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AJ Lee Title

In a surprise return, A.J. Lee showed up on Monday Night RAW and challenged Paige, the current Divas champion, to a title match. Paige accepted the challenge but ended up losing the belt when A.J. rolled her up for the win.  The crowd was excited to see A.J. Lee once again the WWE Divas champion!

Below is a recap of the segment:

Back from the break and out comes WWE Divas Champion Paige to the ring. A.J. takes the mic and fans chant for CM Punk. A.J. says Paige is right. She says it’s not easy for her to say but Paige is right. She did what no woman could do in a year, proved A.J. wrong. A.J. goes on but Paige doesn’t buy it. She asks how stupid A.J. thinks she is. Paige says she will not make the same mistake A.J. did. Another CM Punk chant breaks out and it flusters Paige. She says she doesn’t think anyone wants to see her defend tonight and they start a “yes!” chant. A.J. Lee asks the crowd again and they cheer. We’ve got a match.

WWE Divas title match: A.J. Lee vs. WWE Divas champion Paige

The bell rings and A.J. attacks. Paige fights her off and nails a kick. Paige with headbutts now. A.J. fights back out of the corner but Paige nails a clothesline. Paige with a 2 count. A.J. ends up getting the win with a roll up and the crowd goes nuts.

Winner and New WWE Divas champion: A.J. Lee