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Dear TNA Wrestling

Back in 2004, I witnessed one of your Wednesday night pay-per-view promo after a pay-per-view. While watching the promo, I saw several familiar faces from Sting, Jeff Jarrett, and numerous others. Curious about the event, I pleaded with my parents, so I may order the next pay-per-view. April 28, 2004, I saw a decent show with some interesting established characters, and a strong direction for the talent. Once upon time ago, I didn’t have a capable understand of wrestling terminology, but I knew what I liked. After that pay-per-view, I ordered every TNA Wednesday pay-per-view. It was costly ordering those events, but $10 a pay-per-view wasn’t a erroneous deal. In the next few months, the direction of the company changed from the world title, to the X-division title. The X-division was young, gifted, and had highlight worthy talent.

While the X-division was creating stars, the tag team division was growing into something amazing. TNA screamed at the world that tag-teams aren’t dead. As the flower that was TNA continued to grow, the scent was capturing more and more fans. With my love for the company growing, I wanted to help the company, so I told friends, family, and became one of the street team members. I celebrated in the fact I was a fan and I could assist in your growth. Looking back in time, I was the biggest TNA fan, but something changed. That moment can’t pinpointed, but I can tell several intentions changed for the worst. For instance, I can remember when the TNA knockouts were putting on amazing shows and having a respectable and decent builds.

However, these days, the representations of your female wrestlers are offensive and completely native. The idea that women go around verbally assaulting one other and believing those, moments are entertaining is ridiculous. Another perplexing thought is that Dixie Carter is the president of TNA Wrestling and hasn’t ever spoke about the portray of her female competitors. I question the awareness factor of Dixie Carter and the individuals that makes up her inner circle. Meanwhile, as those events occur, some extremely vague writing is happening without supervision. I will admit, Vince Russo has and still creates some engaging wrestling martial.

However, there are days when I’ve seen some questionable booking from the top and bottom of a card. As a student who is going to college for creative writing, I know the trails of creating new and creative work. The burden can feel overwhelming and stressful. With that said, I don’t blame Vince Russo, I blame the individuals who green lighted his ideas and felt they were acceptable. From a fan perspective, what made TNA great was the small independent, unique, and creative company I stumble across in 2004. The direction shouldn’t be writing to compete against WWE, but to entertain the fans with the best ‘Wrestling” programming imaginable. I’m still proud to be a TNA fan, and I want this company to continue to grow into something wonderful. In final, I ask TNA officials to look at their company from a fan perceptive and come to your own conclusions.

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By Jerrod Sullivan