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More details on reported incidents between Sin Cara and Drew McIntyre, Sin Cara and Sheamus, and Sheamus and Yoshi Tatsu were revealed on a recent episode of MLW Radio with Konnan, Court Bauer, Alex Greenfield and Money Making Maurice.

Konnan said that Sin Cara (the Hunico Cara) had words with Drew McIntyre for Drew apparently accusing Cara of big leaguing guys in the back, as in shaking hands with some people and not others. Cara stood up to McIntyre, said he didn’t play those games and called him out. Drew acted like, you’re kidding right, and that was that.

A few days later, Cara was in a trainer’s room and Sheamus came in. Sheamus made some kind of comment that Cara should get up off of a stretching mat so Sheamus could use it. Sheamus implied that he was more important than Cara. This led to Sheamus throwing the first punch, Cara sweeping Sheamus’s legs out from under him and getting a few punches in before they were separated. One of the guys who separated them may have been Cody Rhodes. When Sheamus got called out, he said he thought Cara was just playing around with him, despite Sheamus throwing the first punch.

Regarding the story that Yoshi Tatsu beat Sheamus up years ago in developmental, word is that Sheamus had borrowed some money from Tatsu and wouldn’t pay it back. Tatsu kept asking for it back and finally confronted Sheamus. Sheamus kept giving Tatsu the run-around so Tatsu slapped him. It’s said that Tatsu is very laid back and when he was re-telling the story in the locker room, he said he felt bad that he hit Sheamus but at least he got his money back.