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With the death of the kayfabe era, staunch old-school stalwarts are often left asking if anything sacred remains from the beloved days past. But intense curiosity usually wins out and we end up watching the shoot interview that addresses the myriad of wonderful mysteries wrestling was cloaked in.


Well our curiosity will probably get the best of us again as Kayfabe Commentaries releases “Ringside with Demolition” today. The second installment of the company’s new series sits Bill Eadie and Barry Darsow down before the monitor at the “ringside announce table” as they dissect the matches and feuds that filled their careers as the popular WWE tag team. The once-private team not only reveals detals about the tag team and their bouts, but also a more sacred tradition.


The first 45 minutes of the disc is dedicated to the makeup — the application of it, the discussion of it, and the genesis of it. They undergo the entire transformation on camera before jumping into their matches with host and KC co-owner Sean Oliver. Oliver says this was the pre-requisite for the disc.


“As we strangle the remaining life out of the wonder of kayfabe,” laughs Oliver, “we had this request up front when we reached out to Bill and Barry. They’d both have to agree. And fortunately they did. Although Barry does ask me on camera how the hell we got them to agree to this. This is a remarkable edition of the series.”


Feuds and matches featured on the DVD include The Hart Foundation, Powers of Pain, Brain Busters, Andre the Giant & Giant Baba in a historic match from Japan, and more. The disc went on sale today at www.kayfabecommentaries.com.