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Drake Younger classSantino Bros Wrestling Academy will host a guest in ring training seminar with Drake Younger Saturday April 26th, 2014.  Drake Younger is the KING of Positive Mental Attitude and has taken the West Coast Wrestling scene by storm in such a short time.  Incredible match is a understatement to describe what Drake does inbetween the ropes.  The Passion that Drake brings not only to the ring but to the locker room is life changing. I consider him a motivational speaker and his #PMA is contagious and will leave you ready to conquer the wrestling world.

Drake has wrestled all over the world and will up your Wrestling game with his knowledge. With talent this IN DEMAND it was only a matter of time we would see him signed by WWE.  Take this opportunity to expand your knowledge in the sport as Drake will work with you honing your skills and give you tips on what you need in order to strive and thrive as a Independent Professional Wrestler. Don’t miss it! Sign up now.

Saturday April 26th, 2014
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Santino Bros Wrestling Academy
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