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Courtesy of Gordo and www.owie.ca

CWR: Affordable Family Fun!
A look at the Jan 30th “3rd Anniversary Show”

Forget about the movies, amusement parks or other pretenders to “family entertainment”… if you want affordable fun that the entire family can enjoy together, all you need do is get down to the Vaughan Sportsplex at 6:00 pm on January 30th to experience the thrills and excitement of live pro wrestling supplied by CWR – Canadian Wrestling Revolution! CWR is a local independent pro wrestling company that brings the drama, athleticism and excitement of Pro Wrestling live and in living color to your community and, unlike much of the so called “sports entertainment” wrestling offered on television these days, enjoying CWR doesn’t have to be a dirty little secret you’re ashamed to tell your friends and neighbors about. In fact, it’s so much fun that you should bring them along too!

Founded 3 years ago by local business man Frank Greco, CWR is an affordable alternative for families looking for entertainment but loathe to spend huge amounts of money on activites; especially when they often can’t agree on something they all want to watch or do. Like the movies for example… how much of a “family” outing is it when the kids, Mom and Dad all split up into separate theatre complex rooms to see different films? At a CWR live wrestling event the whole family can sit together and witness a show that has something for them all to enjoy… an action filled event where fans can interact directly with the performers. You can cheer for your favorites and boo the bad guys and often the wrestlers will talk (or yell) back to the fans while they’re in the ring! CWR stars are also available throughout the show to meet fans, pose for pictures and sign autographs… No other form of entertainment will give kids (and their parents) such an intimate interactive experience, one they will remember for years.

CWR boasts some of Canada’s best professional wrestlers, many who have appeared on television, as well as the most talented of Ontario’s local in-ring performers. The show will feature a special appearance by international wrestling superstar Joe E Legend, a man who holds FIVE world Championships, in a match against Canada’s best wrestler “Textbook” Tyson Dux plus many other exciting matches. The Jan 30th CWR 3rd Anniversary Show is the biggest wrestling event Vaughan has ever seen!

Promoter Frank Greco spoke to OWIE about the upcoming event: “The third year anniversary show will be CWR’s biggest and best show to date. The card we have is solid from the opener all the way through to the main event. The double main event is worth the price of admission alone! In addition to the other great match ups, some of which could main event a CWR card on their own, this is a can’t miss show! I, personally, am very excited to sit back and watch Tyson Dux and Joe E. Legend do what they do best. We welcome all our fans and everyone else looking for an affordable evening of family fun to come out to the show and meet the CWR stars.”

Tickets for the Jan 30th event are only $15.00 each and are available at Hero Certified Burgers (in the Collosus Center) and Southern RUB Smokehouse (4555 Highway 7 in Vaughan) and also at the door on the date of the event.

Looking ahead to the show by OWIE senior editor Gordo, the wizard of id
A show of this magnitude deserves a closer look and the OWIE team has been working overtime to get the details and background about the featured match-ups so that you, the fans, can know and understand the importance of this card; not just to Ontario Indy Wrestling but the CWR stars as well. What follows is a detailed look at the upcoming CWR 3rd Anniversary Show…

The Best of the Best
One can’t look at CWR’s 3rd Anniversary Show without focusing first on the match between international superstar Joe E Legend and Ontario’s reigning king “Textbook” Tyson Dux; a match that could legitimately headline any card in the world. Legend currently holds five World Championships: DWA (Germany), WWP (South Africa), ICWA (France), IWF (Russia) and PPW (Japan)… and that’s just the belts he carries now. There simply isn’t enough room to list all the championships he’s won during his long and storied career. Tyson Dux is no stranger to championship gold either; the current BSE PRO and BCW Heavyweight Champion, Tyson also has an extensive title pedigree far too lengthy to list here. Added to that is Dux’s domination of the annual Ontario Indy Awards; he was recently awarded 2009 Technical Wrestler of the Year and the 2009 Wrestler of the year. In addition to holding multiple championships both Legend and Dux have experience working for the biggest wrestling companies in the world. The accomplishments of these two athletes are a testament to their skills, ability and desire to be the best at what they do. When they face off against each other in Vaughan on Jan 30th fans are guaranteed to witness pro wrestling magic in a match that will surely make Ontario Indy Wrestling history.

And speaking of “history”… Dux and Legend aren’t strangers; there IS a history between them and it goes back years, as Tyson explains “I have been very fortunate to have crossed paths early on in my career with Joe E Legend. He was a huge influence on me professionally, not only with my wrestling but with my work ethic. Joe always trained hard and was always looking to improve. That is something that has stuck with me to this day.”

Joe remembers a young Tyson Dux as a talented and dedicated star in the making and is very aware of the career growth his former sparring partner and student has accomplished… “The Tyson I knew and taught years ago was a guy with a wealth of potential but due to the athletic commission at the time restricting EVERYTHING and the guy who owned the wrestling school I taught at being CLUELESS about anything to do with the business; I feared Tyson would be left out without being able to realize that potential. Seems like he’s moved on since then to become everything I knew he could be and now it just has to get into the heads of someone in a MAJOR promotion to capitalize on him to make loads of money for themselves as well as him, by utilizing his gifts.”

This match won’t be the first time these two men have met in the ring; they’ve crossed paths before and each time it’s been a war that pushed both of them to the limits of their endurance, strength and stamina. Dux recalls the last time he wrestled Legend: “2007… NVPW in Welland. I wrestled Joe and lost in a hard fought battle. I have a huge amount of respect for Joe and maybe that was my downfall. I wrestled Joe’s style and pace instead of my own. One thing is for sure, I have learned and improved since 2007 in Welland. Our match will be another hard hitting affair but the outcome will be different.”

When asked if he felt any added pressure going into the match as the winner of the 2009 Wrestler of the Year award, recognition by his fans and peers that he is the best wrestler in Ontario and is thus their representative in this bout against an internationally recognized star, Tyson was open and honest about the importance of those accolades and expectations… “Having won two big awards this year was awesome and a big honor for me. Winning both the BCW and BSE titles is a huge accomplishment for me. Having the added pressure of being on top and knowing that what comes up must come down doesn’t really stress me out. I dare anyone to work as hard and put the amount of work in that I do on a daily bases. If someone is up to the challenge of being the top dog, by all means try it for a week; it’s not as easy as you think, but it’s what I live for.

I always represent Ontario… and Canada for that matter, every time I step in the ring; whether it be high profile or a spot show. 2009 I fought hard all year, 2010 will be different because I will give it my all no matter where I am or the amount of fans in the seats. This is why this match is so important… it’s the best of the best and I aim to prove that I’m not just the best but the greatest.”

Legend, himself originally from Ontario, is usually greeted with resounding cheers from fans during his (all too) infrequent appearances in the province but this time he’s squaring off against an opponent who is currently THE man on the Canadian scene. It’s likely that fan support on Jan 30th will be heavily, if not unanimously, in Tyson’s favor but that’s not a situation Joe is unfamiliar with… nor does it bother him: “I’m not really concerned about how the fans will take to me as I’m kinda expecting them to be on Tyson’s side. It’s up to me to win them over and to do that, I’ll have to bring my “A-Game” and impress. I do it all over the world and usually I’m comfortable with the reactions I get, so I think it’ll be just fine when I come home to Ontario.” Legend went on to describe how Ontario fans match up to fans in other areas: “The Ontario wrestling fans are WONDERFUL!! It’s one of the few places TNA gets continuous strong reactions and ROH gets in on the wrestling passion the Ontario fans bring. I know the world believes that the fans in Calgary represent the strength of wrestling interest in Canada, but I’d put the fans in Ontario on top of that list. Nothing against Calgary, but I’m just partial to Ontario. Call it “hometown pride”!”

The stage is set… on Jan 30th, Joe E Legend and Tyson Dux… two of the world’s most talented pro wrestlers are going to step into the CWR ring with the intention of proving to the fans, to the wrestling community worldwide, to each other and to themselves that they are the very best of the best. If you had to pick just one match to see this year, Legend vs Dux is it.

Let’s Get Crazy
Another big match-up on Jan 30th features Ontario’s 2009 Most Popular Wrestler of the Year, CWR Pan-American Champion Crazzy Steve defending his title in a Crazzy Steve’s Asylum Match against the 2009 Most Hated Wrestler of the Year, Jake O’Reilly… a contest that could easily be the main event on any Ontario show. This match is a result of events that have occurred over the last three CWR shows, beginning with “Call it a Comeback” in September of 2009 but the animosity between Crazzy Steve and Jake O’Reilly goes much further back than that; resentments between former friends that simmered for years, crossed promotional boundaries, created chaos and havoc in CWR and are now set to violently explode on Jan 30th in Vaughan. The story of this match and the feud that spawned it can be told in two parts… the CWR Pan-American title history this drama is woven around and the history of Crazzy Steve and Jake O’Reilly as they see it. First up, The CWR Pan-American Championship…

The first CWR Pan-American champion was “Canadian Crazyhorse” Michael Elgin. He was awarded the title as a result of his winning the 2008 Canada Cup Tournament. At that time, the title was simply called the “CWR Championship.” It later became the “Open Weight Championship.” Elgin remained the champ throughout the belt’s name changes and when CWR took a hiatus from producing live events. When the company resumed shows in September of last year, Elgin picked up where he left off, successfully defending the belt against El Generico at the “Call it a Comeback” show. At the next event (Nov 22) Elgin defended the belt successfully again, this time against Josh Alexander but because of the chaos that followed later on the card during a Lumberjack Match to determine a #1 contender to Elgin’s title between “The Hit” Ashley Sixx and “Psycho” Mike Rollins, senior CWR official Dave Linton declared that everyone involved would fight in a Battle Royal with the winner being declared the CWR Open Weight Champion. Twelve men, including defending champ Elgin, started the match and when the dust had settled Crazzy Steve was the new champion. Prior to the Dec 19th “Christmas Charity Classic” event it was announced that the Open Weight title would now be called the Pan-American Championship. In the main event of that show Crazzy Steve, Michael Elgin & Ashley Sixx faced Josh Alexander, Mike Rollins & Jake O’Reilly in a 6 Man Tag with the added stipulation being that whoever scored the pin got to pick not only their opponent for the 3rd Anniversary Show but also the type of match it would be. Crazzy Steve pinned O’Reilly to win the bout and, with Santa Claus acting as an interpreter (because he can speak every language including Steve’s incomprehensible ramblings) the Champ declared that he wanted to defend the Pan-American title against O’Reilly in a “Crazzy Steve’s Asylum Match” on Jan 30th.

It should be noted that Crazzy Steve and Jake O’Reilly are hugely responsible for the chaos and unscheduled violence that has plagued CWR events since “Call it a Comeback”. Their hatred for each other not only caused their own matches to go sideways but those of other CWR wrestlers as well because Jake and Steve erupted into fights backstage that often spilled into the arena. It was exactly that scenario that led to the #1 Contender’s match between Sixx & Rollins to become a Lumberjack Match and then again, it was Jake & Steve who initiated the all-in brawl that led official Dave Linton to call for the Battle Royal that ended with Steve as the new champion. In all fairness to Crazzy Steve, it has been the Irishman who first starts the shenanigans; Steve’s participation has been mostly reactionary. Promoter Frank Greco put Steve, Jake and their respective cohorts into the 6 Man tag at the “Christmas Charity Classic” in an effort to have them settle things once and for all. When Steve won that contest and the belt by pinning O’Reilly it seemed, to Frank at least, that things were finally sorted out. That was, until Steve used his pick to choose Jake as his opponent in an Asylum Match on Jan 30th. A clearly frustrated Frank said “I thought putting those guys into the 6-Man tag would settle things. Who would have thought Steve would pick Jake to fight again after all they’ve already been through? You’d think if Steve hated O’Reilly so much he would have picked someone else to wrestle… just to deny O’Reilly a chance at the title. But then again… Steve IS crazy so what are you going to do? I just hope we have a workable ring left once these guys are through tearing each other apart on the 30th.” Given the depth of hatred between them, Frank is right to be concerned about his ring… and a lot of other things too because nobody knows what will happen at the 3rd Anniversary Show when Crazzy Steve and Jake O’Reilly clash in the “Crazzy Steve’s Asylum Match.”

Just what the heck IS a “Crazzy Steve Asylum Match”? Well, we here at OWIE didn’t have a clue either so we sent a message asking for details to the the Black Hills Sanitarium where the Champ resides in a luxurious padded cell. Frankly, we weren’t expecting to get a reply or, if we did, that we’d be able to understand a word of it so it was surprising when a response from Crazzy Steve was delivered to the OWIE offices earlier this week. The Champ’s message was translated by a Mr Brany Quinzell, the head of security at the Sanitarium…

“What is a Crazzy Steve’s Asylum Match? Well… you know how every day at 12pm everyone who lives in the white walls has to take their pills? Well when we take those pills our heads get all dizzy and we go to sleep, and when we wake up we are all dressed in our fancy coats (editor’s note: straight jackets) Welllllllllllllllllllllllllll… in a Crazzy Steve’s Asylum Match we just take away the pills! Ahahahaha! In other words, I’m going to have to beat Jake O’Reilly senseless, and when he wakes up…he will be wrapped up in my fancy coat. I’ll make sure the straps are nice and tight so he can see what its like to be ….CRAZZZZZZZY!!!” (We hope that clears up any confusion.)

Further to that explanation about what type of match fans can expect, the Champ then requested that the OIWE team deliver a personal message from him to Jake O’Reilly. Here is the content of that message: “Jake O’Reilly is a drunk, and a fiend. If he thinks he’s going to come to CWR and take what’s mine, welllllll… How expected and unoriginal of you Jake. I am the CWR Pan-American champion; I’ve never really been good at anything in my life except this! This championship means more to me than anything in the world… I look at it as if it were my child. Now what would you do if someone you hated was going to come into your home, and steal your child from your arms? If you’re are not scared Jake, you should be! Come Jan 30th you will find out that your existence no longer means what you thought it did. I may not be good at a lot of things, but on that night, I will be better than you! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!

As senior editor it fell on me to deliver Crazzy Steve’s message and let me tell you, Jake was less than pleased to hear what the Champ had to say. Thankfully, he demonstrated his wrath by kicking a bunch of furniture around instead of this humble reporter and then issued the following statement about his history with Crazzy Steve and the upcoming match…

“Here’s the truth about Baby Steven. What the fans may not know is Stevie and I grew up togeather. I’ve known him since I was 15 years old. I’ve known him pretty much since the day I came to Canada from South Boston. I found him on the street one day and some local toughs were picking on the kid. So I, being the toughest guy in town, took care of the street toughs and saved Baby Steven from what looked like one of his regular beatdowns on his way to whatever he did daily. Let me tell you, it was the worst mistake of my life! That little retard has followed me ever since. Its almost like he was a little birdy that got seperated from his mom and when I saved him he took me on as a big brother.

Well enough is enough! After years of driving his mental ass around, taking him to MY wrestling school, and watching him compete in MY sport, I couldn’t take it anymore! That’s why I attacked him in GCW a few months back.

Am I jealous of Steve? YES! He would be nothing without me! Yet there he is, soaking up the fans admiration, and winning title belts. I’m glad the little bugger picked me to fight in an asylum match. Do I know what an asylum match is? NO! Does it matter to me? NO! It’s likely some idea Steve stole from me anyways. All I know is now I can kick his sorry ass back to the gutter where I found him all those years ago! And the best part is I can do it in a CWR ring and when CWR rises to the top of Ontario wrestling, it will be on the back of a leader like me, Jake O’Reilly, not some shameful follower like Baby Steven.

He calls ME unoriginal!?!?! That whole statement sounds like it was stolen from that crappy Batman children’s movie, The Dark Knight! Well, the guy who played the Joker is dead Steve, in real life, so get over it! I guess I should be happy you’ve been granted access at the sanitarium to watch movies, its a good step for you kid. However, I’m a man, so I’m not watching silly comic book movies and then using the quotes in my wrestling promos. Steve the main difference between you and I is I AM A MAN, and you are a BOY! Sure you’re good in the ring, you’re a wirey little scrapper for sure… But, while you’re watching dumb comic book movies and playing with ink blot tests.I’m busy being a man. That means working hard all day. That means comming home to my woman who has the steak, potatos, and a glass of scotch waiting for me. That means training hard in the gym, then having sex all night till my woman can’t take no more!

Steve, I’m so tough if you had a mind it would be blown!

So you play with your Pan American title… Call it your child or whatever you want to. I don’t care. All I know is, come January 30th that belt is coming home to her new Daddy, Jake O’Reilly. And I’m gonna treat her, Oh So Sweet. Sorry for your loss Baby Steven, I hope I hurt you real bad”

It’s evident that Crazzy Steve and Jake O’Reilly still have some serious issues to work out and on Jan 30th they will do so in a match that will have to be seen to be believed… for the first time ever in the history of pro wrestling, fans will witness a “Crazzy Steve’s Asylum Match” featuring two men who are polar opposites – the Most Popular and the Most Hated – with CWR’s biggest prize, the Pan-American Championship on the line… In the words of the late, great Billy Red Lyons… Don’t ya dare miss it!

Teacher VS Student
Another compelling match up on the 3rd Anniversary Show features former TNA star, and recent CWR acquistition, “Hotshot” Johnny Devine going one on one with his former student, cruiserweight sensation Corey Mason… the first time ever that they will lock-up in front of fans. Devine of course, needs no introduction; “Hotshot” is a Canadian wrestling legend and a star known and lauded around the world as one of the best pure wrestlers in the business. Mason on the other hand, is still relatively unknown to local fans despite being a resident of Ontario…

Corey Mason isn’t a large wrestler even by modern cruiserweight standards but what he lacks in size he more than makes up for with guts and desire. Indeed, if he hadn’t exhibited such traits it’s unlikely that Devine would have agreed to train him at all and “Hotshot” put Mason through some grueling challenges, both physical and mental, to satisfy himself that the skinny young kid knocking on his gym door wasn’t some punk with more dreams of glory than the fortitude necessary to make it in the harsh reality of the wrestling business. Mason proved his mettle though and Devine trained him in the ways of the ring…

To his credit, Mason learned a lot more about wrestling from Devine than just the holds and maneuvers… he also learned that a wrestler has to know the landscape of the business and must sometimes venture far out of their comfort zone in order to achieve success. When Mason graduated from Devine’s teachings he looked at the Ontario scene and realized there was a plethora of cruiserweights working the area and the odds of him standing out or securing bookings to wrestle were stacked pretty heavily against him since he didn’t have a “home” promotion to work in. While many youngsters in that position contemplate giving up their dreams of wrestling stardom (and many do quit within the first two years of their starting out) Mason looked further afield for opportunity. He found it in Europe…

With little more than his desire to improve his craft and a few bucks in his pocket, Corey Mason crossed the Atlantic and honed the skills Devine taught him on the tough as nails European circuit and… he excelled. Now, with a couple tours under his belt, Mason has returned to Ontario to face the man who trained him. On Jan 30th student challenges teacher in what could be the sleeper match of the show.

OWIE contacted Mason to see if he was feeling any pressure about facing his former teacher for the first time ever on such a high profile event… “I think pressure is the wrong word.” Mason said, “The opportunity is great, and I’m thankful to be in this position at this moment… but I’m not letting it add any pressure to me. Pressure I relate to stress, and stress only makes you weaker. I’ve used this opportunity as a fire to prepare for the match.”

When asked if his experiences in Europe might give him an edge over his former trainer, Mason replied: “While my European experiences have been great and will definitely play a part in any stragety or “edge” I try to obtain, I don’t think they alone are going to be the factor that supplies me an advantage or edge. It’s been awhile since anyone in Ontario has seen me, so no one really knows all I can do, or what I’m capable of… not even Devine and while I’m not the biggest competitor, I believe many people can attest to the size of my heart. I believe that will be the difference maker.”

OWIE’s attempts to contact Devine to get his thoughts on his former student and the upcoming match went unanswered. While that was unexpected – Devine is usually very accomodating to media requests – it is understandable since he’s a very busy man away from the ring what with his commitments to his job at The Fight Network and other interests. However, there may be more to Devine’s silence than meets the eye… An anonymous source within CWR suggested that Devine’s reluctance to talk about his match with Mason may have more to do with his last two appearances than it does with him being too busy to return a call… “Devine’s not happy with the way things have gone in CWR” the source claims, “He came into the company thinking he’d walk right into the main event but instead he had to wrestle Suave… and he couldn’t beat him! They went to a time limit draw. When Devine returned to the locker room he was pissed. Then, when they had the rematch at the next show Devine almost didn’t beat Suave again!… Now instead of being a top star in the main event he has to wrestle Mason on the biggest CWR show ever. He’s not talking because he’s scared he might say something he can’t back up and he’s probably scared that if he doesn’t beat Mason then CWR will start wondering if he’s worth the big money they’re paying him.”

Obviously there’s a better than good chance that the motivation behind this unsolicited statement about Devine is professional jealousy so the whole thing should be taken with a grain of salt. It’s also absurd to suggest that “Hotshot” Johnny Devine is scared of anything, let alone how his reputation might be affected by a loss to Suave, Mason or anyone else. As far as his status within CWR goes… according to promoter Greco “I’m very happy with everything Devine has brought to the company AND what he’s done in the ring. Having a star of his magnitude on our roster is a major coup and he’s an asset CWR is happy to have. If I have any regret at all in regards Devine it’s that I couldn’t persuade him to sign an exclusive contract.” It’s apparent that Greco has no issues with Devine. When asked about the claims made about Devine by an anonymous member of the CWR roster, Greco just laughed and said “That’s ridiculous.” There IS one sliver of truth in what the CWR anonymous source claimed… “Hotstuff” did wrestle Sebastian Suave to a draw on one show and pinned him with only four seconds left on the clock in their rematch but the rest of the source’s claims seem pretty sketchy.

The CWR Tag Title Tournament
CWR has begun the process to crown their first ever Tag Team Champions; a major tournament show featuring the tag division is in the works and competition to secure a spot in the tournament brackets is already heating up. Promoter Frank Greco: “In March, we will hold a tag team tournament to crown the first ever CWR Tag Team Champions. Qualifying matches started at our Christmas Charity event, and will continue through January and February. This will be one of the best tag tournaments Canada has seen in a long time. We have a big name team that will be announced very soon that will be in the tournament. Also a qualifying match will be held in Alberta which will allow one team from the west to come and compete for the CWR tag titles on March 27th.”

The qualifying match held in December saw The Davis Brothers (Andrew & Bruno) secure the first spot in the tournament with a win over Tyler Tirva & RJ City. On Jan 30th, four other teams will compete to fill two more tournament brackets… The Flatliners (Asylum & Matt Burns) will face Assault & Battery (Kenneth Crises & Mike Alias) in a rematch of their Sept 22nd “Call it a Comeback” contest. The other qualifier features “The Hit” Ashley Sixx & “Canadian Crazyhorse” Michael Elgin squaring off against The Warriors (Josh ALexander & “Psycho” Mike Rollins)… Both matches are sure to be off-the-charts exciting as all four teams rank among the best in Ontario and all have championship reigns with other promotions on their resumes…

The Flatliners are looking to avenge their September loss to Alias & Crises; a very physical contest that ended in controversial fashion when Asylum was clobbered over the head with a steel chair. Assault & Battery are former BSE PRO champions and The Flatliners were voted the 2009 Ontario Tag Team of the Year. It isn’t necessary to say anything else about the match except… make sure you’re there on Jan 30th to see it. Two of the best teams in Ontario fighting for one spot in the tournament; a match that on any other card might well have been the main event. The other qualifying match… Sixx & Elgin versus The Warriors requires a closer look…

“The Hit” and his partner, “Canadian Crazyhorse” are well known and respected by Ontario fans. Former BSE PRO tag champs, they have until now concentrated more on singles accomplishments in CWR but, beginning at “Call it a Comeback” their paths have crossed time and again with Rollins and Alexander. With the Pan-American title being tied up in the Steve/O’Reilly feud it only made sense for Sixx and Elgin to once again join forces and seek the tag team straps. Of course, Alexander and Rollins are also a well known team and they would like the opportunity to be the first ever CWR tag champs as much as anybody; maybe even moreso because they’ve already taken steps to increase their odds… Enter Miss Danyah

Miss Danyah is one of the most recognized and talented woman competitors in Canada having won every major women’s championship in Ontario. She is also highly regarded and respected by her peers for possessing one of the sharpest minds in the business… especially when it concerns getting the job done within the ropes. At the “Christmas Charity Classic” Miss Danyah surprised everyone by aligning herself with The Warriors for the 6 Man tag. Now, as it turns out, Miss Danyah has officially taken the reigns as the acting manager and agent for Rollins and Alexander, intending to lead them straight to the CWR tag team championship. Miss Danyah has also brought Sebastian Suave into her organization. With Miss Danyah in their corner… and possibly Suave lurking in the shadows… The Warriors have to be considered the favorites to win the tournament in March; assuming that is, they make it past Elgin and Sixx on Jan 30th. Miss Danyah means to ensure that’s exactly what happens…

There’s little doubt that Miss Danyah is VERY aware of what goes on in the CWR offices… within minutes of speaking with promoter Frank Greco about the March tag tournament, OWIE was served notice to have a representative attend the offices of Miss Danyah to receive an official statement regarding her plans for CWR. Once again, as senior editor I was given the task. After passing through multiple security checks I was finally granted an audience with Miss Danyah but before she would speak to me, I first had to sign a confidentiality agreement stating amongst other things, that I could only relate to OWIE readers the content of her official statement; no other details of the visit or anything else about her organization’s headquarters can be revealed. It even forbade me from disclosing the location of Miss Danyah’s office! (I can tell you it’s in the penthouse suite of the tallest building but I can’t reveal what city it’s in.) Rather than face the wrath of Miss Danyah’s legal team… or worse yet, a possible beating from her new CWR stable of thugs, I give you…

Miss Danyah’s Official Statement:
“The Warriors, Sebastian Suave, and Miss Danyah, now known as “Society’s Saviours,” are going to be bringing tact, class, and diplomacy back to wrestling, and back to CWR. We are both disgusted, and disgraced by the way the world is becoming; full of fat, classless, dirty, incoherent slobs, that have no honour, manners, or courtesy, and who are unable to think for themselves!

We are going to set an example for all to follow. Through hard training, commitment to excellence, and adherence to the rules, we are going to save society from themselves. We are going to prove this, because when the four of us are together, we exemplify the best of what society has to offer.

That being said, it’s quite obvious that we are going to dominate CWR. The Warriors are incredible technical wrestlers. Josh Alexander is a shining example of honour and Zen in the ring. Psycho Mike Rollins will bring order through chaos. This, in combination with my strict training regimen of diet, exercise, and ridicule, will ensure my boys dominate the tag tournament in March.

Sebastian Suave is the perfect gentleman. People should be honoured to be graced by his presence, and should learn to follow his example.

Personally, I’m sick of watching fat slobs walk around, taxing our healthcare system with their “disability.” I’m sick of seeing fat slobs in the ring pawning themselves off as “wrestlers.” I am setting an example that a fit, and healthy lifestyle is the only way to go! I mean, just look at me! Society WISHES they looked as good as Miss Danyah!

Watch out, CWR! Watch out world. Simply put, it’s a fact, that WE ARE BETTER THAN YOU!”

With the creation of “Society’s Saviors” under the leadership and guidance of Miss Danyah, the upcoming tag tournament and all of CWR has taken on a whole new dimension and nothing is certain except… the 3rd Anniversary Show on Jan 30th, and all CWR events to follow, are not to be missed. Advance tickets are still available and promoter Greco promises that tickets will be available at the door on the day of the show. Grab your family, your friends and your neighbors and head to the Sportsplex in Vaughan Saturday, January 30th to witness CWR history in the making as they celebrate their 3rd Anniversary with this amazing event stacked top to bottom with the great matches!

Saturday Jan 30

“Three Year Anniversary”
Vaughan, Ontario
Vaughan Sportsplex
6 PM
Tickets are $15 and are available at Hero Certified Burgers (in the Collosus Center) and Southern RUB Smokehouse (4555 Highway 7 in Vaughan) and at the door the date of the event.

Double Main Event!
CWR Pan-Am Championship
Crazzy Steve’s Asylum Match
Crazzy Steve (c) v. Jake O’Reilly

The Best in the World v. The Best in Ontario
Holder of 5 World Titles
Joe E. Legend
BSE Suicide Six Champion & BCW Heavyweight Champion
“Textbook” Tyson Dux

CWR Tag Team Tournament Qualifyer
“The Hit” Ashley Sixx & “The Canadian Crazyhorse” Michael Elgin v. The Warriors
“Psycho” Mike Rollins & Josh Alexander w/Miss Danyah

Teacher v. Student
“Hotshot” Johnny Devine v. Corey Mason

Battle of the Ontario Young Guns
“Your Savior” Sebastian Suave w/Miss Danyah v. “Tricked Out” Tyler Tirva

CWR Tag Team Tournament Qualifyer
Re-Match from September 22nd, 2009
The Flatliners v. Assault & Battery

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CWR posters & logo courtesy: cwrwrestling.ca
Joe E Legend photo courtesy: legendwrestling.com
Jake O’Reilly photo courtesy: Dark Irish Prairie Dog Productions
Miss Danyah photo courtesy: Society’s Saviors
Corey Mason photo courtesy: New Attitude Inc.
All other photos by Mrs Id.