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Destination America officials have reportedly decided to drop all TNA programming, including Impact Wrestling. The decision was reportedly made before they announced the move to Wednesday nights.

All TNA programming on Destination America is set to end at the end of the third quarter this year, which is around the last week of September. Key officials at Destination’s parent company Discovery were informed of the decision also. The decision from Destination America was meant to be kept secret, similar to how Spike TV executives kept secret publicly last year their decision to drop Impact Wrestling for months after the decision was made and reported. A public acknowledgment is expected to be made when the station reveals its 2015-16 television season prime-time lineup.

The deal apparently has not been finalized and employees at Destination America were not told anything new since a memo was issued to them informing them of the cancellation. Dixie Carter was made aware of the decision early last week but it appears most of the talent did not know anything.

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