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cactus-jack-terry-funkCongratulations to our OWW contest winner Aron Johnson of Dover, DE.  Asked to pick his favorite hardcore match of all time, Aron selected Terry Funk vs. Cactus Jack, a 1993 ECW match that took place in a high school gym.

Aron explained his choice like this:

I have been a pro wrestling fan for over 30 years and have seen dozens of hardcore matches. In fact, I saw hardcore match way back when they were called, “brass knuckles” matches. I think my favorite is Terry funk vs Cactus Jack in 1993 ECW. ECW just recently turned “extreme” and this match proved it. We were in a high school gym in Dover, DE and this match went all over the place. In no time every wrestler (from Mr. Hughes, Kevin Sullivan, 911, The Pit Bulls, Public Enemy, Tommy Dreamer, Sandman and some old man’s walker) were involved. Trluy worth the $10.00 I spent and then some! How can you sum up this hardcore battle in 3-4 sentences?

The OWW staff discussed all the entries and this was our favorite because it took place in a high school gym and featured run-ins by some of the legends of hardcore.  Very cool!  Aron wins a copy of the just-released “The Hardcore Truth: The Bob Holly Story”, written by Bob Holly with Ross Williams.  (ECW Press 2013).

Thanks to all who submitted entries!  We’ll have more contests coming soon.