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CZW LOGOCZW Dishonorable Conduct Results
August 11, 2007 – Philadelphia, PA



– Ryan McBride interrupted the opening t-shirt give-away, claiming that a true “Fan Appreciation Night” wasn’t complete without him. McBride, who the crowd serenaded with some non-flattering chants, put out an open challenge, accepted by BOTB ’07 Winner Joker.

1. Joker pinned Ryan McBride with the elevated Joker Bomb in a competitive match. Crowd red-hot for Joker, with the “…gonna kill you” chants welcoming back the BOTB champ.

– Post-match, CJ O’Doyle came out to check on McBride, and the fans let O’Doyle know what they think of him. O’Doyle, undefeated thus far in his CZW career, was quick to let the fans know of his accomplishments. Enter Joker’s tag team partner: Ricky Reyes.

2. Ricky Reyes defeated CJ O’Doyle via choke-out submission. Post-match, O’Doyle disputed the legality of Reyes’ finishing maneuver.

Main Show

1. Jon Dahmer pinned Danny Demanto with a reverse capture suplex off the corner turnbuckles. Sick, sick finish to the match. Demanto missed a beautiful moonsault and quickly fell victim to a relentless suplex assault from Dahmer, who dropped Demanto on his head and neck and softened him up for the win. Crowd was into this, solidly behind Dahmer, especially the sickening suplexes.

2. Derek Frazier (with Noel Harlow) pinned Ricochet with the spinning Tomikaze. Ricochet countered it once into a sick backslide suplex, but Frazier rebounded and got the pin. Noel was absolutely hated by the fans who let her really have it. Ricochet looked like he was going to continue his CZW career with another big victory, but he made one big mistake, and crash and burned during a springboard attempt. Frazier capitalized and never relented, scoring a big pinfall victory. The two worked really well together and the fans applauded both efforts.

3. DJ Hyde (with Maven Bentley) pinned Steve “Monsta” Mack with the Summoning Lariat. Maven interfered in this high-impact grudge match, which featured headbutts, a steel chair, and DJ’s promise to next target the Iron Man Champion Toby Klein after putting down Mack with his Lariat.

4. Danny Havoc pinned Dustin Lee with the General Order 24 after using 13 staples on his opponent in an “Unlucky 13 Staple Gun Match”. Brutal match and a great debut for Diehard. Havoc took the lead early on, Diehard tied it. Havoc’s fans, upon hearing the score, started a “DE-FENSE!” chant for the Iowa native! Havoc tied Diehard in the Tree of Woe, stapled his hands, and prayed to him…obviously having some sort of deranged idol worship of Bruce Willis. Diehard also used 13 staples on Havoc, but was unable to score a pinfall. Dustin Lee is given a “Please Come Back!” chant by the fans.

5. CZW World Championship – Ruckus (with Sabian, Robby Mireno, & Chrissy Rivera) fought Homicide to a no-contest when a brawl broke out between The Rottweilers and BLKOUT. Crowd seemed solidly behind Ruckus, but Homicide had his share of supporters there. Homicide in control of the match, until Mireno pulls referee Bryce Remsburg to the floor during a three-count. Homicide is infuriated with Mireno, leading to Ricky Reyes, a unique staple of both BLKOUT and The Rottweilers, to come to ringside. Reyes and Mireno argue, and Reyes decks the label manager. Joker comes to ringside, tries to seperate the two, and then decides to attack Reyes, with Mireno helping work him over. Meanwhile, the match in the ring spills to the outside. Reyes kicks out Sabian’s crutch, and Ruckus goes after Reyes. Homicide and Joker get into it. A wild brawl spills out into the New Alhambra crowd. Maven Bentley comes to ringside, and officially sanctions a Rottweilers Vs. BLKOUT tag team match.

6. The BLKOUT – Ruckus & Joker defeated The Rottweilers – Homicide & Ricky Reyes when Joker surprised Reyes with a mouse-trap pinfall to get the win. Post-match, Homicide is on the microphone ranting about while CZW is a promotion full of talent, he can’t stand BLKOUT and can’t stand the CZW fans. Joker retaliateds, challenging the “Notorious 187” to a match-up the following months. Homicide tells Joker that is Joker is looking for a piece of Homicide, to tune into Spike TV. The crowd chants for Joker and BLKOUT as the Rottweilers depart.

– Intermission –

CZW’s return to The New Alhambra Arena in South Philadelphia on Saturday Night, September 8th will be the Chri$ Ca$h Tribute Show, which sparks a Chri$ Ca$h chant from the CZW faithful. CZW will hold open tryouts at 3 PM before this show for anyone who wants to see if they have what it takes to enlist in the CZW Wrestling Academy.

CZW has also announced an Ultraviolent Return to Delaware for September 15th.

7. Team AnDrew – Andy Sumner and Drew Gulak defeated Team Chuck E. Cheech – Chuck Taylor and Cheech when Sumner & Gulak caught Cheech with a Doomsday Device that Sumner turned into an Electric Chair Drop and bridged suplex. Exciting tandem offense from Chuck E. Cheech and a good outing from Team AnDrew, who continue to build momentum following a big upset non-title win over BLKOUT a few months back. Post-match, Cheech argued with Taylor, and the CZW fans get solidly behind Chuck Taylor before he storms off.

8. Ladder Match – CZW World Jr. Heavyweight Champion Scotty Vortekz defeated Cloudy. These two really stepped up and delivered a hard-hitting ladder match. Vortekz, who was hearing more cheers than he’s used to (or probably cares for) concentrated on Cloudy’s knee, keeping him grounded. Cloudy eventually had enough, going outside and collecting chairs to use as building material and as weapons. Cloudy used a ladder to keep Vortekz from reaching the title belt suspended high up in the arena. At one point Cloudy hit a ridiculous corkscrew twisting plancha to the outside on Vortekz. Vortekz comes back and delivers a sick one-man Spanish Fly off the top rope onto Cloudy, who lands on a ladder that is propped up on a group of chairs. Arena explodes, Cloudy was finished, and Vortekz climbs up to retrieve his championship.

9. 3-Way, 1-Fall “Four Corners of Pain” Match – Iron Man Champion Toby Klein (with “Halfbreed” Billy Graham) defeated Insane Lane and Freakshow after pinning Lane. A thumbtack bat was used, sending the tacks all over the ring. A barbed-wire baseball bat, steel trashcan, and steel chair wrapped in barbed-wire were also used. The three brawled on the outside, with the fans handing chairs to the wrestlers as weapons, and a gigantic road sign being set up atop chairs on the arena floor. Klein’s manager Billy Graham was attacked and stuffed in a trash can by Lane, then propped up on the road sign, and a massive sandwich was made out of the manager…which Freakshow didn’t wait long to splash off the apron. Toby was able to score the pin on Lane, but DJ Hyde hit the ring, taking out Toby and claiming he’d take back the Iron Man Championship from him.

10. Barbed-Wire Board, Panes of Glass, Carpet Strips, Falls Count Anywhere Death Match – Ultraviolent Underground Champion Brain Damage (with Maven Bentley) fought Drake Younger to a double-pinfall. Brain Damage absolutely destroys Drake’s back with a running awesome bomb to Drake that sends him to the arena floor…but not before crashing through a pane of glass, chairs, and barbed wire. Drake’s back was annihilated but he still fought for his belt. Damage and Drake connect with a series of hard punches, and a bag of thumbtacks are brought into the ring. Drake takes the carpet strips to Damage’s legs as the fans chant for a title change. Another pane of glass is set up, along with a table, and a pile of steel chairs set up under the tables. Damage delivers the Package Piledriver off the apron to Drake into this! Referee Brian Logan count to 3 and Brain Damage is announced the winner. However, referee Brandon Neff, as well as Zandig, both point out that Brain Damage was also knocked out from the collision and his shoulders were down. The referees argue over who the winner is, and Zandig, having signed CZW to its Delaware Return on September 15th, decides to hold up the Ultraviolent Underground Championship until that date, where a tournament will be held to crown a new champion!

Thank you to a vocal crowd for your enthusiam and time on Saturday Night!

CZW Returns to The New Alhambra Arena for the Chri$ Ca$h Tribute Show on Saturday Night, September 8th!

CZW Returns to Delaware, and the Home of Tournament of Deaths V & VI, for a one-night tournament to crown the Ultraviolent Underground Champion! – Ed O’Mac