Dixie Carter faces her biggest critics


Go down the list…Vince McMahon, Verne Gagne, Jim Crockett, Eddie Graham, Sam Muchnick, sure you can think of some more.  The one common thread, other than their profession, is they’ve never submitted to an open forum, shoot-style interview.  None of them have ever, during a time of some legitimate debate, agreed to face the public and speak openly about their business and their company.
Dixie Carter did.

Today marks the official street date of the long awaited DVD “YouShoot LIVE!: Dixie Carter,” a joint venture of Kayfabe Commentaries and Legends of the Ring.  The “YouShoot” brand, launched by Kayfabe Commentaries several years ago, turns the shoot interview over to the public, where the subject of the interview is subject to the frankness (and yes, silliness at times) of the pro wrestling fans.  The wrestling world gasped when KC and LOTR announced they’s be conducting a live YouShoot, potentially dangerous waters for some, and that Dixie Carter agreed to be the first guest.
The debate shifted to why Dixie would agree to such a thing.  Was she crazy?  Would she be protected?  Will this really happen?  Sean Oliver of Kayfabe Commentaries says Dixie would have been crazy NOT to do it.
“TNA, at such a crossroads, constantly in the media, now had the opportunity to further distinguish themselves from every other company,” Oliver began.  “KC and Legends of the Ring swung for the fences and proposed what some said was the unthinkable…a shoot interview for one of the majors’ owners.  And a “YouShoot” in a live forum, no less.  What we expressed to TNA was that you can’t half-ass it.  The fans can smell a rat.  And Dixie was all for it.”
Dixie Carter and some of her TNA staff flew to New Jersey for the legendary event which took place on May 14 of this year.  She faced the public who attended the event live, some members of the wrestling media, as well as those who emailed questions and videos.  And also Jim Cornette, who weighed in with his undying quest for an explanation of a certain TNA booker’s continued emplyment.
Oliver says Dixie Carter is not what many will expect.  “I know some thought Sarah Palin was going to walk in there and bumble her way through the tough stuff.  But Dixie Carter is big business, well educated, and tough.  With hella balls.  I told the fans to bring it on, you ain’t gonna hurt her.  And she was ready.”
Dixie answered them all.  The goofy, the offensive, and the probing.  And now the DVD has been released for the rest of the wrestling world to see just what everyone seems to be asking — exactly what is on Dixie Carter’s mind.
“YouShoot LIVE!: Dixie Carter” went on sale today at www.kayfabecommentaries.com.

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