Dragon
  • Chavo Guerrero.
  • Spike Dudley.
  • Chris Sabin.
  • Sonjay Dutt.
  • Super Dragon.
  • Jushin Liger.
Trish Stratus
  • Trish Stratus.
  • Molly Holly.
  • Tracy Brooks.
  • Allison Danger.
  • Christie Ricci.
  • April Hunter.

Best RAW Wrestler Best RAW Tag Team Biggest RAW Ego Best RAW Female
Chris Benoit
  1. Triple H.
  2. Chris Jericho.
  3. Kane.
  4. Shawn Michaels.
  5. Randy Orton.
La Resistance
  1. Eugene & Regal.
  2. RVD & Booker T.
  3. Tajiri & Rhyno.
  4. Flair & Batista.
  5. The Dudley Boyz.
Triple H
  1. Triple H.
  2. Vince McMahon.
  3. Triple H.
  4. Triple H.
  5. Bill Goldberg.
Trish Stratus
  1. Victoria.
  2. Lita.
  3. Molly Holly.
  4. Stacy Keibler.
  5. Christy Hemme.
MATCH OF THE YEAR: Triple H vs Shawn Michaels vs Chris Benoit in a 3-WAY at Wrestlemania 20..
  1. Chris Benoit vs Shawn Michaels vs Triple H in their Rematch at Backlash 2004..
  2. 2004 Royal Rumble won by Chris Benoit at Royal Rumble 2004..
  3. Triple H vs Shawn Michaels in a Hell in a Cell match at Bad Blood 2004..
  4. Randy Orton vs Mick Foley in a Hardcore Match Backlash 2004..
  5. Triple H vs Shawn Michaels in a Last Man Standing match at Royal Rumble 2004..
  6. Randy Orton vs Ric Flair in a Steel Cage Match Taboo Tuesday 2004..
  7. Shawn Michaels vs Edge vs Chris Benoit in a Triple Threat Match on RAW..
  8. Chris Jericho vs Christian in a Ladder Match at Unforgiven 2004..
  9. Edge vs Randy Orton for the Intercontinental title at Vengeance 2004..

Best SD! Wrestler Best SD! Tag Team Best SD! CW Best SD! Female
John Layfield
  1. Eddie Guerrero.
  2. The Undertaker.
  3. Rob Van Dam.
  4. Kurt Angle.
  5. John Cena.
The Basham Brothers
  1. Rey & RVD.
  2. Kidman & London.
  3. Dupree & Suzuki.
  4. Haas & Rico.
  5. Jindrak & Reigns.
Spike Dudley
  1. Rey Mysterio.
  2. Chavo Guerrero.
  3. Billy Kidman.
  4. Jamie Noble.
  5. Sho Funaki.
Miss Jackie
  1. Torrie Wilson.
  2. Dawn Marie.
  3. Hiroko Suzuki.
  4. Amy Webber.
  5. Sable.
MATCH OF THE YEAR: Eddie Guerrero vs Kurt Angle in a Best 2/3 Falls Match from Smackdown!..
  1. John Layfield vs Eddie Guerrero in a Steel Cage Match at Smackdown!..
  2. Eddie Guerrero vs Kurt Angle in a Grudge Match at Wrestlemania 20..
  3. John Layfield vs Booker T vs Eddie Guerrero vs Undertaker in a Fatal Fourway at Armageddon 2004..
  4. 2004 Royal Rumble won by Chris Benoit at Royal Rumble 2004..
  5. Eddie Guerrero vs John Layfield in a Bullrope Match at Great American Bash 2004..

Best TNA Wrestler Best TNA Tag Team Best TNA X Best TNA Female
Monty Brown
  1. AJ Styles.
  2. Jeff Jarrett.
  3. Raven.
  4. Ron Killings.
  5. Jeff Hardy.
Triple X
  1. AMW.
  2. The Naturals.
  3. Kazarian & Shane.
  4. Team Canada.
  5. 3-Live Krew.
Chris Sabin
  1. Petey Williams.
  2. AJ Styles.
  3. Elix Skipper.
  4. Frankie Kazarian.
  5. Chris Daniels.
Tracy Brooks
  1. Trinity.
  2. Desire.
  3. Jacqueline.
  4. .
  5. Goldylocks.
MATCH OF THE YEAR: America's Most Wanted vs Triple X in a Six Sides of Steel at Turning Point..
  1. America's Most Wanted vs The Naturals in a Six Sides of Steel match on TNA PPV..
  2. Chris Sabin vs Michael Shane vs Chris Daniels vs Low Ki in the Ultimate X match on TNA PPV..
  3. The X-Division Gauntlet won by Hector Garza at Victory Road..
  4. AJ Styles vs Kid Kash in a Tables Match on TNA PPV..
  5. Monty Brown vs Raven vs Abuss in a Monsters Ball match at at Victory Road..
  6. AJ Styles vs Abyss in a Tables Match at the The Best Damn Wrestling Event Period..
  7. AJ Styles vs Kid Kash in a Street Fight on TNA PPV..
  8. America's Most Wanted vs The Naturals in a Double Ladder match on TNA PPV..
  9. AJ Styles vs Frankie Kazarian vs Michael Shane in the Ultimate X match on TNA PPV..
  10. Jeff Jarrett winning the King of the Mountain match on TNA PPV..

Best ROH Wrestler Best ROH Tag Team Best ROH Legend Best ROH Female
C.M. Punk
  1. Samoa Joe.
  2. Austin Aries
  3. American Dragon.
  4. John Walters.
  5. Homicide.
Second City Saints
  1. Maff & Whitmere.
  2. Havana Pitbulls.
  3. Briscoe Brothers.
  4. The Carnage Crew.
  5. Genertation Next.
Bobby Heenan
  1. Midnight Express.
  2. Mick Foley.
  3. Ricky Steamboat.
  4. Jushin Liger.
  5. Jim Cornette.
Allison Danger
  1. Alexis Laree.
  2. Becky Bayless.
  3. April Hunter.
  4. Lacey.
  5. Ariel.
MATCH OF THE YEAR: Samoa Joe vs C.M. Punk from World Title Classic II (October 16)..
  1. Samoa Joe vs. American Dragon from The Midnight Express Reunion (October 2)
  2. Austin Aries vs. American Dragon in a 2/3 Falls match from Testing the Limit (August 7)
  3. Samoa Joe vs. Jay Briscoe in a Cage match from Scramble Cage II (March 13)
  4. Samoa Joe vs CM Punk in a NO TIME LIMIT match from All-Star Extravaganza II (December 4)
  5. Homicide vs American Dragon from Reborn Stage 2 (April 24)
  6. Samoa Joe vs CM Punk in a 60:00 draw from World Title Classic (June 12)
  7. American Dragon vs Colt Cabana vs Samoa Joe vs Mark Briscoe vs Austin Aries from Survival of the Fittest (June 24)
  8. Second City Saints vs Dan Maff & BJ Whitmer in a Chicago Street Fight from Death Before Dishonor 2 (July 24)
  9. Second City Saints vs The Prophecy from The Battle Lines Are Drawn (January 10)
  10. Second City Saints vs The Briscoe Brothers in a Tag Team title match from Reborn Stage 2 (April 24)
  11. Samoa Joe & The Briscoe Brothers defeated Homicide & Havana Pitbulls from Reborn: Completion (July 17)

Best Indy Wrestler Best Indy Tag Team Best Indy Junior Best Indy Female
Chris Hero
  1. Alex Shelley.
  2. Chri$ Ca$h.
  3. Sexxxy Eddy.
  4. Matt Striker.
  5. Joey Matthews.
Stampede Bulldogs
  1. Jose & Joel Maximo.
  2. The Blackout.
  3. S.Lost/C.Bosh.
  4. B.Bradley/R.Boz.
  5. Thomselli Brothers.
Super Dragon
  1. Sonjay Dutt.
  2. B-Boy.
  3. Bobby Quance.
  4. Jack Evans.
  5. Naphtali.
Cheerleader Melissa
  1. April Hunter.
  2. Marcedes Martinez.
  3. Christie Ricci.
  4. Daizee Haze.
  5. Jenny Taylor.

Best RAW Feud Best SD! Feud Best TNA Feud Best ROH Feud
  1. Kane vs Snitsky.
  2. Orton vs Foley.
  3. Benoit vs Edge.
  4. Orton vs Flair.
  5. Y2J vs Christian.
Angle vs Eddy
  1. JBL vs Eddy.
  2. Taker vs Heidenreich.
  3. JBL vs Taker.
  4. Kidman vs Chavo.
  5. Taker vs Heyman.
  1. Williams vs Styles.
  2. Raven vs Sabu.
  3. AMW vs Naturals.
  4. Canada vs NWA.
  5. Jarrett vs Killings.
Joe vs Punk
  1. SCS vs Maff/Whitmer.
  2. Joe vs Homicide.
  3. Punk vs Steamboat.
  4. Joe vs Briscoes.
  5. Heenan vs Cornette.

Best Come Back Best Newcomer Best Gimmick Worst Gimmick
William Regal
  1. Edge.
  2. Dallas Page.
  3. Jeff Hardy.
  4. Scott Hall.
  5. Johnny B. Badd.
Monty Brown
  1. Eugene Dinsmore.
  2. Gene Snitsky.
  3. Mohammad Hassan.
  4. Carlito Cool.
  5. Nigel McGuinness.
Matt Striker
  1. Spyder Nate Webb.
  2. John Layfield.
  3. Eugene Dinsmore.
  4. Jimmy Jacobs.
  5. Sexxxy Eddy.
  1. Big Vito.
  2. Prince Nana.
  3. The Elite Guard.
  4. Rosey (S.H.I.T.).
  5. Johnny Heidenreich.

Most Underrated Most Overrated Most Inspirational Most Embarassing
WWE CW Division
  1. Spanky.
  2. Simon "Nova" Dean.
  3. Chris Daniels.
  4. Rob Van Dam.
  5. Hotstuff Hernandez.
Kevin Nash
  1. Lex Luger.
  2. Erik Watts.
  3. Orlando Jordan.
  4. Konnan.
  5. Amazing Red.
Shawn Michaels
  1. Bobby Heenan.
  2. Eugene Dinsmore.
  3. Mick Foley.
  4. Ric Flair.
  5. Pat Patterson.
Randy Savage.
  1. Goldylocks.
  2. Brock Lesnar.
  3. Jonny Fairplay.
  4. Bill Goldberg.
  5. The Outsiders.

Best Finisher Best Announcer Best Mic Skills Come Back Soon
The Pounce Period!
  1. Canadian Destroyer.
  2. The Pepsi Plunge.
  3. Shooting Star Press.
  4. The Styles Clash.
  5. The Widow's Peak.
Mike Tenay
  1. Tazz.
  2. Dave Prazak.
  3. Jim Ross.
  4. CM Punk.
  5. Michael Cole.
C.M. Punk
  1. Chris Jericho.
  2. Chris Daniels.
  3. Kurt Angle.
  4. Raven.
  5. Ric Flair.
  1. Sting.
  2. Shane McMahon.
  3. Matt Hardy.
  4. Ultimo Dragon.
  5. Jerry Lynn.

Most Controversial Most Improved Most Vicious Cutest Female
Gene Snitsky
  1. John Layfield.
  2. Muhammad Hassan.
  3. Kid Kash.
  4. Billy Kidman.
  5. Simon Dean.
Austin Aries
  1. Randy Orton.
  2. The Naturals.
  3. Batista.
  4. Jimmy Jacobs.
  5. Shelton Benjamin.
  1. Hardcore Holly.
  2. Corporal Robinson.
  3. Gene Snitsky.
  4. Loc/Devito.
  5. Maff/Whitmer
Becky Bayless
  1. Jenny Taylor.
  2. Christy Hemme.
  3. Ariel.
  4. Alexis Laree.
  5. Tracy Brooks.

Ben Chapman wrote:
Nice job on the 2004 awards. I must agree with 99% of them. Although I think you overlooked a few people in different places. Kane should be in most vicious. His 15 consecutive chairshots on Val Venis show that. Also Big Show throwing Angle off the ledge and trashing Torrie's car should see him in this category as well. Top mic skills should include John Cena. Nobody get get the crowd going on the mic like him. Vince McMahon is as controversial as they came. Especially coming out and cancelling the battle royal for the World Title just as its about to start after a week of excitement from wrestling fans everywhere at the prospect of the Game losing the title. Jon Heidenreich is as overrated as they come. This is probably why he keeps running away from Taker Big Show and Kurt Angle should figure in the top fueds on Smackdown because for once it wasn't about a championship between these two. And the Cruiserweight open at WM20 was an awesome sight and deserves a place in the top Smackdown matches. Otherwise nice work on the awards and keep up the good work in 2005..
Josh Trytell. wrote:
hi, im a huge fan of ure site and love it alot but the 2004 awards disgraced me let me tell u why:

1st: booker T was not in the top 5 for smackdown why? i dont no he should of been hes the best wrestler in the wwe right now

2nd: spike dudley was not the top CW let alone in the top 5 he shouldnt be classified as a CW hes not even good

3rd: mohammed hassan is not a top 5 contender for best newcomer simply beacause hes only been on the ring like once so you cant realy say hes a good newcomer.

4th: RVD is not underrated if anything he is way to overrated where he is now on smackdown he should stay in that exact place because putting him highr would be an insult to wrestling.

5th: Kevin Nash, now in Australia they dont hav TNA so i dont watch it but since old wwf and wcw days he has been one of the greatest and now just becoz he is old and cant wrestle as good doesnt mean u can say he is over rated He is a true legend in this sport.

6th: Eugene is not inspirational becoz he is a big fake and is not that much of a good wrestler on the other hand Shawn michaels is a definate inspiration to all people and fans.

7th: Bill goldberg is not embarrasing HE is the greatest wrestler 2 be.neva call sum1 embarasing if u cant bak it up and dont come up with a stupid reason because there is none.

8th: this one really shocked me- The Outsiders, the greatest group 2 eva hit sports entertainment and changed the face of wrestling and u call them embarrasing u should be ashamed.

now i really hope u dont feel any less of me i just felt like i needed 2 let it out beeing such a great wrestling fan i hope u can read this e-mail and no that u can make a change 2 all this in 2005 and rememba i do luv ure site and keep up the great work!
Paul Pacheco wrote:
I just finished going through the 2004 OWW Awards, and im a bit disappointed with the following winners/nominees:

First off, out of all the overall Bests only ONE WWE Wrestler won something, Trish won best female. I argue this because WWE is the worldwide standard for wrestling, and i think WWE has the absolute best. It just makes no sense to me that C.M. Punk could beat out Benoit for Best Wrestler. Chris Benoit has been in the business nearly 20 years, and he is one of the most respected wrestlers of our time, and 2004 was his best year by far, he was victorious in the main event of WrestleMania XX, the best RAW match of the year. I don't care how good C.M. Punk is, sometimes respect for someone out-weighs everything, and i think Benoit was the best wrestler in the world in 2004. I would like to know how Kane and Chris Jericho ranked ahead of Shawn Michaels in the Best RAW Wrestler Category. I mean maybe, just maybe i can see Kane ranked ahead of Shawn, but not Jericho. Jericho had a pretty popular year, but as far as success goes, he was not all that impressive. Jericho lost at WrestleMania XX, he held the I.C. Title for under a month after winning it at Unforgiven, and everytime he was in the world title hunt everybody knew he was not going to win. As for Shawn Michaels, he was in the main event of WrestleMania XX (which won best RAW match), he had many title matches and main events besides that one, and everytime he was in a title match people thought he had a legitimate chance of winning (unlike Chris Jericho). And by the way he defeated Kane at Unforgiven ONE-ON-ONE. This category made no sense to me as far as the Runners-up goes. SmackDown! Match of the Year was a bit surprising. I don't even think the 2 out of 3 falls between Guerrero and Angle was their best match together. I thought their WrestleMania XX match was more exciting and entertaining, flat-out. I also think the Cage Match between Guerrero and Layfield was better. I don't really understand how Kevin Nash won most overrated when he really didn't do much in 2004, if he was in TNA most of the year then he would deserve that award perhaps i don't think people thought he was anything special this year. I think Jim Ross is still on top of his game as an announcer and deserves to be at least a bit higher than 3rd runner up. And the last negative i have is the Cutest Female Category. There is only 1 WWE Diva in this, WWE has the most beautiful women in all of wrestling, they have always been women that stand out, even before they were in WWE. I don't see a comparison when it comes to WWE Women and all the Indies and TNA women, the WWE Divas easily impress me when it comes to looks a lot more.

Here are the things i really liked about the awards: I agree strongly with Benoit winning RAW Wrestler, Triple H winning Biggest RAW Ego (and i love how he was on the runners-up list 3 TIMES, ha) I basically totally agree with all the matches of the year nominees for RAW. I agree with the SD! Best Wrestler, CruiserWeight, and Female, im not too sure about SD! Tag Team though, but no one else really fits, so the Bashams are an acceptable choice. I agree with best RAW and SD! Feud. Im glad it was HBK vs. HHH even though everyone wants to cry that it has been overdone, the bottom line is that still was the biggest feud on RAW. I whole-heartedly agree that William Regal had the Best Comeback, but i feel he should have been on the runners-up list for Most Inspirational. Shawn Michaels is a great choice for most inspirational because of the continuation of his amazing comeback and his life changes. And finally Gene Snitsky is an acceptable choice for most controversial, although i think JBL was more controversial with what he did earlier in the year overseas and with the whole immigration stuff.

In conclusion, i think this was a good compilation of the best, and some not so. But Big-ups on the awards. And i really enjoyed the column. The site is awesome, OWW had a great 2004. Keep up the good work in 2005!

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