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CWF Mid-Atlantic returns to the Carolina Sports Arena in Burlington,
NC this Saturday, June 16th, with a 7:30pm belltime. This is a full
card of great action all taped for television! All bouts are
sanctioned by the AWA, the American Wrestling Association.

A special double main event headlines the event with two huge first
time ever matches. In the biggest title match ever held in the
Mid-Atlantic territory, as four teams place everything they have on
the line… and their MUST be a winner!

In one corner, AWA World Tag Team Champions, Ric Converse & Xsiris,
will put their titles on the line with hopes of capturing a singles
title during the contest. It’s no secret that Ric Converse wants to
reclaim the Mid-Atlantic Hwt. Title held by Joey Siliva. The
originally scheduled main event was to have Silvia defend the title
against Converse, but Ty Dillinger made good on his threat by using
Steve Corino & CW Anderson to derail Converse’s attempt to secure the
title bout. Meanwhile, Xsiris has his eyes set on reclaiming the
Mid-Atlantic Television Title held by Steve Greene.

Xsiris was originally presented the TV Title by former champion and
wrestling legend, Jimmy Valiant. Xsiris who had a brief run as the
disputed AWA World Light Hwt. Champion, hopes to add another singles
title to his long list of accomplishments and while he may prefer to
pick up the TV Title, you can be sure if the opportunity presents
itself, he would gladly take the Mid-Atlantic Hwt. Title as well.

In corner two, the Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions, Rob “Boogie Woogie
Man” McBride & Tank Lawson. One of the longest reigning title holders
in the history of the belts, moving into their 10th month as
champions. Lawson surprised the fans at the last event when this
historic bout was put together by stating that there were no hard
feelings towards Converse & Xsiris, but that the AWA World Tag Titles
were really his and Boogie’s. The duo had previously captured the
belts from Steve Corino & Ricky Landell only to have then president
Dale Gagne strip them of the titles days later ruling on a protest
from Corino. Lawson has made it clear that he intends on winning
those belts back again, but did tell Steve Greene if he got in their
way he’d beat him and take the TV Title. While it’s certain that
McBride is onboard with the plan, it’s also very probable that Boogie
wants to reclaim the Mid-Atlantic Hwt. Title from Joey Silvia, the
person that won the belt from him.

In corner three, Ty Dillinger has his Destiny team putting up both
their singles titles, Joey Silvia and his Mid-Atlantic Hwt. Title
teaming with “Simply” Steve Greene with his Mid-Atlantic Television
Title. Dillinger was furious that his men were forced to put up their
singles titles in a tag team bout, however the possibilities for
Destiny are greater than any other team. Dillinger has his eyes set
on making his team double crown champions, whether it be the AWA World
Tag Team Titles or the Mid-Atlantic Tag Titles. Plus there’s that
thorn in their sides that could remove forever should they defeat the
Neon Lions.

“This match is called ‘Everything to Lose,’ well let me tell you for
Ty Dillinger and Destiny, it’s Everything to Win!” declared
Commissioner Dillinger. “It doesn’t matter who we beat, we are going
to win something. It’s no secret we want those World Tag Titles, but
I’ll be happy winning the Mid-Atlantic Tag Titles too. Because
Destiny is the best in everything... singles matches, tag matches, and
oh yes with the ladies too!” Dillinger continued. “And if those two
lucky punks the Neon Lions stick their noses in our way, we are going
to bust them up just like we did before and send both of them to the
hospital this time. I’d much rather win another championship for our
team, but make no mistake, getting rid of the Neon Lions forever is a
tempting opportunity,” the Commissioner concluded.

Which brings us to corner four, the wild card that has placed their
tag team career on the line, The Neon Lions, Chris Collins & Lee
Valiant. This young team has made huge strides over the past six
months, moving themselves into title contention with some impressive
victories, including a win over Destiny. Now the young team has
offered to place their budding tag team career on the line for the
opportunity to score their first championship in the CWF Mid-Atlantic.
A decision that could have ramifications throughout the territory,
for if they are defeated, they can never team together for anyone,
anywhere, forever! The Neon Lions are definitely the dark horse team
and a win would propel to the next level, but even just being in this
match and the willingness to risk their tag team career for this
opportunity, proves they deserve the respect of everyone in the territory.

Titles versus Titles versus Titles vs. Career! Four Corners Tag
action and there MUST be a Winner!!! Who will be the big winners when
there is Everything to Lose!

In the other half of the double main event, a feud that was ignited at
the 2006 Johnny Weaver Cup Finals, and one that has only burned with
more intensity each and every month. The Kamakazi Kid will face his
arch-rival, the Gemini Kid, in a brutal “Prison Yard Match.”

While the ever-popular Kazi is known for his high-flying death-defying
style, it is the “Technical Wizard” Gemini Kid that is bringing this
extreme style match to the Carolina Sports Arena. A match where
barbwire, billyclubs, handcuffs… and tasers are legal!

What hatred could one man possess to willingly put his body in such
peril, just for the chance to maim his opponent? That is the what the
hate-filled Gemini Kid has chosen in his attempt to get rid of the
Kamakazi Kid.

“Kazi represents the darkness hidden in each and every one of the fans
hearts. He has perverted the sport that I love with his high risk
wrestling style. And the fans cheer it on all the while booing the
technical wizard,” commented Gemini. “People don’t want to hear the
truth. People hate me because I tell the truth. They want to hear
the sweet lies and believe those lies because it’s what they want to
be true. But the lies can’t escape Absolute Justice. Inside the
prison yard, there will be only Absolute Justice. I am going to be
the judge, jury, and executioner of the Kamakazi Kid. I am going to
bring light back to pro wrestling by fighting through the extreme hell
of the prison yard. And I’m coming back with Kazi’s mask… and his
soul!” promised the Gemini Kid.

The Kamakazi Kid responded by asking fans for their support and
promising to honor his pledge of providing the fans a fight, blood,
and if possible, the end of the Gemini Kid. “Gemini went to the ECW
Arena and thinks he’s now hardcore, well if he wants extreme, there’s
none better than me to take him there. But we won’t have to go to the
corner of Ritner & Swanson, the new house of hardcore is going to be
the Carolina Sports Arena!” commented Kazi.

Also on tap for this Saturday night, a special feature bout featuring
GIRLS WRESTLING! Commissioner Ty Dillinger has decided to give the
fans something extra as he brings in another first for the CWF
Mid-Atlantic, an 8-Girl Tag Match! This bout is scheduled to feature
CWF regulars Amber O’Neal, GeeStar and Persephone along with Talia,
Allison Danger, Cindy Rogers, Alere Little Feather, AND Becky Bayless!

Also scheduled for this Saturday is the return of Caprice “Ice”
Coleman!!! Plus the 2007 Johnny Weaver Cup Tournament begins however
Commissioner Ty Dillinger was upset by Mr. Weaver’s picks and has
declared there will be changes to make things “fair & equal.”

All this and more including Brass Munkey, RGL Champion Roy Wilkins,
Marcellus King, Jesse Ortega, “A Very Handsome Man” Mitch Connor &
Donnie Dollars with manager Brad Stutts, Michael McAllister and any

Don’t you dare miss it!!!



The 2007 Weaver Cup will kick off in the coming weeks. The 4th annual
single elimination tournament lasts all summer and will conclude on
Saturday, August 25th. The legendary Johnny Weaver will be in
attendance to present the championship trophy cup to the winner of the
grueling tournament.

The first participants to be announced include the three former Weaver
Cup Champions. All three will return for the 4th Annual Tournament to
attempt to become repeat winners. Also announced is the reigning
Mid-Atlantic Hwt. Champion.

2004 Winner: Corey Edsel
2005 Winner: Jesse Ortega
2006 Winner: Gemini Kid
Mid-Atlantic Hwt. Champion: Joey Silvia

More wrestlers to be announced in the coming weeks!!!



The CWF returns to live action on Saturday, June 16th, at the
air conditioned & heated Carolina Sports Arena, in Burlington, NC!
This is a special TV Taping event with a full card of action
sanctioned by the American Wrestling Association! “Absolute Justice”
event featuring Four-Way Everything to Lose, plus the insane Prison
Yard Match!

To reserve the best seats, visit our website to reserve seats or e-
mail cwfmidatlantic@yahoo.com with your name and number of seats to
hold. You can now also order your tickets in advance online. Only
advance ticket holders are entered into a special FREE PRIZE drawing
held that evening.

The CSA is located at 3667 Alamance Road inside Air Park West. From
I-40/85 take Exit 143 and follow Hwy. 62-South for 1.5 miles just
past the Burlington Airport. For door-to-door directions, please
visit our website.



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You can now access the CWF Mid-Atlantic website specifically for
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Our mobile phone website can be accessed from the cwfmidatlantic.com
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Now anyone can watch, anytime, anyplace!

The weekly television program will now be available for download
exclusively at Highspots.TV! Don’t miss “the fastest half hour of
wrestling anywhere!” PLUS there will be never-before-seen bouts
available for download including the BLOODY BLOODY Steel Cage Match
from BattleCade VI, Corino-Converse II, WWE’s Mickie James in
action, and much more!!

Now you’ve got no reason to miss out on all the great action from
CWF Mid-Atlantic!!!



* June 15 (Fri., 7:30pm)
Carolinas Hwt. Title: Brad Attitude vs. K.C. McKnight
Neon Lions vs. Destiny
Grace Park Rec. Center – Statesville, NC

* June 16 (Sat., 7:30pm)
Everything to Lose: Titles vs. Titles vs. Titles vs. Career
Dynasty vs. Destinty vs. Boogie & Tank vs. Neon Lions
Prison Yard Match: Kamakazi Kid vs. Gemini Kid
Carolina Sports Arena – Burlington, NC

* June 23 (Sat., 7:30pm)
AC Fitness Gym – Greensboro, NC

* June 30 (Sat., 7:30pm)
Carolina Sports Arena – Burlington, NC

* June 30 (Sat., 7:30pm)
York Rec. Center – York, SC


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