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SOURCE: Wrestling-Radio.com
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The 2007 CZW Awards are OPEN!

fter months of planning they have finally be opened today.
Categories include; feud of 2007, match of 2007 and many more!



CZW Cage Of Death IX Live Results
12/8/07 – Philadelphia, PA
SOURCE: Wrestling-Radio.com
Official CZW Message Board

1. Greg Excellent, LJ Cruz and Beef Wellington defeated Nicky Benz, Joe Gacy and Alex Colon.
2. Nate Hatred, Andy Sumner and Drew Gulak defeated Cheech, Cloudy and Brodie Lee when Gulak made Cloudy submit to the CHIKARA Special.
3. CZW World Junior Heavyweight Title Match, BLK OUT Banned From Ringside: Sabian defeated LuFisto to retain the CZW World Junior Heavyweight Title after a chair shot from Sexxxy Eddy. After the match, Sabian attacked Sexxxy Eddy and him and LuFisto hugged in a sign of respect.
4. CZW World Tag Team Title Match: Jon Dahmer and Danny Demanto defeated Niles Young and Derek Frazier to become the NEW CZW World Tag Team Champions.
5. Fan Lumberjack Strap Match: LOBO defeated Maven Bentley and fired him post-match. After the match, The MBA tried to save Maven but were stopped by Wifebeater who then whipped Maven.
6. CZW World Heavyweight Title Match: Nick Gage defeated Ruckus and The Messiah to become the NEW CZW World Heavyweight Champion, pinning Messiah.
7. Barbed Wire Tables Match: WHACKS defeated Sexxxy Eddy and Viking when he pinned Sexxxy Eddy following a Senton Splash, swinging from the rafters, down to Eddy through a barbed wire table.
8. Fans Bring The Weapons Match: Mitch Ryder defeated Chuey Martinez with a roll-up.
9. Cage Of Death Match: The Necro Butcher, Toby Klein, Drake Younger and Danny Havoc defeated Brain Damage, DJ Hyde, Dustin Lee and Scotty Vortekz when Dany Havoc was the soul survivor.

Order Of Entry:
a) Toby Klein and Scotty Vortekz begin the match.
b) Dustin Lee.
c) Drake Younger.
d) DJ Hyde.
e) Danny Havoc.
f) Brain Damage.
g) The Necro Butcher.

Order Of Elimination:
a) Dustin Lee.
b) Toby Klein by Scotty Vortekz with a roll-up.
c) The Necro Butcher with a roll-up.
d) Scotty Vortekz by Danny Havoc with a Michinoku Driver off the scaffold through a barbed wire table.
e and f) Drake Younger and Brain Damage after Younger gave Damage a Death Valley Driver off the scaffold through two stacked tables on the floor.
g) DJ Hyde by Danny Havoc after Havoc reversed a Shadow Driver into an enziguri kick, sending Hyde off the scaffold and through barbed wire tables on the floor.

-A video titled “Unforgiven” played pre-show and the crowd is apparently hyped.
-Nick Papagorgio is announcing and making his CZW return, reffing the opener is “Devious” Derek Sabato.
-The World Tag Team Title Match was a total squash.
-Whack Packer Hogan is a lumberjack. Maven came out wearing a sweatshirt and lifejacket, got it pulled off him and then he was whipped to fuck by all the fans.
-The crowd didn’t care at all about Messiah’s return and chanted “You Sold Out” at him.
-The lights went out during the World Heavyweight Title Match and Nick Gage makes his CZW return. The crowd goes insane.
-The crowd went BANANAS for the World Title switch and Gage celebrated in the crowd. Everyone marked out, even Cloudy who was over at the Smart Mark Video table.
-WHACKS is super over and asked for the match to be made a Barbed Wire Tables Match and his wish was granted. During the course of the match, Sexxxy Eddy bit WHACKS’ big, giant, empty earlobe. The crowd was pretty dead for the match as they were burnt out from the World Title switch and really only popped for the big finish with WHACKS coming off the rafters.
-The Fans Bring The Weapons Match had a few good spots.
-Expect a long intermission to set up the Cage Of Death.
-The Cage Of Death: The cage has a giant scaffold off its side, a giant barbed wire spider net outside of the ring on one side, a tackstrip platform outside of the ring on one side as well as two more gimmicks on the remaining sides that cannot be seen from the results guy’s vantage point. Inside the ring there is a giant barbed wire board and a bunch of plunder. There is a pic below.
-The Cage Of Death Match has begun. Eliminations occur via pinfall, submission or going off the top of the cage and to the floor. Drake Younger is wearing headgear for the match. Dustin Lee was thrown face-first through a pane of glass. DJ Hyde hit Drake Younger with collard greens and cornbread during his entrance into the match. Danny Havoc hit a Corkscrew 630 like flippy move off the scaffold and onto everyone. There was a 4-on-4 Bar Fight during the match. Necro Butcher went at Dustin Lee’s back with a pair of scissors at one point. The crowd is about to riot, post-Necro elimination. Vortekz gave Havoc the Thai Knee Stomp off the scaffold through a table.