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Official CZW New Years Resolutions Results
1/12/08 – Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA

1. LZ Cruz defeated Alex Colon.
2. Nicky Benz defeated Joe Gacy.
3. Beef Wellington and Greg Excellent defeated Player Uno and Stupefied
4. Ryan McBride defeated Javi Air, Bandido, Jr. and Pinkie Sanchez, pinning Sanchez following a 450 Splash.
5. DJ Hyde defeated WHACKS following the Shadow Driver.
6. LuFisto defeated Mickie Knuckles following a Burning Hammer onto set-up chairs.
7. CZW World Tag Team Title Match: Jon Dahmer and Danny Demanto defeated Andy Sumner and Drew Gulak to retain the CZW World Tag Team Titles.
8. CZW World Junior Heavyweight Title Match: Sabian defeated Azrieal to retain the CZW World Junior Heavyweight Title.
9.CZW Ironman Title* and Ultraviolent Underground Title** 20-Minute Iron Man Home Run Derby Death Match: Brain Damage defeated Joker with a score of 1-0 in Overtime to retain the Ultraviolent Underground Title and to win the CZW Iron Man Title.
10. CZW World Heavyweight Title Ultraviolent Rules Match: Nick Gage defeated Danny Havoc, Ruckus, Drake Younger, Devon Moore and Eddie Kingston to retain the CZW World Heavyweight Title, pinning Ruckus following the Chokebreaker.

-Attendance is around 450 people.
-Hyde vs. WHACKS was said to be really good and very stiff. They brawled through the crowd and at one point WHACKS did a Swanton Bomb off the Eagle’s Nest onto DJ through a table. After the match, DJ gave WHACK’s valet a chokeslam.
-Mickie Knuckles got a loud chant from the crowd and the audience is red hot for their bout.
-Following intermission, Zandig came to the ring for a promo. Zandig makes Maven Bentley CZW’s new official janitor.
-Danny Demanto and Jon Dahmer come out for their CZW World Tag Team Title defense. Demanto grabs the microphone and publically fires both Niles Young and Noel Harlow from CZW permanently. He then challenges Team AnDrew to face them for the tag straps. The challenge is accepted.
-The World Title match begins and Ruckus comes out and says that he was never pinned when he lost his title so he’s now putting himself in the title match. This brings out Drake Younger, who was to wrestle Ruckus in the main event of the evening, for perhaps a potential CZW World Title shot. He inserts himself into the match-up. All of a sudden the lights go out… And DEVON MOORE makes his CZW debut, turning the match into a 5-way… Before that can really get going, the lights go out again… And EDDIE KINGSTON makes his CZW return and the World Title match-up is now a 6-way bout.

Happy New Year
Ben Jordan Kerin