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Hulk 5Dailywrestlingnews.com reports new data on Hulk Hogan’s popularity.  Here is the story.

The Marketing Arm’s Celebrity DBI released new data on Hulk Hogan’s popularity today:

Hulk Hogan has a 96% awareness among a general population in the US This is one of the highest awareness levels of any athlete/celebrity in the US. Michael Jordan (98%); George Forman (96%); Lance Armstrong (96%). For additional context, Kobe has a 91% awareness, Peyton Manning 88%. Sylvester Stallone and Clint Eastwood also have 96% awareness in the US.

He has become more Trustworthy since 2008

Of the 96% of people that know Hulk, 56% think he’s an effective product spokesperson.

Check out the article here:


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