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Welcome to Wrestling Inc’s coverage of ROH TV. Tonight’s episode features a tag team match between ANX and the Briscoes.

Cedric Alexander (w/ Veda Scott) vs. ACH

ACH’s theme music is one of maybe three in ROH I recognize from the first note after a year of covering the show. No Code of Honor by Cedric. ACH lands an early dropkick after a cartwheel and backflip, but Cedric Alexander won’t go down that easily, and kicks out. ACH lands chops and a big kick that sends Cedric outside. Veda Scott distracts ACH, allowing Cedric to hit an apron STO as we go to a commercial.

We come back to see Cedric hit a brainbuster, but ACH fights back with chops and a reverse enziguri, followed by a huge clothesline. ACH pulls Veda in front him, causing Cedric to put on the brakes, which allows ACH to hit his Air Jordan dive. Alexander reverses a Get Over Here with a Michinoku Driver, but ACH kicks out.

Cedric connects with a big dropkick in the corner to ACH’s face, but slips on the top rope. ACH with a superkick, brainbuster and a Midnight Star for the win.

Winner: ACH via pinfall (Midnight Star)

Veda Scott is yelling at Nigel about baby oil being on the rope, causing Cedric to slip. She’s yelling a lot.

Will Ferrara vs. Caprice Coleman

Coleman asks the crowd to cheer for Ferrara, and talks about how he mentored Ferrara, and seems put off that Ferrara has been getting opportunities lately. Coleman lands an early arm drag, but then Ferrara applies a short arm scissors. Ferrara tries to kip up, but Coleman kicks Ferrara right in the face. Coleman is working methodically, dropping Ferrara’s face across the bottom buckle with a reverse STO.

Ferrara comes back with punches and a tornado DDT as Prince Nana comes out to ringside. Ferrara gets posted, and his shoulder is hurt in the process. Coleman jumps all over the injury and hits a forward leg sweep. Judgment Seat is locked on and Coleman gets the submission.

Winner: Caprice Coleman via submission (Judgment Seat)

Nana hands Ferrara an envelope after the match. Nana says it’s the age of the enlightenment. He says the steps to life are in the envelope, and if the men who get them follow those steps, big things are in store.

Briscoes vs. ANX

Mark and Kenny King start out, and King lands some early arm drags. The two have an excellent grappling exchange until King punches Mark in the mouth and tags to Rhett Titus. Titus walks into a belly-to-belly suplex. Jay gets tagged in and is quickly double teamed by ANX with an inverted atomic drop and kick.

Titus and Jay trade boots to the face, then Mark takes out Kenny King with a huge flip dive over the top rope. Titus pays for this by getting beaten down with stomps and boots in the Briscoe corner. He finally hits Snake Eyes on Mark Briscoe, but can’t capitalize, as Jay illegally comes in the rings and attacks him. This allows Mark to get a two count off of a leg sweep.

We come back to see Kenny King in the middle of a hot tag, beating up Mark Briscoe. King gets a two count off of a second rope X-Factor. ANX goes for One Night Stand, but Jay Briscoe breaks it up, and suicide dives Titus. Briscoe hits King with a blockbuster. Jay Driller on Titus, Froggy Elbow, pinfall.

Winners: Briscoes via pinfall (Froggy Elbow)

The teams shake hands after the match.

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