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HeadLocker — Jay Shannon
ECW (10/20) Extreme Exam
Our resident philosopher looks at an action packed edition of ECW

ECW continued to promote Sunday’s Bragging Rights PPV, even though they really don’t have a part in the show.

Abraham Washington said that he was hosting the show this week. Tony Atlas served to hype Washington’s ego. Chris Jericho interrupted the segment to look for Tiffany. Washington told Jericho that he would like him on his show. Jericho’s response was “I bet you would.” Jericho then walked off as the credits rolled.

Lauren Mayhew introduced the first match. Yoshi Tatsu arrived to battle for a future ECW title shot. His opponent was Zack Ryder.

Yoshi Tatsu d Zack Ryder
Number One Contender Match

The Finish:

Zack had a Seated Abdominal Stretch locked in as ECW continued. Yoshi twisted around to get free. Yoshi rolled onto his back and kicked up at Zack. Yoshi threw Knife Edge Chops and a Back Body Drop. Yoshi grabbed Zack’s legs and Catapulted him into the corner. Yoshi drove both of his knees into Zack’s back and then went for a unique rolling pin, only to get a two count. Yoshi Dropkicked Zack and then School Boy’d him. Again, Zack was able to kick out. Zack punched away at Yoshi and went for the Irish Whip. Yoshi reversed it and caught Zack’s leg when he went to Punt him. Yoshi hit a Spin Kick and then charged at Zack. Zack flipped Yoshi over the ropes and onto the apron. Yoshi caught Zack with a sharp kick to the side of the face. Zack dropped to the canvas and Yoshi nailed a Springboard (Twisting) Crossbody to finish off Zack and earn a future title shot against Christian.

Grade: A-

Jay’s Thoughts: This was an awesome opening match. Both of these men have the potential to move to the next level, soon. Both men have great skills and just need a chance to shine.

In the back, Tiffany was talking with Rosa Mendes. Rosa was thrilled to be on ECW. Tiffany was happy to have Rosa on ECW. Chris Jericho came in and told Tiffany that he was there to see if anyone was worthy of being on his team. Tiffany told Jericho that he couldn’t come in and “cherry pick” talent off ECW. Tiffany told Jericho he was welcome to sit and watch ECW, only watch. His other choice was to leace. Jericho snorted and walked off.

William Regal chatted with his men, Ezekiel Jackson and Vladimir Kozlov. Jericho walked up to chat with the trio. Regal told Jericho that Tiffany only thinks she calls the shots. Jericho tried to discuss substituting Jackson and Kozlov for Cryme Tyme. Tiffany walked up and read them all the riot act. Tiffany demanded that Jericho leave her show. Jericho went off on Tiffany and she got fed up. She put Jericho into a match against Christian. Jericho wasn’t thrilled about the idea.

Sheamus came out for the next match. His victim was J.T. Quinn.

Sheamus v J.T.Quinn (No Contest)

Sheamus ran Quinn into the corner and hit several Kneelifts. He took Quinn to the center of the ring and hit a Kneelift and a Bicycle Kick. Sheamus pulled up Quinn, refusing to take the pin. Sheamus delivered his Uranage Backbreaker but refused to take the pin. Shelton Benjamin rushed to the ring and went to town on Sheamus. They went to the floor, where Shelton Speared Sheamus. They got back in the ring and Shelton hit a Release German that was a joy to watch.

Grade: B

Jay’s Thoughts: This feud could be one of the hottest in a long time.

ECW then looked at the John Cena v Randy Orton war. The rivalry has been building for over 2 years. On Sunday, their war is set to come to a final end. If Cena loses, he has to leave Raw. If Orton loses, he doesn’t get another title shot.

ECW ran down the updated Bragging Rights card and then noticed that Christian was getting dressed for his non-tilte match against Chris Jericho.

Paul and Katie Lea Burchill stroleld to the ring. ECW showed Paul’s destruction of The Hurricane. Paul nailed a Dangerous Buster over the Emerald Knight. Paul had the stick. He talked about the fraud that Gregory Helms has been trying to pull on the fans. Paul dissed the American Heroes versus British ones. Paul said he has eliminated The Hurricane. Paul demanded that Helmms come out, unmask and admit that Paul was superior.

The Hurricane’s cool entrance ran. Hurricane walked slowly to the ring, head bowed. The person playing Hurricane was wearing a full face mask. Hurricane took off the mask to reveal someone else under the mask. The music played again The real Hurricane got in the ring and used a kendo stick or Hurri-cane to blith-whap Burchill. Paul and katie Lea rushed away from the ring. Hurricane had a slightly new costume, this week.

Chris Jericho came out to a huge boo from the crowd. Jericho and Christian haven’t battled, one on one, (to the best of my research) since around the time of Wrestlemania XX. Matt Striker really pushed Jericho’s accomplishments. The boos were deafening. The boos turned quickly to enthusiastic cheers as the ECW Champ, Christian, arrived for war.

Christian d Chris Jericho
Non-title match

The Finish:

They got back in the ring and Christian blasted Jericho in the face. Jericho knocked Christian into the ropes and stood on Christian’s back. Jericho hit a Belly to Back Suplex, only to get a two count. The two men kicked and punched at each other. Jericho Snap Mared Christian and locked in Sleeper . Christian got to his feet to weaken the hold. Christian hit a Pass Through Rollup for a two. Jericho climbed on Crhistian’s chest and punched away. jericho missed the Lionsault, because he took too long to taunt the crowd. Christian punched away and Steam Rolled Jericho. Christian hit the Morningstar and tried for the KillSwitch. Jericho shoved free. Christian used the Drop Toe Hold to send Jericho onto the middle rope. Christian stood on Jericho’s back and shoved him down into the middle rope. Christian then leapt over the ropes and Uppercutted Jericho. Christian went to fly off the ropes but Jericho caught the legs. As Jericho went for the Walls of Jericho, Christian shifted his weight and turned it into a Small Package. Jericho kicked out and then nailed an Enziguri on Christian. Jericho hit a Headbutt and tried for the Running Bulldog. Christian reversed it into the Slop Drop. Christian tried to finish off Jericho with the KillSwitch but Jericho countered the move and tried to lock in the Walls of Jericho. When he couldn’t get the move to go, Jericho Catapulted Christian into the corner. Christian hit a Back Kick and then went for his Springboard Sunset Flip. Jericho rolled through the move and started to apply the Walls of Jericho, again. Christian refused to submit to the painful move and began to crawl to the ropes. The crowd actually booed when the ref called for the break. Jericho missed a Running Boot and straddled the ropes. Christian then pulled the KillSwitch to dispatch Chris Jericho.

Grade: A

Jay’s Thoughts: This match had it all but it was just a half step off. It was a nice long battle that offered so many close calls. The main thing was that this match simply distracted from the title picture.

It was announced that Christian would face Yoshi Tatsu, next week, for the ECW title. Fade out.

Final Grade: A-

Final Thoughts: The show was basically a set-up for next week. That show will be amazing, I think. The action was good and the backstage stuff wasn’t too horrible. My one major complaint has nothing to do with this show, but why no one from ECW is going to Bragging Rights. ECW is being totally ignored by the WWE. That stinks.


— Jay Shannon
[email protected]