Dory Funk Jr. talks Steriods in Wrestling

Funking Conservatory Press Release – Dory Funk Jr. Talks Steroids in Wrestling on NBC Affiliate WESH-2 TV
Dory Funk Jr. appeared on the evening WESH 2 news NBC Affiliate out of Orlando in an interview with Wendy Chioji that was broadcast nationally. Coach Funk talked about professional wrestling and what it takes to make it in the wrestling business without using illegal performance enhancing drugs.

Congressman Cliff Stearns will be visiting the Funking Conservatory Wrestling School in Ocala, Florida at 10:00AM Friday Morning. Congressman Stearns is concerned that millions of children and young adults see professional wrestlers as role models.
According to Coach Funk, at the Funking Conservatory we are going show Congressman Stearns that professional wrestling is fun, and requires an extensive amount of skill and training.
Coach Funk’s interview originating from WESH 2 TV in Orlando can be seen at
Support the Troops 19, “Hard Labor” comes to the Funking Conservatory Sunday September 2nd.

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