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Dean Ambrose is back with his former ring name, Jon Moxley.

The promo below was tweeted out from Ambrose’s new verified Twitter account that shows him apparently breaking out of prison, which appears to be a reference to his WWE departure. As we’ve noted, Ambrose gave his notice to WWE in late January after reportedly being unhappy with the way he had been used.

Ambrose’s WWE contract reportedly expired on April 30th. The Moxley Twitter account made their first and only post just a few minutes after midnight on May 1.

The header and profile image for the account features Ambrose. The bio for the account reads: “Professional.wrestler.”

Ambrose wrestled his last match for WWE at the recent live event in Moline, IL. He teamed with Roman Reigns and WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins to defeat Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley, in a match that aired live on the WWE Network as The Shield’s Last Chapter.

There’s no word yet on where Ambrose will end up. Stay tuned for updates on his return and where he might be headed next.

credit wrestlinginc.com & Jon Moxley