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Dr. Keith Report – September 14, 2007
Dr. Keith Lipinski of www.drkeithshow.com
A complete listing of upcoming big shows…and whacky hijinx…

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Tonight:  ROH
Tomorrow:  ROH PPV Taping, CZW
Sunday:  WWE PPV, IWA-MS
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Steve Miller on Pro Wrestling love, Vince McMahon wanting him for a show, his friend Maxx Payne, Ivory:
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A new treatment for chronic back pain
By Angela Weatherford
People suffering from extreme lower back pain have a new option for treatment when they visit Santelli Chiropractic Clinic in Athens.
The DRX9000 is a new machine that utilizes spinal decompression to help cure herniated discs and other lower back ailments.
“This treatment gives patients another option,” said Dr. Dana J. Santelli.
In the past Dr. Santelli would have to refer patients to other doctors where they could receive spinal injections. If the injections were not successful the patient would then have to go to a spine doctor where they would have back surgery.
“With the DRX9000 patients have an advanced, non-surgical treatment option for lower back pain associated with herniated and degenerative discs,” said Dr. Santelli.
Spinal decompression is a treatment that slowly and gently stretches the spine, taking pressure off of compressed discs and vertebrae. When the pressure is released fluids and water can come into the disc and begin regenerating.
Santelli Chiropractic Clinic has had 30-35 patients treated with the DRX9000, and have had a 90% success rate. Among the patients is former pro-wrestler John Layfield who retired from wrestling due to a herniated disc.
“The studies say that there will be an 85-95% success rate,” said Santelli, “so we are doing well.”
The machine is state of the art and readjusts itself every 17 seconds based on the patients reactions to the stretching. To help a patient relax they can also watch a dvd or listen to music while strapped into the machine.
Santelli Chiropractic Clinic is the only place in Henderson County that utilizes spinal decompression.
“In the past we could only temporarily help a herniated disc,” Santelli said, “but now we can cure it.”
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‘He’s got the look’
By DAVID MURPHY, Times Staff Writer
Published September 14, 2007
Taylor Rotunda has nice hair.
We’re talking really nice hair.
Hair so nice, you expect him to emerge from the locker room yelling, “Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!”
But don’t thank the shampoo.
“I just use whatever is in the shower,” Rotunda says.
See, Rotunda’s a linebacker, and linebackers don’t care about beauty products. But they do care about wins, and right now, the Hernando senior would trade his locks for one.
Entering the game against Gulf tonight, Hernando has lost two straight to start the season, including a 35-6 loss to Hudson last week.
And with defensive spark plug Nick Pauliot sidelined with a torn meniscus, all eyes are on Rotunda: the son of a professional wrestler, the kid they call “Mad Max.”
– – –
You might remember Mike Rotunda. Shawn Bingham, Hernando defensive coordinator and self-avowed wrestling fan, sure does.
“I used to watch him all the time,” Bingham says.
Back in the 1990s, Rotunda was World Wrestling Federation star Irwin R. Schyster.
Earlier in his career, Rotunda, who played college football and wrestled at Syracuse, often teamed with Barry Windham to form the U.S. Express, a tag-team duo that won the WWF World Tag Team Championships twice.
Just so happens, Windham had a sister named Stephanie. She worked for an airline. One day, she flew to Florida to visit her brother.
Six months later, she and Mike Rotunda were married.
They had three children. The oldest, Windham, starred in football and wrestling at Hernando and is now a junior at Troy. The youngest, Mika, is an eighth-grade volleyball player.
The middle one, meanwhile, is charged with helping turn Hernando’s season around.
“It’s not going to be like it was last week,” Taylor Rotunda says.
When Mike Rotunda watches his son on the football field, he still sees the kid who lived his childhood like a rabid squirrel. Once, at a wrestling event, Taylor walked up to pro wrestler the Undertaker and kicked him in the shins.
“Every time you turned around, you had to check where Taylor was,” Mike says, “because he’d be on the roof or climbing something.”
The energy translates on the field.
Last year, Hernando’s defense was one of the bright spots on a squad that finished 2-8. In a season-opening 21-19 loss to Central, it held the Bears under 150 yards of total offense. At 6-1, 230 pounds, Taylor Rotunda is in the center of it all.
“He’s a prototypical Mike linebacker,” Bingham says.
Taylor wants to play in college. He says he’s received some interest but is concentrating primarily on his grades.
A wrestling career is a possibility: Mike has no objections, and Taylor says that once football and college are over, it’s something he’ll seriously consider.
Rodney Byrd won’t be surprised.
“He’s got the look,” the Hernando coach says.
And the hair.
David Murphy can be reached at [email protected] or 352 848-1407.
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Researcher in the ring with head injures
By Jeff Gilbride/Daily News staff
In a building off Third Avenue, a Harvard-educated former pro wrestler is helping researchers explore how traumatic head injuries affect the brains of athletes.
Chris Nowinski, 28, of Boston, heads the Sports Legacy Institute, a collective of researchers working to determine longterm mental effects of injuries like concussions.
Nowinski also works as a pharmaceutical consultant for Trinity Partners, located in the City Point Building. He said his office has since been transformed into the institute’s headquarters.
He began working for the firm in 1999 as an intern while attending Harvard, where he played football. His career path changed in 2002, when he became a professional wrestler for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).
From multiple concussions he suffered wrestling, Nowinski began to study the effects head injuries had on the mental well-being of athletes.
“I got so messed up from my multiple concussions … then I decided to get that information out to athletes,” he said. “I did that by writing a book that came out last October called “Head Games: The Football Concussions Crisis.”
Nowinski said over the years, co-workers at Trinity Partners realized the importance of his work and have helped support his endeavors.
“They’ve always thought the work I was doing with head injuries was worth taking away from the work I did for Trinity,” he said. “They’ve always allowed me to keep a flexible schedule to allow me to finish my book and allow me to travel. They know that this work is unique and incredibly important and had shown great results.”
Nowinski said a typical day for him involves reading multiple e-mails from parents and ex-athletes seeking information because they have similar symptoms to the ones he’s researching.
“We point them in the right direction for resources,” he said. “We are constantly working and looking for new cases to examine and it’s a very interesting process.”
That process, Nowinski said, involves medically analyzing the brains of athletes, many of whom have died from bizarre circumstances.
“The institute at this point is essentially a collaboration of top researchers of concussions,” he said. “The goal is of getting a better understanding of head injuries and bringing that info so people can use it.”
A doctor who originally treated Nowinski for his sports-related injuries, Dr. Robert Cantu, would later become one of his partners at the institute along with Dr. Bennet Omalu, a leading forensic neuropathologist.
Nowinski recently made headlines for his research of former wrestler Chris Benoit, who authorities say killed his wife and 7-year-old son and then committed suicide on June 25.
“(Benoit) was the fifth positive case in the Sports Legacy Project. What’s been happening for decades is athletes have been dying from bizarre circumstances from strange late onset symptoms,” he said. “They will be normal people, great people until the last couple years of their lives. That’s why there is this attitude that when athletes leave the game, they miss the game and they snap.”
Nowinski said that in each of the five cases studied, some of which involved the death of former NFL players, each athlete developed an abnormal protein in the brain.
“They basically had been killing brain cells and destroying connections between neurons. That was causing these symptoms and causing these behaviors,” Nowinski said. “(We’re) working to get a better understanding of this unique type of dementia that has not really been studied before. … We’re trying to understand this disease to prevent further cases.”
Nowinski said he knew Benoit from his former wrestling career.
“I used to wrestle with Chris and I knew he had a very strong concussion history because he told me about it. As soon as I found out his 7-year-old son was dead, I though he might have played a role,” he said.
With suicide as a consistent problem in previous cases, Nowinski said he contacted Benoit’s family in attempts to study his brain with other members of the institute.
“It was much more difficult than pulling his name out of a phone book,” he said. “I had to find a way to reach out to the family in such a way that it would make them agree to perform this research.”
The research involved Nowinski performing a medical analysis of Benoit’s brain, in which he claims Benoit had suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a form of brain damage.
“I had about 48 hours to do it. By a miracle I was able to pull it off and got to perform immunohistochemical analysis of (Benoit’s brain),” he said. “There was more brain damage in his brain than any of the NFL players we’ve examined.”
Since then, Nowinski has started a fundraising campaign for the Benoit family to further research on brain injuries.
For more information, visit www.sportslegacy.org
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SUNDAY~!  WWE Unforgiven – Sunday September 16, 2007 – FedEx Forum, Memphis, Tenn.
1.       WWE Championship Match:  John Cena vs. Randy Orton
2.       The Undertaker vs. Mark Henry
3.       No Disqualification for Carlito Only:  Triple H vs. Carlito
4.       World Heavyweight Championship – Triple Threat Match:  The Great Khali vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Batista
5.       ECW Championship Match:  CM Punk vs. Elijah Burke
6.       WWE Women’s Championship Match:  Candice Michelle vs. Beth Phoenix
7.       World Tag Team Championship Match:  Paul London & Brian Kendrick vs. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch
8.       WWE Tag Team Championship Match:  Montel Vontavious Porter (MVP) & Matt Hardy vs. Deuce & Domino
UFC Fight Night – Wednesday September 19, 2007 – The Pearl, Las Vegas, NV
1.       Kenny Florian vs. Din Thomas
2.       Chris Leben vs. Terry Martin
3.       Junior Assuncao vs. Nate Diaz
4.       Pete Sell vs. Nate Quarry
5.       Edilberto Crocota vs. Luke Cummo (Dark)
6.       Leonard Garcia vs. Cole Miller (Dark)
7.       Joe Veres vs. Gray Maynard (Dark)
8.       Kuniyoshi Hironaka vs. Thiago Alves (Dark)
9.       Dustin Hazelett vs. Jonathan Goulet (Dark)
UFC 76: Knockout – Saturday, September 22, 2007 – Honda Center, Anaheim, CA
1.       Chuck Liddell vs. Keith Jardine
2.       Thiago Tavares vs. Tyson Griffin
3.       Mauricio Rua vs. Forrest Griffin
4.       Kazuhiro Nakamura vs. Lyoto Machida
5.       Jon Fitch vs. Diego Sanchez
6.       Diego Saraiva vs. Jeremy Stephens (Dark)
7.       Scott Junk vs. Christian Wellisch (Dark)
8.       Michihiro Omigawa vs. Matt Wiman (Dark)
WWE No Mercy – Sunday October 7, 2007 – Allstate Arena, Rosemont, IL
TNA Bound For Glory – Sunday October 14, 2007 – The Arena at Gwinnett Center, Atlanta, GA
1.       TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match:  Kurt Angle vs. Sting
2.       TNA X Division Championship Match:  Black Machismo Jay Lethal vs. Christopher Daniels
3.       TNA World Tag Team Title Match:  Team Pacman (Ron Killings & Adam Pacman Jones) vs. AJ Styles & Tomko
4.       Ultimate X Match:  The Latin American Xchange (Homicide y Hernandez) vs. Triple X (Elix Skipper & Senshi)
5.       Must Be A Winner:  Samoa Joe vs. Christian Cage (Special Enforcer:  Matt Morgan)
6.       Tables Match:  The Steiner Brothers (Rick & Scott Steiner) vs. Team 3D (Brother Ray & Devon)
7.       TNA Women’s Championship – Knockouts Gauntlet Match: Ten participants include Christy Hemme, Gail Kim, Ms. Brooks, Jackie Moore, Roxxy Laveaux
8.       Fight for the right (reverse battle royal)  Match – winner gets a shot at the TNA World Heavyweight Championship:
9.       (rumored)  Abyss vs. Judas Mesias
UFC 77:  Hostile Territory – Saturday October 20, 2007 – US Bank Arena, Cincinnati, OH
1.       UFC Middleweight Championship Bout:  Rich Franklin Vs. Anderson Silva
2.       Tim Sylvia Vs. Brandon Vera
3.       Eric Schafer vs. Stephan Bonnar
4.       Jorge Gurgel vs. Alvin Robinson
5.       Yushin Okami vs. Jason MacDonald
6.       Josh Burkman vs. Forrest Petz
*** *** ***
ROH (Ring Of Honor – www.rohwrestling.com)
September 13th: ROH is ready for “Motor City Madness 2007” TOMORROW NIGHT (Friday) at the Michigan State Fairgrounds “Michigan Mart” on 1120 W. State Fair Ave. in Detroit, MI with a zip code of 48203. Belltime is 8pm and there will be tickets available at the door. This will be ROH’s last show of the year in Detroit. It will be a tough night for ROH World Champion Takeshi Morishima. He will not even know who he will defend the belt against when he steps into Detroit for his first match in the Motor City. There will be a Four Corner Survival in the first half of the show pitting Roderick Strong vs. Delirious vs. Kevin Steen vs. Erick Stevens and the winner will get a World Title shot in the second half of the show. Morishima is sure to have a tough night in Detroit!!! Don’t miss the Detroit debuts of Morishima and Naomichi Marufuji. Get your tickets at the door.
September 13th: ROH will tape PPV #3 this Saturday at the Frontier Fieldhouse on 9807 Sayre Ave. in Chicago Ridge, IL with a zip code of 60415. Please note that belltime is now 8pm. There will be tickets available at the door. Bryan Danielson saw his doctor again this morning and is ready for his match against Takeshi Morishima in Chicago. This one will be epic. Morishima cost Danielson his eyesight. Now Danielson is coming for revenge. It doesn’t get any bigger than this!!! Please note that the entire first half of the show will be ROH’s 3rd PPV and it will be filmed live to tape. The second half will feature matches for the live audience including Matt Sydal‘s final ROH match as he takes on Delirious for the last time. Experience a ROH PPV taping live!!!
September 13th: Check the main page of ROHwrestling.com for two new articles. One article takes an in depth look at the issue between Bryan Danielson and Takeshi Morishima. The other article discusses the first ever Ladder War in Chicago pitting The Briscoes vs. Kevin Steen & El Generico. If you are thinking about going to the Chicago show or already attending this event make sure to read these articles.
September 13th: The buy 3, get 1 free sale on all ROH DVDs will be in effect at the live shows in Detroit and Chicago. This huge sale is also available now at www.ROHwrestling.com so you can save big on all the hottest ROH releases. Just released is the entire two night “Race To The Top Tournament” with 16 competitors including Jack Evans, Matt Sydal, Claudio Castagnoli, El Generico, Kevin Steen, Brent Albright, Matt Cross, Erick Stevens, Chris Hero and others. If you are a fan of tournaments FIP has just released the “Battle Of The Belts” eight man tourney to determine the first Florida Heritage Champion with Roderick Strong, Shingo, Jay Briscoe, Mark Briscoe, Erick Stevens, Larry Sweeney, Delirious and Jimmy Rave. Also out now is Guest Booker with ROH’s own Gabe Sapolsky. Check out these releases this weekend at ROHwrestling.com or at the live events.
September 13th: We are about one week away from the debut of “Driven” on pay-per-view on TVN and DISH Network. See the Bryan Danielson vs. Nigel McGuinness match that everyone is raving about!!! You can see two free previews of this PPV now at ROHvideos.com.
September 13th: Tickets go on sale this Monday for the 10/19 event in Las Vegas. You must be 21 or over to attend this show. In huge news, ROH officials have decided that “Survival Of The Fittest 2007” will take place in LV!!! We’ll have much more news including a talent list on Monday right here in the ROHwrestling.com Newswire.
Huge World Title Rematch Set For Chicago
Wednesday, September 12, 2007
August 25th, 2007 will be remembered throughout ROH history. It was the night that ROH World Champion Takeshi Morishima and challenger Bryan Danielson brutalized each other. In the end, Morishima’s hand was raised. He had suffered a badly bruised hamstring and knee. Danielson’s eye was rolled up into his head.
As documented in the latest ROH Video Wire at ROHvideos.com, Danielson needed emergency laser eye surgery the Monday following the match to re-attatch his retina and strengthen the muscles around the eye. Danielson’s vision is now blurred in his left eye. There is graphic footage in the ROH Video Wire backstage of Danielson after the Morishima match.
“I usually don’t get too angry or upset,” Danielson says. “It takes a lot to rattle me. Morishima, you’ve gotten to me. I cannot see out of my eye. You have taken my vision. Now I am going to take something of yours. I am going to take something you cherish. I will end your ROH World Title reign in Chicago and show you why I am the best in the world.”
Danielson is entering Chicago in a different mindset. Danielson, well versed in several different styles of pugilism, is now out for revenge. The best revenge for Danielson is winning the ROH World Title and becoming the first ever two time ROH World Champion.
ROH officials have been in constant communication with Danielson’s doctor and Danielson over his health. ROH officials are confident that Danielson is not rushing back too soon. Of course, there is a greater chance of re-aggravating the injury. Danielson has his vision at stake. Morishima is faced with an angry Danielson. This is going to be a dangerous battle for both competitors.
“I demanded to be put in this match,” Danielson said. “To anyone that questions me, don’t you think I’m a man of common sense? Don’t you think I know my limits? Don’t you think I’m a professional and know how to protect myself in a fight? I’m the only one that knows how I feel. I have never felt more hyped up for a match in my life. I’m ready to cause some damage this Saturday.”
This epic grudge World Title match will be taped for ROH’s third PPV. The entire first half of the Chicago event will be a taping for ROH’s PPV. The second half will feature matches for the live crowd and DVD audience, including Matt Sydal’s final ROH match as he wrestles career long rival Delirious for the last time.
Tickets will be available at the door and belltime is 8pm.
Ladder War In Chicago
Tuesday, September 11, 2007
Many ROH diehard followers will argue that the feud of the year has pit ROH World Tag Team Champions Jay & Mark Briscoe against Kevin Steen & El Generico. It has grown in intensity as The Briscoes win battle after battle, but Steen & Generico take war after war. Now these two duos will collide for one final time in a match that ROH has never presented before.
This Saturday in Chicago will see the ROH World Tag Team Title belts hung from the top of the Frontier Fieldhouse in Chicago Ridge. The team that is able to climb a ladder and secure the belts will be the ROH World Tag Team Champions. It will be a Ladder War in Chicago between The Briscoes and Steen & Generico.
“Them ROH officials must have done lost their mind,” Jay Briscoe said. “We are going to get crazy. Me and my brother have waited for years to do a ladder match. This is what we’ve always wanted. Steen and Generico you all have pissed us off. You have left us laying in the middle of the ring. You have stolen our belts. Now me and Mark are going to lose our minds and get our revenge in Chicago.”
“I got some crazy ideas,” Mark said. “I remember everything you have done to Steen and Generico. You aren’t dumping me on my head again. You aren’t attacking me and Jay with those ladders. Chicago is going to be about The Briscoes showing the world why we are the wildest tag team in the world. We are ready to MAN UP like we never have before.”
ROH officials thought long and hard about signing such a potentially insane bout. All four of these combatants have proven to be fearless. The Briscoes want revenge for numerous attacks orchestrated by Steen. The challengers want the belts. This is an explosive combination. When Steen & Generico walked out with The Briscoes’ belts on 8/25 in Manhattan, ROH officials decided to let these two teams just settle things rather than stretch on this career changing rivalry. The only way to settle it was to hang the belts from the ceiling and let them fight it out.
“I’ve personally knocked out both those idiots with a ladder a number of times,” Steen said. “I think I might have knocked some more teeth out of Mark’s mouth. You see, Generico and I aren’t scared of a Ladder War. In fact, I get off on it. I get off on the violence. I get off on the smack of steel on flesh. I get off on seeing The Briscoes fall from high places. Most of all, I will get off more than ever when I climb that ladder and grab those belts and look down and see The Briscoe bloody and beaten sprawled helpless on the mat. Then we will see who will MAN UP!”
TONIGHT~!  Friday September 14, 2007
Michigan State Fairgrounds & Expo Center (1120 W. State Fair Ave, Detroit, MI)
Motor City Madness 2007
1.       ROH World Title Match:  Takeshi Morishima vs. winner of Four Corner Survival
2.       Four Corner Survival- Winners Get World Title Shot That Night:  Roderick Strong vs. Delirious vs. Erick Stevens vs. Kevin Steen
3.       ROH World Tag Team Title Match:  Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. Austin Aries & Matt Cross
4.       Naomichi Marufuji vs. El Generico
5.       Rocky Romero vs. Jack Evans
6.       Jimmy Jacobs vs. Chris Hero
7.       Brent Albright & BJ Whitmer vs. Nigel McGuinness & Claudio Castagnoli
Already signed: Bryan Danielson (non-wrestling); Davey Richards; Daizee Haze; The YRR (Young, Rich & Ready For Action – Chasyn Rance & Kenny King); Mitch Franklin
SATURDAY~!  Saturday September 15, 2007
Frontier Park Field House (9807 S. Sayre Avenue Chicago Ridge, IL)
PPV Taping #3
1.       ROH World Title Match (if Morishima is stil champion):    Takeshi Morishima vs. Bryan Danielson
2.       ROH World Tag Team Title Ladder Match (if the Briscoe’s are still champions after 9/14):  Jay & Mark Briscoe (if still champions) vs. Kevin Steen & El Generico
3.       Their Final Meeting:  Matt Sydal vs. Delirious
4.       Daizee Haze & Amazing Kong vs. Sara Del Rey & Lacey
5.       No Remorse Corps vs. The Resilience singles match #1 (match determined the night of the show between members of the No Remorse Corps (Roderick Strong, Davey Richards, Rocky Romero) vs. The Resilience (Austin Aries, Matt Cross, Erick Stevens)
6.       No Remorse Corps vs. The Resilience singles challenge series match #2
7.       No Remorse Corps vs. The Resilience singles challenge series match #3
Already signed:  Nigel McGuinness; Naomichi Marufuji; Claudio Castagnoli; Chris Hero; Brent Albright; BJ Whitmer; Jimmy Jacobs; The YRR (Young, Rich & Ready For Action – Chasyn Rance & Kenny King); Irish Airborne; Jack Evans
Friday October 5, 2007
Roxbury Community College – Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Ctr (1350 Tremont St Roxbury Crossing, MA 02120)
1.       ROH World Title Match:  ROH World Champion vs. Kevin Steen
2.       The Vulture Squad (Jack Evans, Ruckus, & TBA) vs. No Remorse Corps (Roderick Strong, Davey Richards, & Rocky Romero)
3.       BJ Whitmer vs. Delirious
4.       Claudio Castagnoli vs. El Generico
Already signed:  Mike Quackenbush
Saturday October 6, 2007
Inman Sports Club (990 Inman Avenue Edison; NJ)
PPV Taping #4
Already signed:  Mike Quackenbush
Friday October 19, 2007
Sams Town Hotel & Casino (5111 Boulder Ave, Las Vegas, NV)
Survival Of The Fittest 2007
Already signed:  Bryan Danielson; Nigel McGuinness; Jay & Mark Briscoe; Roderick Strong; Davey Richards; Rocky Romero
Sunday October 21, 2007
Cow Palace (2600 Geneva Avenue, Daly City, CA 94014)
Already signed:  Jay & Mark Briscoe; Bryan Danielson; Nigel McGuinness; Roderick Strong; Davey Richards; Rocky Romero
Friday November 2, 2007
Pennsylvania National Guard Armory (2700 Southampton Rd, Philadelphia, PA)
Glory By Honor VI – Night 1
1.       Mitsuharu Misawa & KENTA vs. Takeshi Morishima & Naomichi Marufuji
Already signed:  Jay & Mark Briscoe; Bryan Danielson (he will appear if he is still injured); Nigel McGuinness; Roderick Strong; Rocky Romero;  Davey Richards; Austin Aries; Chris Hero; Claudio Castagnoli; BJ Whitmer; Jimmy Jacobs; Jack Evans; Ruckus; Mike Quackenbush
Saturday November 3, 2007
Manhattan Center Grand Ballroom (311 West 34th St. New York, NY)
Glory By Honor VI – Night 2
Already signed:  Mitsuharu Misawa; Takeshi Morishima; Jay & Mark Briscoe; Naomichi Marufuji; KENTA; Bryan Danielson (he will appear if he is still injured); Nigel McGuinness; Roderick Strong; Rocky Romero;  Davey Richards; Austin Aries; Chris Hero; Claudio Castagnoli; BJ Whitmer; Jimmy Jacobs; Jack Evans; Ruckus;
Friday November 30, 2007
Montgomery County Fairgrounds (1043 S. Main St, Dayton, OH)
Friday, December 28th, 2007
Connecticut Expo Center (265 Reverend Moody Overpass, Hartford, CT)
Friday February 22, 2008
Deer Park Community Center  (41 Homer Avenue Deer Park, NY)
*** *** ***
PWG (Pro Wrestling Guerrilla – http://www.prowrestlingguerrilla.com)
Sunday October 14, 2007
Burbank Armory (3800 W. Valhalla Dr., Burbank, CA, 91505)
Friday October 26, 2007
Studio Jenny (1 Avenue Jenny, 92000 Nanterre Paris, France)
Co-Promotional Show with Queens of Chaos Wrestling
1.       PWG World Championship Match:  Bryan Danielson vs. Nigel McGuinness
2.       PAC vs. Jack Evans
3.       Austin Aries vs. Joey Ryan
Already signed: Super Dragon, El Generico, Kevin Steen
Saturday October 27, 2007
The Mountbatten Centre (Alexandra Park, Twyford Avenue, Portsmouth, UK PO2 9QA)
Co-Promotional Show with International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom
1.       PWG World Championship Match (if Danielson is still champion):  Bryan Danielson vs. Martin Stone
2.       PAC vs. Kevin Steen
3.       Nigel McGuinness vs. Austin Aries
Already signed: Joey Ryan, Jack Evans, Super Dragon, , Spud, El Generico, The Kartel (Terry Frazier & Sha Samuels), Bryan Danielson
Sunday October 28, 2007
Musik Palette (Kettwiger Str. 20 45127, Essen, Germany)
Co-Promotional Show with Westside Xtreme Wrestling
1.       (Unsure if this is a title match or not) Bryan Danielson vs. El Generico
2.       Four Way Match:  Kevin Steen vs. Jack Evans vs. PAC vs. Super Dragon
3.       Austin Aries vs. Emil Sitoci
Already signed: Joey Ryan, Nigel McGuinness, Tommy End, Bad Bones, Ares
*** *** ***
FIP (Full Impact Pro – http://www.fullimpactpro.com)
Friday, September 28, 2007
National Guard Armory (16386 Springhill Dr., Brooksville, FL)
1.       FIP Tag Team Title Match:  Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. The YRR (two of the following:  Sal Rinauro, Kenny King, Chasyn Rance & Jason Blade)
2.       FIP World Heavyweight Title:  Roderick Strong vs. TBA
3.       FIP Florida Heritage Title:  Erick Stevens vs. TBA
Already signed:  Delirious; The Necro Butcher; Black Market; The Heartbreak Express; “Sweet & Sour” Larry Sweeney; Steve Madison; Lacey; Rain; Jigsaw; “Kool” Seth Delay; Hallowicked; Gran Akuma; Irish Airborne; Scott Commodity
Saturday, Septemer 29, 2007
National Guard Armory (8551 W. Venable St., Crystal River, FL 34429)
Cage of Pain II
1.       Cage of Pain II – Wargames:  Black Market & The Heartbreak Express vs. The YRR of Sal Rinauro, Kenny King, Chasyn Rance & Jason Blade
Already signed:  Roderick Strong; Jay & Mark Briscoe; Erick Stevens; Delirious; The Necro Butcher; “Sweet & Sour” Larry Sweeney; Steve Madison; ; Lacey; Rain; Jigsaw; “Kool” Seth Delay; Hallowicked; Gran Akuma; Irish Airborne; Scott Commodity
Upcoming FIP shows
November 9 – Crystal River, FL
November 10 – Arcadia, FL
December 14 – Melbourne, FL
December 15 – Crystal River, FL
January 18 – Crystal River, FL
January 19 – Arcadia, FL
February 15 – TBA
February 16 – Crystal River, FL
March 21 – Melbourne, FL
March 22 – Crystal River, FL
April 18 – TBA
April 19 – Crystal River, FL
May 30 – Crystal River, FL
May 31 – Arcadia, FL
*** *** ***
CZW (Combat Zone Wrestling – www.czwrestling.com)
TOMORROW~!  Saturday, September 15, 2007
Bulldozer’s Saloon (Smyrna, DE)
TOD Fast Forward (tournament for CZW Ultraviolent Underground Championship)
1.       CZW World Heavyweight Championship Match:  Ruckus vs. Homicide
2.       CZW Ultraviolent Underground Championship – First Round Match:  Brain Damage vs. Hellaware Assassin
3.       CZW Ultraviolent Underground Championship – First Round Match:  Drake Younger vs. J.C. Bailey
4.       CZW Ultraviolent Underground Championship – First Round Match:  Danny Havoc vs. Diehard Dustin Lee
5.       CZW Ultraviolent Underground Championship – First Round Match:  Scotty Vortekz vs. TBA
6.       CZW Ultraviolent Underground Championship – Second Round Match: 
7.       CZW Ultraviolent Underground Championship – Second Round Match: 
8.       CZW Ultraviolent Underground Championship – Finals: 
9.       Three-Way Dance:  Drew Gulak vs. Sabian vs. Niles Young
10.    DJ Hyde vs. Steve “Monsta” Mack
11.    CJ O’Doyle vs. Jon Dahmer
Upcoming CZW Shows
October 13, 2007
November 10, 2007
December 8, 2007
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JAPW (Jersey All Pro Wrestling – www.japw.net)
Saturday October 27, 2007
Rahway Rec Center (275 East Milton Avenue Rahway, NJ)
10th Anniversary Show
Saturday December 8th, 2007
Rahway Rec Center (275 East Milton Avenue Rahway, NJ)
Seasons Beatings
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IWA-MS (IWA Mid South – www.iwamidsouthwrestling.com)
SUNDAY~! Sunday September 16th, 2007
Alley Cats Bowling Lanes (929 S. Indiana Avenue Sellersburg, IN)
1.       Tables, Ladders, Chairs & Scaffold 2:  J.C. Bailey vs. Devon Moore
2.       No Rope Barbed Wire 200 Light Tubes:  Ian Rotten & Mickie Knuckles vs. Six Feet Under (Insane Lane & Freak Show)
3.       IWA Mid-South World Heavyweight Championship Match:  Chuck Taylor vs. B.J. Whitmer
4.       IWA Death Match Title – Fans Bring Weapons:  Tank vs. Deranged vs. Necro Butcher
5.       Old School IWA Legends 3 Way Dance:  HyZaya vs. Tarek the Great vs. Suicide Kid
6.       Roderick Strong vs. “Spyder” Nate Webb
7.       Tracy Smothers vs. Mad Man Pondo
8.       Cash Flo vs. Ricochet
9.       “Rough Tough” Jimmy Clough vs. Mike Roach
Friday September 28, 2007
Don Preston Rec Center (14500 Kostner Avenue Midlothian, IL)
Ted Petty Invitational 2007 – Night One
1.       2007 Ted Petty Innovational – First Round Match:  BJ Whitmer vs. Davey Richards
2.       2007 Ted Petty Innovational – First Round Match:  “Lightning” Mike Quackenbush vs. Billy Roc
3.       2007 Ted Petty Innovational – First Round Match:  TBA vs. TBA
4.       2007 Ted Petty Innovational – First Round Match:  TBA vs. TBA
5.       2007 Ted Petty Innovational – First Round Match:  TBA vs. TBA
6.       2007 Ted Petty Innovational – First Round Match:  TBA vs. TBA
7.       2007 Ted Petty Innovational – First Round Match:  TBA vs. TBA
8.       2007 Ted Petty Innovational – First Round Match:  TBA vs. TBA
9.       2007 Ted Petty Innovational – First Round Match:  TBA vs. TBA
10.    2007 Ted Petty Innovational – First Round Match:  TBA vs. TBA
11.    2007 Ted Petty Innovational – First Round Match:  TBA vs. TBA
12.    2007 Ted Petty Innovational – First Round Match:  TBA vs. TBA
Cancelled: Samoa Joe vs. Low Ki (unless Ian Rotten comes up with the money)
24 Participants: 
1.       Chris Hero
2.       “Lightning” Mike Quackenbush
3.       Claudio Castagnoli
4.       Matt Sydal
5.       Davey Richards
6.       Human Tornado
7.       Drake Younger
8.       Billy Roc
9.       Eddie Kingston
10.    B.J. Whitmer
11.    Nigel McGuiness
12.    Joey Ryan
13.    Chuck Taylor
14.    Too Cold Scorpio
15.    Jimmy Rave
16.    B-Boy
17.    Josh Abercrombie
18.    Joker
19.    Devon Moore
20.    Tony Kozina
21.    Brent Albright
22.    TBA (reserved for Samoa Joe)
23.    TBA (reserved for Low Ki)
24.    El Generico
Saturday September 29, 2007
Don Preston Rec Center (14500 Kostner Avenue Midlothian, IL)
Ted Petty Invitational 2007 – Night Two
1.       2007 Ted Petty Innovational – Second Round Match:  TBA vs. TBA
2.       2007 Ted Petty Innovational – Second Round Match:  TBA vs. TBA
3.       2007 Ted Petty Innovational – Second Round Match:  TBA vs. TBA
4.       2007 Ted Petty Innovational – Second Round Match:  TBA vs. TBA
5.       2007 Ted Petty Innovational – Second Round Match:  TBA vs. TBA
6.       2007 Ted Petty Innovational – Second Round Match:  TBA vs. TBA
7.       2007 Ted Petty Innovational – Semi-Final Match:  TBA vs. TBA
8.       2007 Ted Petty Innovational – Semi-Final Match:  TBA vs. TBA
9.       2007 Ted Petty Innovational – Semi-Final Match:  TBA vs. TBA
10.    2007 Ted Petty Innovational – Finals:  TBA vs. TBA Vs. TBA
Friday October 26, 2007
Capital Sports Center (1915 Gladden Road Plainfield, IN)
2007 Double Death Tag Team Death Match Tourney
Saturday October 27, 2007
Capital Sports Center (1915 Gladden Road Plainfield, IN)
2007 Queen of the Death Matches
Saturday December 8, 2007
Capital Sports Center (1915 Gladden Road Plainfield, IN)
Ian Rotten Retirement Match
1.       Ian Rotten vs. Mickie Knuckles
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CHIKARA (Chikara Pro Wrestling – www.chikarapro.com)
Saturday September 22, 2007
New Alhambra Sports & Entertainment Center (7 Ritner Street Philadelphia, PA)
Cibernetico & Robin
1.       TORNEO CIBERNETICO~!:  Lince Dorado’s Technico Squad (Lince Dorado, Las Chivas Rayadas (Chiva #1 & Chiva #2) , El Hijo del Ice Cream, Ice Cream Jr, Equinox, Incognito, Magno) vs. Mitch Ryder Rudo Squad (Mitch Ryder, Shayne Hawke, Chris Hero, Icarus, Gran Akuma, Larry Sweeney, Claudio Castagnoli, Chuck Taylor) – The Rules of the Cibernetico:  Each team will announce a “batting order.” Once the order is established, it will dictate the order in which the participants can tag. The first person in the order can only tag the second. The second person can only tag the third, and so on.  Eliminations can occur via pinfall, submission, disqualification or knockout. Cibernetico rules also allow for an elimination to occur if the next person in the batting order fails to tag or refuses a tag.  Only one person can win the Cibernetico. If all the members of one team are eliminated, the members of the surviving team must wrestle each other until just one remains.
2.       The Colony (Fire Ant & Soldier Ant & Worker Ant) vs. BLK OUT (Eddie Kingston & Joker & Sabian)
3.       Moscow, the Communist Bovine vs. Moohammed
4.       Jigsaw & Shane Storm vs. Osirian Portal
5.       Mike Quackenbush vs. Tim Donst
6.       Super Xtremo vs. Kris Chambers
Friday, October 26, 2007
Riverside Beneficial Assoc. Building (1742 Pear St. Reading, PA)
1.       Tim Donst vs. Eddie Kingston
Saturday, October 27, 2007
The Ryan Township Fire Hall (945 Barnesville Drive Barnesville, PA)
New Star Navigation
Friday November 16, 2007
Riverside Beneficial Assoc. Building (1742 Pear St. Reading, PA)
Battle of Who Could Care Less
Saturday November 17, 2007
American Legion Hall (397 Main Street Hellerton, PA
The Sordid Perils of Everyday Existence
Sunday November 18, 2007
New Alhambra Sports & Entertainment Center (7 Ritner Street Philadelphia, PA)
Chapter 11
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