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DEVIL BHUDAKAHN MEMORIAL SHOW TWO DAYS AWAY!On Saturday night, March 8, 2008, family, friends, co-workers, pupils, and fans alike will gather together at the Carnegie Library (Their Athletic Club), 510 East Tenth Avenue, Munhall, Pennsylvania 15120 to show their love and appreciation for everything that James Fawcett gave to them both in and out of the ring. They’ll express that love and appreciation by doing what they do best, something James Fawcett dedicated much of his life to, and what many of them dedicated their lives to right alongside him, professional wrestling. It will be a night to celebrate the life, the times, and the memories of a truly dedicated and special performer, peer, mentor, and most importantly, friend.


Pick Your Partner: Shirley Doe & CJ Sensation vs. Super Hentai & Dirk Ciglar
Shirley Doe and Super Hentai are nearly synonymous with one another thanks to an extremely emotional love/hate relationship that has stretched back several years. Super Hentai was Devil Bhudakahn’s chief rival in the early days of each man’s career. Both men solidified their reputation in the area with high-risk, fast-paced offense with each match turning into a dangerous game of “Can You Top This?”. When Devil thought he needed help to put Hentai behind him once and for all, The Hellfire Club was formed, with none other than the madman himself, Shirley Doe, joining Devil as a charter member. On March 8, the rivalry is revisited as Doe and Hentai clash for the first time in nearly five years, with the added high stakes of each man selecting his own tag team partner which will not be revealed until the night of the event. Their last meeting was a Texas Death Match legendary for its brutality. What will Doe and Hentai do to one another this time?

Shirley Doe has opted to choose “Snapshot” CJ Sensation as his tag team partner. Sensation, who was the first man to don the mask and assume the identity of the infamous “Mantis” persona, stood side-by-side both Doe and Devil in The Hellfire Club in their quest to destroy Super Hentai. Hentai now knows old foes are re-aligning for one last shot at destroying him.

Super Hentai has revealed his choice of tag team partner and it’s none other than “The Screaming Climax” Dirk Ciglar! Hentai & Ciglar have a noted history of friendship and fighting alongside one another, but have not teamed together in four years. Will they have the chemistry and continuity to overcome the re-united Hellfire Club? Or will Doe and the original Mantis once again have Hentai’s number?

Sterling James Keenan vs. Mr. Wrestling 3 Now For Prestigious Title!
When we first announced that “Iron City Hardcore” SJK would do battle with the latest incarnation of the timeless traditionalist Mr. Wrestling, we had speculated that Sterling had a trick up his sleeve. This week we’ve discovered two. Not only has Sterling re-enlisted the services of Krystal Frost for the evening, Sterling’s original PWX manager in 2002, but he also laid out a challenge (which can be seen here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6k178N3xK4 ) for Wrestling 3 to put up any of his many championships. MW3 has responded to the challenge, and now March 8 will see SJK battle Mr. Wrestling 3 for the prestigious ZERO1-Max United States Championship, one of the most high-profile championships in the country of Japan. How will the added stakes change the dynamic of this much-anticipated contest of international proportions? How will Krystal Frost factor in now that she is re-united with SJK for the first time in six years?

Dennis Gregory vs. Crusher Hansen
Devil Bhudakahn had a vision of Pittsburgh’s top professional wrestlers and wrestling organizations coming together in support of a good cause. It’s only fitting that in a show dedicated to his memory, that vision become a reality. Such a vision is not represented any better than with Dennis Gregory vs. Crusher Hansen. From his days as Bonecrusher, all the way to his current incarnation, Hansen has been a mainstay and major force in PWX for well over a decade. Meanwhile, Dennis Gregory’s dominance in the International Wrestling Cartel (as well as its predecessor, Steel City Wrestling), can be traced back to over a decade as well. Both men are among the most decorated athletes of their respective home promotion, and are perhaps as synonymous with their home promotion as anybody else, past or present. It’s a one-time opportunity to watch these two Pittsburgh legends meet in a collision of two very different worlds.

PWX Three Rivers Title: Chris LeRusso vs. Scottie Gash vs. Bobby Shields
Our original scheduled bout of Gash’s title defense against LeRusso one-on-one was amended this week, following weeks of complaints and protests lodged by a very vocal Bobby Shields. Shields, LeRusso’s former “Steel City Saints” tag team partner, is of the belief his one-time ally has been handed opportunities time after time, while Shields has been cast aside by the powers-that-be. Can the reigning champion Gash overcome the challenge of both of these young lions? Will Bobby Shields prove he was the true star of the Steel City Saints? Or will Chris LeRusso live up to his hype as the fastest rising young star in Pittsburgh today?

Sexual Harassment vs. The Devil’s Advocates
It was the rivalry that dominated tag team wrestling in this area in 2002-2003. A war that saw bones broken, dreams shattered, and two very contrasting lifestyles do whatever it took to become the best in the region. Month in and month out, Devil Bhudakahn led the Advocates into battle against Sexual Harassment, and no matter what the stakes or stipulations, fans were always left with confrontations they would not soon forget. The IWC Tag Team Titles changed hands a staggering five times during this rivalry, a testament to its competitive nature and constant high stakes. On March 8, these two sides collide for the first time in nearly five years, renewing a tag team series still fresh on the minds of all who witnessed it.

“Balls Hot” Troy Lords vs. Jason Gory
Arguably two of the most improved area stars in recent times, both Lords and Gory have taken their game to new heights. For Troy, “Balls Hot” has been “balls to the wall” since rising to the occasion and capturing his first major singles title, the IWC Super Indy Title, in early-2007. The young veteran has pushed himself farther and harder than most in order to prove all his critics that he is truly deserving of his accolades. Meanwhile, Jason Gory has thrived in the tag team ranks, recently capturing the IWC Tag Team Title with partner Shiima Xion, a title he now holds for the second time. Two men who love to push the envelope and take risks, these men definitely embody the spirit and the mindset that Super Hentai and Devil Bhudakahn had during their classic rivalry nearly a decade ago.

Jimmy DeMarco vs. Chris Taylor
Jimmy DeMarco has quickly gained a reputation as perhaps Pittsburgh’s most infamous athlete. DeMarco’s unorthodox actions have led to him being labeled a mental, emotional, social, and sexual deviant. His bizarre tendencies aside, he is also one of Pittsburgh’s most dangerous athletes, and an integral part of the success of The Gambino Family in recent years. His opposition, Chris Taylor, is unparalleled in PWX. A man who shattered records and silenced skeptics when he held the PWX Title for over one year, Taylor has shown an amazing amount of heart and determination, and may be PWX’s most popular athlete. Whether it was his size or the plethora of obstacles put in his way by the evil AWC hierarchy, Taylor always faces challenge head-on. Now he’ll have the challenge of figuring out Jimmy DeMarco on March 8.

CWF Heavyweight Title: The Beast vs. Powerhouse Hughes
The Championship Wrestling Federation, based in southwest Pennsylvania, has been a staple of wrestling in the region for many years, hosting some of the area’s most promising young stars and well-respected veterans. It was also one of the promotions Devil Bhudakahn called home before his tragic passing. CWF will be well represented at the Devil Bhudakahn Memorial Show, as its most dominant champion defends against perhaps its greatest champion. The Beast has dominated CWF since capturing its top prize, gaining a staggering nineteen straight victories. His top student, and perhaps the greatest CWF Champion in history, Powerhouse Hughes, is the current top challenger and looks to reclaim the title he once held for over one full year. It’s the first ever meeting between teacher and student with very high stakes and deep meaning.

Gambino Brothers Open Challenge
They are the most dominant tag team in the region today by far. Four time IWC tag team champions Mickey & Marshall Gambino have made life miserable for all that oppose them. With a ruthless style and cut-throat lawless tendencies, Mickey & Marshall have done everything from gang assaults to home invasions. On March 8, Mickey & Marshall will be in search of competition, for any team in the Pittsburgh area brave enough to mess with the Family. Who will be brave enough to stand up to the challenge?

Special Appearance by Bubba the Bulldog
One of the most infamous and controversial personalities in the history of the area, wherever Bubba goes, news is bound to break. The former and once-again B-94 Morning Show host has accomplished a track record nearly second-to-none. In his PWX days, he fought hard to disprove critics who said he’d never be a success, not only capturing gold but leading his own stable “The Dog Pound”. In IWC, he was responsible for the termination of the careers of men like Shane Douglas and Eric Angle. Not to mention numerous WWE cameos throughout the years as well. What does Bubba have in store on March 8th with the eyes of everyone in Pittsburgh looking on?

Special Appearance by Quinn Magnum
Another longtime staple and legendary name in the Pittsburgh wrestling scene, Quinn Magnum at long last returns to the public eye. Magnum spent many years atop the PWX card, capturing championships and forging an indelible reputation. Still one of the most respected veterans in the area, when Quinn Magnum makes his presence known on March 8th, everyone will have no choice but to take notice.

Special Appearance by JT Rodgers
It has been over four years since JT Rodgers has been inside a wrestling ring. In December 2003, he left the world of professional wrestling and, with the exception of a May 2004 cameo, hasn’t looked back. March 8 will be a historic return of a man who dominated tag team wrestling in Pittsburgh in the early part of the decade as one-half of Sexual Harassment. Does JT Rodgers have ring action in his plans for this one-night return? What will happen when JT Rodgers and Eric Xtasy cross paths for the first time in years?

Fans in attendance on March 8th will not only have the chance to witness a once-in-a-lifetime historic card in the annals of Pittsburgh wrestling history, and not only be donating to an extremely worthy cause in the process, but will also have the opportunity to participate in the raffle portion of our show, where fans have an opportunity to win an exorbitant amount of rare, personally autographed wrestling memorabilia of some of the business’ biggest stars, past and present.

Scheduled to be raffled:

-Personally autographed, hand-signed, mint-in-package action figures of including, but not limited to: Bret “Hit Man” Hart, Terry Funk, Big Show, Christian Cage, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Alex Shelley, Sean “1-2-3 Kid” Waltman (aka X-Pac) Al Snow, The Sandman, “Franchise” Shane Douglas, Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, Daivari, Senshi (aka Low-ki) and Eric Young.
-Officially Licensed WWE Autographed Promo Pack
-Autographed 8×10 of “King of Old School” Steve Corino
-Official WWE Hall of Fame Program with Hall of Fame Coin
-WWE Smackdown & Raw Official Souvenir Program

Plus more to be named!

Remember, all show and raffle proceeds will go directly toward James Fawcett’s mother Cindy, and his three young daughters, Madeline, Gwendolyn, and Lillian Rose, so this is not only your chance to own several priceless pieces of wrestling memorabilia, but to donate to an extremely worthy cause as well.

Ticket prices are $15 for front row, $10 General Admission. All show and raffle proceeds will go directly toward James Fawcett’s mother Cindy, and his three young daughters, Madeline, Gwendolyn, and Lillian Rose. Tickets ON SALE NOW via The Official Devil Bhudakahn Memorial Show MySpace Page at http://www.myspace.com/devilbmemorial. Tickets are moving very fast, and are nearly SOLD OUT, so act now and do not miss your chance to be a part of history and support such a worthy cause.

We invite you all to stay posted for upcoming press releases as further updates on this show are made available, and to be a part of this special night in some form or fashion, as we honor our friend, say “thank you”, and “goodbye”.

For more information on the Devil Bhudakahn tribute show, please send an e-mail to [email protected] or visit the official MySpace page of this event at http://www.myspace.com/devilbmemorial

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