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Source : BAQ, L’Album Universel July 19 1902, volume 19 no 12  page 287

Professeur Brown, AKA apparently Brown Shag.  He was credited for being an expert in Greco-Roman wrestling in Quebec at the turn of the 20th century. 

He was also a presentator at various wrestling events known then as «Parc Sohmer» of Montreal.  This attraction Park was located on 1146 Notre-Dame-Est corner of Panet in Hochelaga Montreal.

It is said of that individual, formely of Quebec (I assumed City) but now living in Montreal.

I have searched the Archives in Quebec and some for Montreal, and I did not find anything else regarding this wrestler, other than that picture.  Where in the world does he come from ????

Most likely African and given the fact that he must be aged 40 to 45 years old on that picture, that puts his birth in a 1857-1862 time frame.

Does anyone have an idea as to who this black wrestler might be ?

Thank you in advance for your time and help.

Kind regards,

Esther Sheedy ([email protected])
Quebec City, Canada