CZW News & Results (Swinging for the Fenses)

CZW returns to South Philly!
Saturday, May 8th, 2010
The CZW Arena – 7PM Belltime
7 West Ritner Street – South Philly, PA
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Official “Swinging for the Fences” Results:

1. (Wired) Joe “Chainsaw” Gacy defeated Ryan Slater and Little Mondo
2. (Wired) Greg Excellent defeated Alex Colon
3. (Wired) Drew Gulak defeated Tyler Veritas to become the new CZW WIRED Champion
4. A.R. Fox defeated Aaron Arbo and Unbreakable Andy
5. Irish Driveby (Ryan McBride and Rich Swann) defeated Notorious Inc (Devon Moore and Drew Blood)
6. Scotty Vortekz defeated tHURTeen
7. Ego Fantastico defeated Nick Gage
8. Zero Gravity defeated Team Macktion
9. Sabian retained the CZW Jr. Heavyweight Championship in a 20-Minute Time Limit Draw against Adam Cole
10. Drake Younger and Eddie Kingston defeated The Best Around to become the new CZW World Heavyweight Champions
11. Jon Moxley defeated Sami Callihan to retain the CZW World Heavyweight Championship
12. Cult Fiction (Brain Damage, JC Bailey and MASADA) defeated Scotty Vortekz, Drake Younger and Eddie Kingston in a “Swinging for the Fences” Deathmatch.

– The biggest winners at “Swinging for the Fences” is without a doubt, CULT FICTION. Billy Gram shocked everyone, especially the Naptown Dragons when MASADA turned on Scotty Vortekz in the opening moments of the Ultraviolent Main Event, revealing his true colors as a member of Cult Fiction. A three-on-one beatdown of Vortekz stopped only briefly when an injured Danny Havoc entered the ring against Doctor’s orders in an attempt to save the battered Naptown Dragon. The beatdown turned to Havoc only briefly, before Drake Younger and Eddie Kingston hit the ring, and turned the contest into a six-man Ultraviolent war! At the end of the night though, JC Bailey, Masada and Brain Damage were triumphant, and effectively have put the entire CZW locker room on notice.

– Cult Fiction’s celebration however was very brief, as a video played on the big screen in which JOHN ZANDIG appeared, and vowed to even the score on behalf of the Naptown Dragons. With his words, the first match for CZW’s MAY 8th return to South Philly was signed as ZANDIG will return to CZW to face BRAIN DAMAGE in an Ultraviolent Slugfest!

– Swinging for the Fences proved to be a night of transition in the Combat Zone. CZW’s longest reigning Tag Team Champions, the Best Around, were finally defeated after a year on top of the Tag division. Of course, they didn’t go down easy, as it took a team made up of two former CZW World Champions to do it. Eddie Kingston and Drake Younger are not just great friends, but now a great tag-team, and appear anxious to embark on their first reign as CZW Tag Team Champions.

– The Tag Titles weren’t the only ones to change hands on Saturday. DREW GULAK scored a big-time victory over TYLER VERITAS to become the new CZW WIRED Champion. The triumph brings Gulak has first taste of CZW singles gold, and also brings the first piece of gold into the emerging RUSH WRESTLING ENTERPRISES.

– Saturday wasn’t just a big day for the new Champions, it was also a huge day for CZW Best of the Best Champion EGO FANTASTICO. The masked superstar acheived perhaps the biggest victory of his CZW career by defeating Nick Gage, and doing it at his own game. The former CZW Jr. Heavyweight Champion has always been a fan favorite, and a skilled performer, but he has never been tested like he was Saturday. To say he passed with a flying colors would be an understatement, and there’s no doubt his victory was noticed by CZW Management. What’s next for Ego? We’ll find out soon enough…

– The first cracks have appeared in the foundation of the Switchblade Conspiracy. CZW World Champion Jon Moxley and Sami Callihan had a public dispute in the opening moments of Saturday’s event, and then pulled no punches in their one-on-one World Title match later in the night. The status of the Switchblade Conspiracy is in question for the first time, and the future is uncertain for the dangerous unit.

– The Switchblade Conspiracy wasn’t the only team in disarray on Saturday. Devon Moore and Drew Blood, together known as Notorious Inc imploded following their defeat at the hands of Irish Driveby. The once successful duo had an embarrasing performance against the Irish Driveby and took it out on each other after the match. Drew Blood left Moore lying motionless on his back at the end of the night, perhaps signifying the end of the tag team as we know it.

– CZW Junior Heavyweight Champion SABIAN left the CZW Arena with the gold, but it wasn’t due to victory, it was due to survival. The “Blk Jeez” was taken to the limit for a second straight time by young challenger ADAM COLE. The courageous CZW blue chipper went hold for hold, and was at times a step ahead of the decorated champion for a full 20 minutes when the bell rang to signify another time limit draw. Could a third contest be on the way in May?

– The MBA returns to the CZW Arena on Sunday, April 18th with the stars of CZW for a very special charity event to benefit the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation. Belltime is 3PM, and Admission is FREE with a donation to the cause. Come support a great cause with a Sunday afternoon of wrestling action as only the MBA can provide! For more information, email Maven at [email protected]

Stay tuned to for more on the fallout from “Swinging for the Fences”, and the build to CZW’s May 8th return to South Philly for an event headlined by a first time ever one-on-one meeting between ZANDIG and BRAIN DAMAGE!

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