Contest to Win 2 tickets to PWU on 6/16

The first person to answer the following five questions correctly will win 2 tickets to Pro Wrestling Unplugged on Saturday, June 16th, for a big event called “The Crazy 8.”  Send your answers to [email protected]

1) What current TNA wrestler was the first PWU Heavyweight champion?

2)  Who won the “Cuffed & Caged” match between Team PWU & Team JCW?

3) Who won last year’s Crazy 8?

4)  Who won the Pitbull/Public Enemy Memorial Cup?

5)  By what tag team name do Trent Acid & Johnny Kashmere go by?

If you win, you will be contacted by PWU’s Nate Stein and given instructions on how to claim your prize.

 Good luck!

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