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Stu Hart Documentary Released For Public Domain Download
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The independent documentary “Surviving The Dungeon: The Legacy Of Stu Hart” is now available for free download from www.TheWrestlingDungeon.com.
The film is furnished with footage from the original Stampede Wrestling and features over 90 minutes of original interviews and training footage with Stu Hart, his wife Helen, children Ross, Bruce and Georgia Hart, as well as grandson Harry “David Hart” Smith.

There are also extras, including a discussion on wrestling psychology, an overview of training history narrated by Ross Hart, and a practice match from The Dungeon itself between current WWE Tag Team Champions Harry Smith and T.J. “Tyson Kidd” Wilson from back when both were just teenagers.
All the profits from the original release were donated to St. Vincent De Paul charity on Stu’s behalf, and everyone who contributed to the film, including photographer Bob Leonard and Bill Cubitt, did so without charge.

Blake Norton
Director, “Surviving The Dungeon”