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Kayfabe Commentaries, producers of shoot-style programming including the “YouShoot” and “Guest Booker” series, have launched their KC On Demand service today.  The service is hosted by World Wrestling Network (http://www.wwnlive.com/) and allows for viewers to watch Kayfabe Commentaries’ releases, both new and older, instantly online.  The service launched today with the release of “Breaking Kayfabe with Jerome ‘New Jack’ Young”, which is available both on DVD today for $15, as well as online via KC On Demand for $10.  Also available on the new service today are KC recent releases like “Timeline: The History of WWE – 1995 – Told by Kevin Nash” and a couple of legacy titles including “YouShoot: Perry Saturn.”

Subscribers can sign up for their free WWN account and purchase the KC On Demand titles, which remain in the viewer’s online queue forever, allowing for unlimited and untimed viewing.  KC president Sean Oliver says this is a key selling point of the service.  “In the past we’ve flirted with online rentals, which had time limits, and the service never seemed to fit exactly what our fans were craving,” Oliver began.  “But now our fans can order the brand new Kayfabe Commentaries release, the day it comes out on DVD, and it will remain in your online library for as long as you keep your free WWN account.”

KC On Demand launched with seven titles today — two episodes of “Breaking Kayfabe” with Jerome Young and Sean Waltman, the aforementioned “Timeline WWE” with Kevin Nash, as well as the Fit Finlay edition, “YouShoot: Perry Saturn,” “Guest Booker with Gabe Sapolsky,” and “Wrestling’s Most Controversial Moment.”  KC will be adding each of their new releases going forward, as well as adding the older legacy titles.

“Eventually, the entire KC library will be available On Demand, as we’ve committed to add a minimum of 32 releases annually to the service,” Oliver continued.  He said this firmly places KC on track with their “web 2.0” goals.

They will continue producing DVDs as well.  Oliver said there is still a massive demand for hard DVD sales in this niche, based on their research.  “We understand the desires of both the online KC junkie that demands their access immediately, as well as the collector who prefers their DVD shelf be complete and actually have hard, tangible ownership of their programming.  And we will be servicing each of those fans.”

World Wrestling Network Inc has been a successful venture into online pro wrestling programming, first featuring Evolve and Dragon Gate iPPV and On Demand events.  Sal Hamaoui of WWN was pleased to have sealed the deal with Kayfabe Commentaries and their programs.  “WWN Live is excited to be working with such an innovative and passionate company like Kayfabe Commentaries,” Hamaoui said. “They have revolutionized shoot-style interviews and taken it to a whole new level of professionalism not seen anywhere else. They truly are the leader in this field and we very much look forward to bringing all their cutting edge releases to Video-On-Demand.”