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WWE Star Daniel Bryan Explains Why He Retired After Suffering Concussion-Related Seizures
By Gillian Mohney

Former WWE wrestling star Daniel Bryan is speaking out about why he retired at age 34. Bryan, along with his wife and fellow WWE star Brie Bella, told ABC News that he started to suffer seizures after concussions, leading to his decision to quit wrestling.

Bryan said he tried to keep the seizures a secret at first because he didn’t want to quit wrestling. But witnessing one of those seizures was a traumatic experience for his wife.

“I was with him with one of his seizures after a concussion,” Bella told ABC News. “It scared me so bad. I lost it.”

Bryan said in spite of the seizures, he asked his wife to keep his secret.

“I just implored her, ‘Please don’t say anything to anybody,'” he told ABC News.

Bryan was a pro wrestler for 16 years, and he said he enjoyed his time in the ring so much that when he announced his retirement earlier this month, he noted, “I have loved this in a way that I have never loved anything else.”

But that love of wrestling came at a price.

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