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HeadLocker — Jay Shannon
The ECW (10/27) Extreme Exam
Our resident philosopher takes a look at an exciting edition of the Tuesday Night Delight, ECW

Sheamus made his final appearance on ECW. The main event had Christian defend his ECW title against Yoshi Tatsu.

ECW debuted a new announce team, this week. Matt Striker has taken over for Jim Ross on Smackdown, at least for the time being. JR has had another severe attack of his Bell’s Palsy and is unable to work the announce table. I want to send out my very best wishes to the Hall of Famer for a speedy recovery.

Tony Atlas was introduced by Lauren, the new ring announcer. Tony then brought out (sigh) Abraham Washington and The Abraham Washington Show. Abraham had Tiffany as his special guest. The crowd was overly hostile of Abe. Abe finally accepted that there were “haters” in the crowd. Abe said he would shut his mouth, this week. Tony started laughing. Abe threatened to fire Tony. Abe then brought out Tiffany to new music and video package. Abe started flirting with Tiffany, as did Tony. Abe talked about the criticism that Tiffany has received by ECW being left out of Bragging Rights. She countered that several members of Team Raw and Team Smackdown got their first break on ECW, including John Morrison and Kofi Kingston. Abe asked about Sheamus leaving ECW. Tiffany said she didn’t want anyone in ECW that didn’t want to be there. She said Sheamus would have one final match against Shelton Benjamin before leaving.

As Abe started to talk about Tiffany’s banged up arm, William Regal and the Ruthless Roundtable came out. Regal pleaded for another title shot. Tiffany said her answer has not changed, it was still no. Regal said he was losing his temper with her. Tiffany said Regal might never get another title shot. She dismissed him and left the set. Regal snapped and completely trashed the Abraham Washington set. Regal screamed like a maniac as he tossed furniture around.

Segment Grade: D

Jay’s Thoughts: Why the heck did ECW just waste so much time with a segment that went absolutely nowhere? Poor Tyler Reks and Zack Ryder have to take the night off so this no-talent Arsentio wanna-be can rattle off his boring tripe. I thought ECW got rid of that albatross.

Josh Mathews introduced his new announcing partner, Byron Sexton. Byron has been working down in FCW, recently. Byron has a feel of a young Jonathan Coachman. They sent it to a video package about Yoshi Tatsu.

Sheamus arrived for his final ECW match. The crowd was less than pleasant towards the Celtic Warrior. ECW looked at Shelton Benjamin’s attack on Sheamus, last week. Savannah chatted with Shelton before he went to the ring. Shelton was offended about Sheamus’ comments that he was mediocre. Shelton thought, at first, that Sheamus might be right. After rethinking it, Shelton felt that Sheamus was nothing but a coward. Shelton was determined to give Sheamus a parting gift. Shelton then arrived for the battle.

Sheamus d Shelton Benjamin

The Finish:

Sheamus cinched in a variation of the Rear Chin Lock. Shelton rolled under to break the pressure. Sheamus pounded Shelton’s neck and went to the ropes. Shelton launched Sheamus with an Over-head Belly to Belly Suplex. The two men started exchanging brutal fists. Shelton got the better of it and went for an Irish Whip. Sheamus reversed the move but Shelton took advantage with a Springboarrd Crossbody. Shelton hit a pair of Clotheslines and sent Sheamus to the corner. Shelton hit a Stinger Splash on Sheamus. Shelton missed the 360 Enziguri but did catch Sheamus with a Bridging German Suplex. Sheamus was able to grab the bottom rope. Sheamus dropped Shelton over the top rope and then hit the Bicycle Kick to leave on a high note.

Grade: B+

Jay’s Thoughts: I’m glad to see Sheamus go to Raw but he might be making the jump just a little too early in his career. He really didn’t deal with the top level talent in ECW. He got bogged down with feuds against Goldust and Shelton Benjamin. Shelton should get a chance to move up the ladder, slightly, now that Sheamus is gone. I just hope that don’t go with a rip-off of the A.J. Styles “feeling sorry for myself, I think I should quit” storyline. That was annoying in TNA and it would be just as bad in ECW.

Rosa was still happy to be in ECW. She talked with Gregory Helms about all her shopping and such. Gregory said he was just trying to say hello. Paul and Katie Lea Burchill walked up to Helms. Paul said that he had plans to end the feud with The Hurricane, next week. Paul wanted Helms to be sure that Hurricane would be there. Helms said that there was no doubt that Hurricane would be there.

Byron and Josh sent it to a video package of the 7-on-7 tag match. It felt like rubbing salt in the wound. Big Show turned on his partners to hand the win to Team Smackdown. Savannah then talked with Christian. She mentioned that Christian has really talked positively about Yoshi Tatsu. Christian said that Yoshi earned his way to this title shot. Unlike Regal, Yoshi actually won some matches. Christian said tonight was a lesson in losing that he had to teach Yoshi.

Christian arrived for his title defense. The crowd was hot for “Captain Charisma”. Christian showed respect to those who came before by actually wearing the championship belt, instead of just slinging it over his shoulder. Christian soaked in the adoration of his “peeps” as his music rang out. Yoshi Tatsu then came out in gold and red.

Christian d Yoshi Tatsu
ECW Championship Match

The Finish:

Christian crawled to the corner. Yoshi hit the Flying Double Knees into Christian’s chest. Yoshi then went for his Rolling Bulldog. Christian dodged the Buzzsaw Kick and then took down Yoshi with the Slop Drop. Yoshi still kicked out at two. Yoshi kicked out at Christian and then whipped Christian to the corner. Christian hit the Back Kick and went for another Springboard Sunset Flip. Yoshi rolled through and nailed Christian with a brutal Mafia Kick to the chest. Christian was still able to kick free. Yoshi was getting frustrated. Yoshi missed his finisher kick and Christian tried, again, for the KillSwitch. Yoshi shoved out of the move and Christian ended up in the corner. He slid through the ropes to deliver the Pendulum Kick. Christian with the Morningstar (Flying European Uppercut). Christian got the crowd clapping along with him as he stalked Yoshi. On his third try, Christian finally hit the KillSwitch to retain his title.

Grade: A

Jay’s Thoughts: What a great main event! Yoshi is growing into quite a good wrestler. He will hold either the Intercontinental or US title within 18 months, count on it. I was hoping that Yoshi would take the title, but it wasn’t meant to be. Both men should be proud of their performances

After the match, Christian checked on Yoshi and showed respect to his foe. Suddenly, Ezekiel Jackson and Vladimir Kozlov hit the ring and attacked Christian. They hit the Double Uranage on the ECW champ. Regal then picked up the ECW title and stared at it. He got down into Christian’s face and talked trash to the knocked out champ. Regal held the belt aloft as ECW faded to black.

Final Grade: B

Final Thoughts: Despite a lousy start, ECW turned out to be a pretty good show. I was glad to see that Regal and his goons waited until after the match to attack. I would have given the show a failing grade if they had pulled a typical “Dusty Finish”. It looks like Regal is going to face Christian at Survivor Series, if WWE doesn’t screw over ECW again. It will likely open the show. I’m thinking that Edge, who is already in FCW, will be back on the main roster by Royal Rumble and joining forces with his “brother”, Christian, to face JeriShow.


— Jay Shannon
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