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CWF Mid-AtlanticResults from CWF Mid-Atlantic’s “A Date With Destiny” held Saturday, Otober 20th in Burlington, NC* Destiny dissolves in a night filled with unexpected twists!

The following results are from the CWF Mid-Atlantic’s “A Date With Destiny” event held Saturday, October 20th, at the Carolina Sports Arena located in Burlington, NC.

1. Trent Wylde defeated Zakk Elliott by submission in singles action

2. The Neon Lions (Lee Valiant & Chris Collins) defeated “Dangerous E”
Corey Edsel & “Handsome” Mitch Connor w/manager Brad Stutts by pinfall
in tag team action (10:23)

3. Otto Schwanz defeated Jerry Wayne by pinfall in singles action (9:50)

4. Sheik Lumpkin & Gregory Vercetti defeated Alex Adonis & Marcellus
King by pinfall in tag team action (9:00)

5. Tank Lawson & Rob “Boogie Woogie Man” McBride destroyed “Jersey”
Nick Richards & Michael McAllister with baseball bats in retaliation
for their arrests

6. Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions Jesse Ortega & Gemini Kid defeated
Kamakazi Kid & Xsiris by pinfall to retain the titles (21:29)

7. 6 Man Street Fight with Special Stipulations: If any member of Team
Cross is pinned, all three will have to leave CWF for 90 days. If any
member of Team Destiny is pinned, the person scoring the pinfall wins
that persons title.

Team Cross’ Garry “Madd Trucker” Stevens pinned Mid-Atlantic
Heavyweight Champion “Infamous Icon” Joey Silvia as former
Commissioner William L. Cross pinned current CWF Commissioner Ty
Dillinger defeating Team Destiny by double pinfall to win the main
event six-man street fight. Garry “Madd Trucker” Stevens wins the Mid
Atlantic Heavyweight Title and William L. Cross wins the title of
Commissioner of CWF Mid Atlantic (19:19)

Officials: Charles Richardson, Katie Kincaid, Redd Jones & Chris Troxler

“Rock N Roll” Matty Dee was introduced by a video from Mikael Yamaha
only to be interrupted by Fatback Enterprises’ Stutts, Edsel & Connor.
Taking offense to comments made by the 2007 CWF Rumble winner, Stutts
pointed out that both of his men were former CWF Rumble winners as
well (2004 & 2006) and took exception, ordering his men to take Dee
apart, which they did. The Neon Lions rushed to the aid of Matty Dee,
helping him to the back, sending Stutts into a tirade about their
interference in his plans and watching as a referee is ordered to the
ring and the Lions were introduced as tag team opponents.

Sheik Lumpkin & Gregory Vercetti kept making light of the fact that
Marcellus “Mid Atlantic” King wouldn’t be at ringside due to an
“unfortunate clumsy accident” he had in the parking lot earlier in the
evening. Without a partner, Alex Adonis answered the bell and battled
both Vercetti & Lumpkin in handicap action until about the eight
minute mark. At that point, a bloodied and bandaged King limped to the
ring, climbed onto the ring apron and held his hand out for the tag.
When Adonis finally made the tag, King entered the ring and cleared
out his own partner with a surprise attack out of nowhere. Lumpkin
celebrated the addition of the big King to his arsenal as Adonis was
being helped from the ring.

“Jersey” Nick Richards took the house mic and introduced a video of
former CWF Mid Atlantic Tag Champions Rob “Boogie Woogie Man” McBride
& Tank Lawson being arrested in the home of Lawson by Sheriff’s
deputies for larceny. The stolen items in question, the CWF Mid
Atlantic Tag Team Title straps, were reported stolen by Gemini Kid &
Jesse Ortega after McBride & Lawson left Gibsonville NC’s Fall
Festival with the straps after defeating the champions in the center
of the ring. The former champions entered the ring through the front
door with baseball bats in hand, climbing into the ring. Commissioner
Assisstant Michael McAllister rushed to the ring to demand the former
champions leave the arena or he would be forced to “escort them from
the building.” A beatdown ensued, with both Richards and McAllister
suffereing from numerous blows with the aluminum bats.

Brass Munkey returned to the ring on crutches to inform the fans that
he’s been put on the shelf by a knee injury until sometime in January.
“Gate City Sinner” Trent Wylde made his way to the ring and basically
announced that Munkey was afraid of him and was faking his injury to
keep from having to “finish what they started” at the CWF Rumble.
Wylde attacked the injured star, twisting and turning his knee every
way imaginable before order was restored by the CWF Mid Atlantic

Pandemonium broke loose in the closing moments of the main event
Six-Man Street Fight with Everything On The Line. After the official
announcements of the new Heavyweight Champion and new CWF
Commissioner, the VIPs (Gemini & Ortega) hit the ring and began
verbally abusing the losing members of Destiny on the house mic.
Gemini blamed the loss of the company on Joey Silvia and kicked him
out of the VIPs, unleashing Jesse Ortega to beat down the bloody
Silvia as punishment. Ty Dillinger jumped on the back of Ortega to
help his friend, which resulted in Gemini pulling him off and kicking
him out of the VIPs as well, after punching Dillinger in the mouth.

“Simply” Steve Greene returned to the ring with a chair to scatter
Gemini and Ortega to the cheers of the fans, but Greene then crashed
the chair over the head of Silvia, dissolving Destiny, and staying
with the VIPs. As Greene beat down Silvia more, eventually wrapping a
chain around his neck, and forcing him to watch as Ortega and Gemini
powerbombed Dillinger off the top ropes through a table!

CWF Mid-Atlantic returns to action on Saturday November 3rd at the
Carolina Sports Arena in Burlington, NC!!! A new Commissioner, a new
Heavyweight Champion, and all three VIPs still hold championship gold!



The CWF returns to live action on Saturday, November 3rd, at the
air conditioned & heated Carolina Sports Arena, in Burlington, NC!
This is a full card of action!

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The CSA is located at 3667 Alamance Road inside Air Park West. From
I-40/85 take Exit 143 and follow Hwy. 62-South for 1.5 miles just
past the Burlington Airport. For door-to-door directions, please
visit our website.



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