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HeadLocker — Jay Shannon
ECW (10/13) Examination
Our resident philosopher takes a look at the Tuesday Night Delight, ECW.

The Ruthless Roundtable returned to wreak havoc on ECW. The main event featured the ECW champ, Christian and Yoshi Tatsu v William Regal and Zack Ryder.

Ezekiel Jackson, along with Vladimir Kozlov, walked to the ring. Jackson was set to battle Goldust in the opening contest.

Ezekiel Jackson d Goldust

The Finish:

Goldust attacked the inner thigh and knee of Jackson and moved Jackson to the corner. Goldust climbed the ropes to attack but Jackson shoved him off. Goldust nailed a Big Boot, the Goldustin Uppercut and a Flying Clothesline to take Jackson off his feet. Jackson reversed an Irish Whip but Goldust converted the move into a Flying Bulldog. Goldust planted Jackson with the Flatliner and went to the ropes. Kozlov distracted the ref and Jackson is ed the time to kick Goldust “low”. Goldust tumbled into the ring. Jackson finished off Goldust with his Mon-Star (Uranage Chokeslam) finisher.

Grade: A-

Jay’s Thoughts: Kozlov and Jackson should be on the next PPV, facing the tag champs. Instead, they are just spinning their wheels on the “Red-headed Stepchild” of the WWE.

After the match, Kozlov joined his partner in the ring. Kozlov looked over at Goldust and hit his own Uranage, instead of the Iron Curtain. The two Tormentors left the ring. ECW then looked at William Regal v Yoshi Tatsu, last week. Tatsu took the win but Regal’s foot was on the bottom rope. Later in the night, Regal sent his charges after Christian. When Zack Ryder confronted William Regal, he was attacked by Regal, Kozlov and Jackson.

William Regal waited in the back. Zack Ryder told Regal that he (Regal) was threatened by Ryder. Ruder said Regal wasn’t so tough without his “goons” around. Regal called him a “blithering idiot”. Regal said Tiffany was forcing this tag match. Regal said that Ryder needed to follow his lead…or else. The Ruthless Roundtable left and Ryder shot daggers at the Trio of Destruction.

Sheamus came to the ring. Sheamus talked about his match, last week, with Shelton Benjamin. Sheamus was disqualified in the match. Sheamus sent it to a video recap of the brutal match. Sheamus wanted to share a little story with the fans. He talked about the decade that Shelton has been in the WWE. He mentioned that Shelton didn’t have what it takes to reach the top. Sheamus said he would use Shelton as a “stepping stone” to the top. Sheamus said he would knock everyone out of his way to reach the top.

The great intro for The Hurricane heralded the arrival of the Emerald Warrior. Paul Burchill came out with his sister, Katie Lea Burchill. “The Ripper” was in a rather foul mood as he looked at his opponent.

Paul Burchill d The Hurricane

The Finish:

Paul went out to get Hurricane, who was clutching his neck. Paul rammed Hurricane into the apron, before rolling him into the ring. Paul drove his knee into Hurricane’s shoulder. Paul applied a Step-over Arm Bar to try and force the submission. Hurricane fought to his feet but Paul hit an Armbreaker on Hurricane. Paul slammed the injured left arm of Hurricane into the mat and went back to an Arm Bar. Hurricane got to his feet and Arm Dragged Paul. Hurricane Booted Paul and punched with his good leg. Hurricane took down Paul with the Thesz Press. Paul reversed an Irish Whip but ate a Back Elbow. Hurricane then nailed a picture perfect Hurancanrana to slip Paul onto his back. Paul kicked out of the pin. Paul took Hurricane down with a Flying Arm Bar. Paul sat Hurricane on the top rope and tried for a Superplex. Hurricane blocked the move and punched the ribs. Hurricane hit a Gourd Buster off the ropes and then Crossbodied Paul for a two. Hurricane tried to set for his finisher but Paul powered out and sent Hurricane, shoulder-first, into the corner. Paul grabbed Hurricane’s arm and went to the ropes. Hurricane punched his way loose and tried for a top-rope Hurancanrana. Paul held the top rope to block the move and Hurricane hit like a sack of mud. Paul jumped off the turnbuckles, kicked Hurricane in the ribs and took him out with a Dangerous Buster.

Grade: B+

Jay’s Thoughts: This is quickly becoming a rather boring feud. Neither are moving forward by being in this one. I hope that ECW ends this mess quickly and moves forward.

ECW looked at the s-mnituation between Randy Orton and John Cena. Randy regained the WWE title at Hell in a Cell. Orton and Cena agreed it was time to bring their feud to a close. The two will square off at Bragging Rights. If Cena loses the Iron Man< match,he has to leave Raw, for good. If Orton loses, he doesn’t get anymore shots at the title. The match will be contested under No-DQ, No Count-out rules.

Josh Mathews and Matt Striker then ran down the current Bragging Rights card.

Yoshi was warming up in the back when Christian walked up to him. Yoshi ignored Christian, at first. When Christian finally got Yoshi’s attention, the young Japanese star admitted that he was nervous. When Christian asked him why, Yoshi rambled in Japanese. Christian tried to joke about it, but Yoshi didn’t understand. Christian told Yoshi that he was a rising star and deserved to be the number one contender. They got into a comical “Thank You” volley.

William Regal made his way to the ring without his henchmen. Regal was joined by his tag partner of the night, Zack Ryder. Regal wasn’t impressed by “Mr. Woo Woo Woo”. Zack looked icily at his teammate. While Zack and “Bill” chatted, Yoshi came out. He was in Japanese red and white, this week. Finally, Christian joined the party.

Yoshi Tatsu and Christian d William Regal and Zack Ryder

The Finish:

Regal dragged Yoshi to the corner and tagged Zack back into the match. Zack punched and kicked Yoshi in the head and locked in a Rear Chin Lock. Yoshi Elbowed his way to his feet. Zack Bum Rushed Yoshi to the corner, where Regal tagged back in. Regal and Yoshi exchanged European Uppercuts until Regal kicked Yoshi. Regal went for a Neck Vise and tagged out. Zack slammed Yoshi into the corner. Zack Face Washed Yoshi with the flat of the boot. Zack took a boot and a Roaring Elbow. Yoshi inched to the corner to make the tag. Christian punished Zack with punches and a Leg lariat. Christian hit the Slop Drop and the Flashpoint. Christian with the Springboard Sunset Flip for a two. Christian went for the KillSwitch but Zack reversed it into the Rough Rider Leg Drop. Christian barely kicked out in time. Christian surprised Zack with a Tornado DDT. Regal made the save. Yoshi went after Regal, who had retreated to the floor. Regal threw Yoshi into the steps. In the ring, Christian nailed a Missile Dropkick on Zack. Regal distracted Christian on his second climbing of the ropes. That allowed Zack to throw Christian to the canvas. Regal made the tag and argued with Zack. Zack hit an Inverted Hot Shot on Regal, which let Christian detonate the KillSwitch on Regal to take the win. Zack grinned at Regal as he backed up the ramp.

Grade: A-

Jay’s Thoughts: This was a really good match but it just seemed to be missing something. I look forward to Yoshi getting a shot at the title. Regal needs to go back to being a GM. Zack and Yoshi really could carry the torch into the next generation. They need to get off ECW to do it.

Final Grade: A-

Final Thoughts: I’m not happy that ECW isn’t represented, yet, at Bragging Rights. ECW is being shoved, more and more, into the corner. ECW needs a boost. Get rid of Tiffany. She’s just not cutting it. Keep Abraham Washington off the stick. Put Tommy Dreamer in charge of the brand. Those are my suggestions. It may sound like I’m cranky, but I’m actually in a fantastic mood. Getting married will do that to you.


— Jay Shannon
[email protected]