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Dean Malenko has quit WWE, according to Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated. The wrestling veteran has worked behind-the-scenes since retiring, but SI notes that he spent the past 8 years as a road agent, putting matches together.

There’s no word yet on what Malenko has planned for the future, but Barrasso noted that a natural landing spot for him would be AEW because of his skill set. Malenko’s greatest strengths as an agent were said to be booking tag team matches, finding ways to feature shorter talents, and using his knowledge of a technical style of wrestling that is much different than the usual WWEstyle of wrestling.

Malenko, the son of the legendary Boris Malenko, had runs with NJPW, ECW, WCW and WWE before retiring from the ring in 2001. He is a four-time WCW Cruiserweight Champion and a two-time ECW World Television Champion, and held several other titles.

credit wrestlinginc.com