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Courtesy of Alan J. Wojcik of http://alanwojcik.com and OWW Radio..

On Friday February 26th Combat Championship Wrestling of Florida held an event at the Advantage Village Academy Gym, 1201 22nd Street S in Ste Petersburg, FL.

(1) “The G.O.A.T.” David Mercury defeated Toxic.

Mercury started out on the offensive and didn’t let up for several minutes. Toxic fired in some chops but Mercury hit him right back and his echoed throughout the building. Toxic finally slowed Mercury down when he hit a cross bodyblock for two and locked in a rear chinlock. But Mercury fought to his feet and hit a suplex for two. Mercury kept on the attack with two clotheslines and a slam for two. Mercury got the pin after hitting what looked like the Polish Hammer.

(2) Los Ben Dejos (Chi Chi & JJ Cruz) defeated Milo Beasley (with Milo Bearsley) & Joey Knight.

The Milo’s had no clue what to think of the Ben Dejos who grabbed Bearsley and tried to recruit him. Chi and Beasley posed for the ringside photographer but Chi didn’t let go of the headlock and took over on Beasley. The duo went for criss-cross but Chi stopped to watch Beasley run until he fell to the mat. Beasley tried to make peace but got locked in a test of strength which resulted in him being hit with a huricurana and a tag to JJ. JJ got too close to Knight who drilled a knee to the back and then hit a Hot Shot. Beasley & Knight took their time wearing JJ down, but they couldn’t get the win.  Los Ben Dejos were able to tag out and through some trickery caused Beasley’s head to land in Knight’s lower abdominal region. This led to some awkwardness and the duo opted to leave, so Ben Dejos chased after them. The foursome returned to the ring where Los Ben Dejos counted to diez in punches. Knight somehow got control with a body stretch to JJ. Beasley tagged in and taunted JJ while he suplexed him. Beasley went up top but opted to drop back into the ring and drop an elbow. Knight thought he had the win with a modified W.O.R.M but got two. JJ fought back defeat several times and after avoiding a second W.O.R.M, he was finally able to tag in Chi Chi who went to work on both opponents. Beasley went for the airplane spin but was countered and he was hit with kicks to the head and chest. A double team move backfired and Beasley ended up kicking Knight. This allowed Los Ben Dejos to hit a Frog Splash and moonsault to pin Beasley.

(3) Titan of the Dynamite Death Monkiez (w/Twiddle Dee) defeated Johnny Knockout.

While Knockout was in phenomenal shape, he couldn’t match the size of the 7 ft tall Titan. After being tossed to the mat Knockout went to the floor. Not realizing Titan could reach over the ropes and palmed his head like a basketball and drag him back into the ring for a chest chop that left a huge mark. Knockout got a bit of control when he hit a dropkick to Titan’s knee which took the big man to the mat. He also avoided a corner kick which hung Titan on the ropes. Knockout kept kicking the left leg but Titan shoved him off and one chokeslam later saw Knockout well knocked out.

(4) Multiple NWA champion The Sheik & Cuban Heavyweight champion The Cuban Assassin (w/Fantasy) defeated Nooie Lee & Ultra Boy.

The Sheik has been collecting championship from around America in addition to his NWA Pro Wrestling Fusion championship. However his ceremonial prayer session was interrupted by Lee & Ultra and the fans appeared to be happy about it. Early on Sheik and Cuban were on the defensive when things were fast paced, like when Lee and Ultra hit the duo with topes’ the floor. But once the pace slowed down, Lee & Ultra were in deep trouble. Ultra was the man stuck in the ring for several minutes as he was double and sometimes triple teamed. The fans chanted USA hoping it would energize Ultra as Lee could only watch. Ultra had a chance when he knocked head with Cuban and both men tagged out. Lee was the aggressor taking on both men. Ultra recovered and joined in the fighting but with the referee distracted, Sheik used the Cuban flag to hit Lee in the throat getting the cheating win.

(5) “The Puerto Rican Nightmare” Eric Escobar defeated Bam Nealy via DQ.

This was a matchup of two former WWE superstars and like last month’s match between Shawn Spears & Ricky Ortiz, the fans got a good battle. Nealy refused to begin the match until Perez gave up his trusty Louisville Slugger. The referee was able to talk Perez into doing so, but Nealy bailed to the floor where he tried to use the bat. Nealy then asked for some time to stretch out which only made Perez impatient. Nealy finally came back in the ring and antagonized Perez by taunting the fans. After the fans kept cheering for Perez on corner bows, Nealy attacked. But his criss-cross attempted bombed mega as Perez slid to the floor and ate some pop corn with the fans. Perez finally came back to the ring to check on Nealy and followed up with a shoulder block which sent Nealy to the floor looking for water. Perez followed him out and the fight was on. Nealy got control when he backed Perez into the ring apron and did some damage. Back in the ring Nealy kept his attack going whipping Perez’s back from one side of the ring to the other. Perez fought out of a chinlock only to be sent to the mat with an elbow to the face. Nealy kept the pressure on as he broke rules. Perez fought back once more and got on the attack only to be hit with a spinebuster for two. Nealy got frustrated and went to the floor for a folding chair, but Perez slid over and got his bat. Nealy fought the referee over the chair and he slipped off, but Perez saw the referee turning around. So he tossed the bat to Nealy and fell to the mat like a drive by shooting victim. The referee put two and two together and called for the bell and awarded the match to Perez.

(6) Tyrone Jones (w/Dantae Jones) defeated SC Hell (w/Shooter Storm)

The “tallest man in wrestling” took the house mic to complain that he wasn’t scheduled to work. Jones made fast friends when he tossed money in the air, causing fans to charge the ring. Once the match began Jones went to work with a side headlock and a shoulder tackle that sent Hell to the floor for some alone time with Storm. After the chat Hell returned to the ring and got brief control with a waistlock into a headlock. But Jones fired back with another shoulder block that sent Hell falling to the floor. Hell was visibly peeved and decided to take his anger out on Jones with some help from Storm who grabbed the boots. This cause Jones to be attacked from behind and he was sent to the floor where Storm smacked him with a folding chair. Once back in the ring

Hell went to work on the injured back with an occasional assist from Storm. Hell hit a backbreaker for two and followed with a Boston Crab which Jones was able to break by getting to the ropes. Hell made a major tactical error by going up top as he missed a moonsault. Jones got to his feet first and attacked Hell with several high impact moves winning with a top rope headbutt. 

(7) In a Texas bullrope match, Heartbreak Express (“Superstar” Sean and “Fabulous” Phil Davis) defeated The Highwaymen (Butch Long & “Suicide Messiah” Marc Mandrake w/Star Stevens & Ferrari)

Last time out these teams met in a blood filled bout that went all around the building, so CCW officials decided to tie them together with bullropes! This was an old school match where each man was taped to an end of thick rope that had a cowbell in the middle and the winner had to touch all four top turnbuckle pads. Mandrake and Phil Davis were on a rope while Long and Sean Davis were on the other. Shocking to no one this was not a technical movefest, it was hard hitting and bloody. Long went to the floor but couldn’t get far as Davis pulled on the rope causing Long to meet the ring post. Phil Davis & Mandrake fought on the other side of the ring using the rope and bell as a weapon. Stevens and Ferrari got involved and it allowed the Highwaymen to get control as Long split open Sean Davis. Mandrake choked out Phil as he hit him with the bell, also causing a gash. The Highwaymen each got two buckle pads but were cut off from three. Sean was able to fight back and choke out Long with the rope while Mandrake went up top only to be pulled back to the mat by Phil. Sean blasted Long with the cowbell and it cut the forehead open. Sean went for a second bell shot but Long pulled the referee in and he got blasted. Sean and Long fought on the floor as Mandrake tried to literally hang Davis. But as Mandrake touched a pad, Davis touched as well. After Phil touched the third pad he flipped over and landed on his feet and he touched the fourth pad.

After the bell sounded and both teams were cut from the ropes the monster known as Dimballah appeared at ringside. He stalked around the ring throwing Stevens into the ring post. Dimballah focused his attack on Mandrake using a farming skiff to cut Mandrake’s head wide open. Not happy with his work, Dimballah dug into the wound with a fork. The fans had no idea what to make of the monster as he finally left when Long was able to get a chair.

(8) Moose Madison and “The Marquee” Bruce Santee (w/George Martel) fought to a no contest.

Last show these two men were partners taking on Los Ben Dejos when things fell apart, leading to this challenge match that never happened as Santee jumped Madison during his introduction. The two men fought around the building and into the ring. Santee laid Madison out and called for the mic telling the fans they thought last month was real funny. He blamed the CCW office for the partnership that he didn’t want. When he was done ripping the office, he ripped into the fans saying the residents of St Petersburg riot anytime they don’t get their way. So he decided he was going to hold his own riot in CCW. Madison recovered enough to tell Santee he wanted to give the fans what they deserved, to see Santee get his butt kicked. Madison wanted to do it tonight but it looked like the match would be postponed until March 12th under Street Fight Rules.

(9) Jesse Neal & Ricky Ortiz defeated Sinn Bodhi & “Canadian Bad Boy” Shawn Spears vs.

On the last show Neal lost to Bodhi while Spear cheated to defeat Ortiz. CCW officials decided to let all four men take on a partner. But when Spears and Bodhi got to the ring it looked like they were not on the same page. Ortiz and Neal were ready for a fight even as Bodhi held a crutch with a boxing glove mounted on the tip. The match looked like it would begin with Spears and Ortiz but Spears tagged out to Bodhi. This began a game of non-musical tagging and finally ended with Neal and Spears in the ring. Spears took over with corner shots but he taunted Ortiz and it allowed Neal to recover and deck Spears. Ortiz tagged in and Spears ran like INS was coming for him. Bodhi reluctantly tagged in and was immediately slammed to the mat. Bodhi got caught in the Tree of Woe and his partner tried to save him, only to be driven into his groin. Spears fell to the mat and the duo dragged his crotch into Bodhi’s face. This caused Bodhi to…well you get the idea. Things returned to some form of order and Bodhi took over on Ortiz with a forearm shot to the face. With Ortiz down and hurt Spears had no problem tagging in. But when Ortiz tried to fight back, Bodhi tagged back in and went to work and the duo kept Ortiz isolated from Neal for what seemed like an eternity. Spears made an error and he got clotheslined and Neal tagged into the bout attacking both opponents. Spears slid to the floor where he grabbed a chair but the referee saw it. However he didn’t see Bodhi use one that sent Neal to the mat for two. Ortiz tried to use one but the referee saw it and stopped the contact. Spears went to work on the injured Neal and the fight was on again. Spears and Bodhi functioned like a unit dissecting Neal’s knee. But the plan eventually failed as Neal was able to tag Ortiz back in and he was fresh to fight once more. Ortiz decked both men with punches, kicks and moves that shook the ring. Neal dragged Bodhi to the floor while Spears ducked a punch and Ortiz decked the referee. With the referee down Bodhi decked Ortiz, but Neal grabbed Bodhi’s crutch and he used it on Bodhi. The fight went on in and outside the ring as Ortiz somehow kicked out of a Spears top rope splash. The referee continued to recover as Bodhi got his trusty crutch and went to use it on Ortiz. But when Bodhi wound up he hit Spears as Ortiz and Neal slapped each other. The duo got fired up and speared their opponents getting a double pin fall victory.

The celebration was cut short as Cuban Assassin and the Sheik came out and attacked Ortiz and Neal. They ran for the locker room when Jones, Perez and the baseball bat came to the ring. Perez challenged the four men to an eight man tag match on March 12th.

CCW returns to St Petersburg on March 12th and 26th for the Spring Breakout with TNA Global champion Big Rob Terry.