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* Huge night in Greensboro with three title bouts scheduled!

CWF Mid-Atlantic bring live wrestling action to the Sumner Civitans
Ballfield in Greensboro, NC this Saturday, September 8th, with a
7:30pm belltime. This is a full card of great action including three
championship bouts!

The feature bout of the evening will pit Joey Silvia with his manager
and CWF Commissioner Ty Dillinger defending his Mid-Atlantic
Heavyweight Title against Fatback Enterprises’ “Handsome” Mitch Connor
with manager Brad Stutts. This is a match many months in the making
as Stutts has been requesting a title bout only to have Commissioner
Dillinger ignore them.

With so many common enemies, one would have assumed Stutts and
Dillinger to be natural allies. But both managers have shown
themselves to be too paranoid, too arrogant and too consumed with
individual goals to co-exist. Stutts insists that his men have been
constantly over-looked for title shots and high profile matches ever
since Dillinger took power, despite Connor pinning Silvia on several
occasions in non-title bouts. Fresh off a 2007 Weaver Cup win, Connor
used one of his 2 guaranteed title shots to schedule tonight’s
championship bout which Stutts insists will be their crowning moment.

“Mitch has held the Television Championship; the Mid-Atlantic Tag-Team
Championship; he won the 2006 30-Man CWF Rumble and just won the 2007
Weaver Cup,” Stutts recently commented. “He is one victory away from
having held every major accolade that a wrestler in CWF can attain.
This Saturday night, Mitch will fulfill OUR destiny as he brings the
Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title to Fatback Enterprises and becomes
CWF’s first grand slam winner.”

Dillinger however has expressed supreme confidence that not only will
Silvia out class Connor in the ring, but his own political savvy will
out maneuver his counter part.

“Joey Silvia is already on the path to being the longest reigning
Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion ever. He has survived Converse,
Kazi, Otto Schwanz and every other challenger who has stepped up to
face him – we have ducked nobody!” Dillinger remarked to CWF
officials. “And after the Civitans SuperBrawl, everyone, especially
Fatback Enterprises will know better than ever that you CAN’T stop

Dillinger will have his hands full Saturday night as TV Champion
“Simply” Steve Greene will defend against “Madd Trucker” Garry
Stevens, who has been fuming ever since Greene & Dillinger attacked
him in an attempt to re-injure his surgically repaired knee. Stevens
returns to action this Saturday after nearly a year on the injured
reserve list and hopes to make the most of first match back. Many
questions loom over this championship bout. Will the “Madd Trucker”
rebound and run over the ruthless champion? Or will the anchor of
Dillinger’s Destiny survive yet again? And just how well will the bad
knee of the Trucker hold up against Greene’s ruthless tactics?

A third huge title match has also been signed featuring Mid-Atlantic
Tag-Team Champions Rob “Boogie Woogie Man” McBride & Tank Lawson
defending against the VIP team of Gemini Kid & Jesse Ortega. Both
teams were briefly recognized as World Tag-Team Champions in the past
but with the political bureaucracy of those belts behind them, both
are now re-focused on the Carolinas most prestigious tag team belts.
McBride & Lawson come into tonight’s title defense with a year of
success in their favor but the cunning Gemini and Ortega are sure to
pose a severe threat. McBride is one of the few wrestlers on the CWF
roster who can match Gemini for experience while Ortega and Lawson are
two of the hardest hitters in all of CWF.

While Commissioner Ty Dillinger is claiming that this Saturday night
will be a clean sweep for the VIPs, and all the titles will finally be
under his complete control, it could be a night that witnesses every
championship slip from the grasp of the hated commissioner. One this
is certain… this is an event that no fan in the area should pass up!

Also scheduled for action include Ric Converse, Kamakazi Kid, Xsiris,
Brass Munkey, The Neon Lions (Chris Collins & Lee Valiant), Corey
Edsel & Gregory Vercetti with Sheik Lumpkin, Michael McAllister, and more!

Don’t you dare miss it!!!



February 24, 2007: By winning War Games, Destiny manager Ty Dillinger
becomes the new Commissioner of CWF Mid-Atlantic.

April 14, 2007: Fatback Enterprises manager Brad Stutts confronts Ty
Dillinger at “Enter the Triad” and cites constantly being denied title
opportunities and placed in opening matches ever since Dillinger came
into power. The Commissioner reluctantly places both the Stutts-led
team of Mitch Connor & Donnie Dollar$ and his own team of Joey Silvia
& Steve Greene in a three-team main event and both sides are involved
in several heated confrontations during and after the bout.

June 23, 2007: “Simply” Steve Greene pins Lee Valiant to win the
three-team Gate City Street Fight in Greensboro, NC between Destiny,
Fatback Enterprises and the Neon Lions. However, Mitch Connor pins
Joey Silvia at the exact same time Greene’s pin is being counted on
Valiant and Stutts immediately insists his team actually won the bout.

June 30, 2007: Citing pressure from Stutts based on the controversial
finish to last week’s bout, Dillinger finally grants the Fatback team
of Connor & Dollar$ a tag-team bout against Silvia & Greene. Connor
pins Silvia following his Milwaukee’s Best DDT to seemingly win
Silvia’s Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship, but Dillinger informs
Connor that at no point did he agree to put any championships on the
line in the tag-team bout.

August 25, 2007: Mitch Connor pins Joey Silvia following the M.C.
Hammer in the final round of the 2007 Johnny Weaver Cup tournament to
capture both the Weaver Cup trophy and its guaranteed Heavyweight
Title shot. With 2 guaranteed title shots now in their control, Connor
& Stutts immediately announce plans to cash in one of them at the
Civitan Superbrawl.



The CWF returns to live action on Saturday, September 22nd, at the
air conditioned & heated Carolina Sports Arena, in Burlington, NC!
This is a full card of action!

To reserve the best seats, visit our website to reserve seats or e-
mail [email protected] with your name and number of seats to
hold. You can now also order your tickets in advance online. Only
advance ticket holders are entered into a special FREE PRIZE drawing
held that evening.

The CSA is located at 3667 Alamance Road inside Air Park West. From
I-40/85 take Exit 143 and follow Hwy. 62-South for 1.5 miles just
past the Burlington Airport. For door-to-door directions, please
visit our website.



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Now you’ve got no reason to miss out on all the great action from
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* Sept 8 (Sat., 7:30pm)
Civitans SuperBrawl!
Sumner Civitans Ballfield – Greensboro, NC

* Sept 22 (Sat., 7:30pm)
Carolina Sports Arena – Burlington, NC

* Oct 6 (Sat., 7:30pm)
The 7th Annual CWF 30-Man Rumble!
Carolina Sports Arena – Burlington, NC

* Oct 20 (Sat., 7:30pm)
Carolina Sports Arena – Burlington, NC


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