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Vintage WrestlingDuring Saturday’s Vintage Wrestling’s WrestleBrawl 4 in Sanford, FL, Steelhorse Vachon called the cops on his opponent (yes really) for going off script during their match. His opponent was former WWE development wrestler Steve (Tommy) Taylor. Below is Taylor’s account of what went down:

“First off I am not a veteran in Pro Wrestling. I am in my 11th year and still pretty young. But I was trained by 2 of the best in British wrestling Jeff Kaye and Drew McDonald. One of the number one rules was to always “keep your mouth shut and your ears open!”. Which I did 11 years ago and still do today. I actually consider myself too humble sometimes.

Anyway last night I was scheduled to work SteelHorse Vachon (shudders!). And although he wasn’t there at the building for call time I figured I had nothing to worry about when it came to the actual “work”. I shine best when put in the ring with big fellas (this guy is like 6 foot 5 and 280lbs before I go on). So eventually he shows up and literally walks past everyone in the changing room, me, Francisco, Kory just to name a few, and preceded to sit down and get ready…. Ok

When the time came I asked him to come talk to me when he was ready. He strolled over to me with his head in his cell phone and said something like “suppppp”… I said I had an idea and started to explain.. Head still in his phone… So I walked away. I got back with him 5 mins later and gave him a second chance.

The way he talked to me reminded me of the way a 15-20 year vet might talk to a fresh rookie! Including the best bit: “I don’t want to do your finish because I don’t trust you and I have BIGGER matches coming up”……… At this point I literally threw my hands up and decided to work this ????!

Time for the match. Now although there was some tension already I still think a thank you be safe is required…. Nope! …. Out to the ring. I see he has a belt…. A nice championship belt! And he was announced as the Bronx Fed Champ or some bollocks. Then I notice the design of the strap was EXACTLY the same as the Vintage Wrestling Heavyweight Title that Frankie held… Well alrighty!! Maybe he cleared with the RIGHT people.. (Not just the ring announcer).. I later found out he had not.

So wrestling!!! He hit hard, I hit hard, it was what I wanted.. Until it came to the point of the match I excel in MY FIRE UP! Now without going too much into this, he didn’t like that I sandbagged him and was selling the crowd a deathly camel clutch. (I’m sure the The Almighty Sheik wouldn’t want me to hop straight up and basically ignore the fans). Because of this he decided to double slap my ribs/back, taking the wind out of me… So got up and popped him one… He went down and I kicked him out of the ring! I got him through the rest of the match and jobs a good un!

The next part I’m still unsure of what exactly happened but he pretty much fabed everyone and left the venue…….. ONLY TO RETURN WITH THE POLICE!!!! Yes….. For me! For going OFF SCRIPT (his words) I had already set off to go home so that’s why I’m a bit puzzled. But I guess police talked to some of the boys if not all and came to the conclusion it was ridiculous!

So that was my WRESTLEBRAWL 4 night… Lots of fun!”

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