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HeadLocker — Jay Shannon
The ECW Extreme (6/2) Examination
Our resident philosopher looks at an action-packed edition of the Tuesday Night Delight…ECW

Christian faced off against a member of the Hart Dynasty, Tyson Kidd. Mark Henry got his rematch against Evan Bourne. Plus, Tommy Dreamer made what may have been his final ECW TV appearance. Time to get Extreme!

The crowd cranked up the volume, big time, as Evan Bourne made his entrance. This week’s show was live from Memphis, TN. Tony Atlas ushered his charge, Mark Henry, to the ring for this battle. Mark scowled all the way to the ring.

Evan Bourne d Mark Henry (by Disqualification)

The Finish:

Evan began to kick away at Mark, including hitting a Low Dropkick. Evan went for a pin but Mark threw him off like an old overcoat. Evan went to the ropes and flew…into Mark’s grasp.Mark launched Evan out of the ring with a Fallaway Slam. As Evan tried to climb back onto the apron and then onto the top rope, Tony Atlas grabbed the leg. The ref saw Tony’s actions and called for the bell. Mark was DQ’d for outside interference.

Grade: C+

Mark charged at Evan but Bourne Low Bridged the ropes and Mark tumbled to the floor. Mark and Tony had a screaming match on the floor. Mark said the he didn’t need Tony. Tony looked like he was ready to cry.

Jay’s Thoughts: I never thought I would give an Evan Bourne match this low a score. This match was absurd on so many levels. Mark came across looking like King Kong trying to Waltz. Evan was beaten down on every turn. The ending was lousy. I almost, repeat almost, feel sorry for Tony Atlas. He finally gets involved in a match and ends up lambasted by Henry. Tony is my least favorite person in wrestling (some of us haven’t forgotten Brody, Tony) but even he didn’t deserve that.

Matt and Josh looked back at last week’s main event. Swagger hit the Gut Wrench Powerbomb to take the title. After the match, Tommy was taken out by the Hart Attack.

Zack Ryder came out to his 80s-style pop theme. His opponent was Dustin Carwile.

<bZack Ryder d Dustin Carwile

The Finish:

The two locked up and Zack hit a Kneelift. Zack came off the ropes with a Shoulder Tackle. Zack attacked Dustin in the corner with various Fore-arm shots. Zack got caught with a Sunset Flip but kicked out, easily. Zack stomped away at the ribs of Dustin. He locked in a Rear Chin Lock. Dusting tried to fight out but Zack threw him into the corner. Zack hit a Missile Dropkick and then nailed the WooWooWhoosh to finish off Dustin.

Grade: B

Jay’s Thoughts: Poor Zack. He came into WWE as one half of a talented, clean-cut “brother” team. Then he gets turned into an Edge flunkie. Even that was better than the poser punk that he’s having to portray now. The character is annoying as all get out. I do give him credit for having a decent wrestling arsenal. He’ll never reach the top level with this dumb gimmick. He will end up joining Eugene, The Model, Rico and Billy and Chuck as yet another good wrestler albatrossed with a horrid character.

Gregory Helms talked to Finlay. Finlay had a nasty black eye. Finlay said that he had a message for Jack Swagger..a tooth for a tooth and an eye for an eye.

The Hardcore Legend, Tommy Dreamer, came out for the next match. He would face Paul Burchill, in the next segment.

Tommy Dreamer d Paul Burchill

The Finish:

The crowd brought Tommy back from the brink. Tommy hit the Side Russian Leg Sweep and then threw hard punches. Tommy hit the Bulldog out of the Irish Whip. Tommy tried for the School Boy but couldn’t get it. Tommy hit the Inverted DDT but Paul reached the ropes. Paul hit a Brainbuster on Tommy but couldn’t get the pin. Paul missed a charge in the corner. That allowed Tommy to nail the D(reamer)DT to take the win.

Grade: A-

Jay’s Thoughts: This might be Tommy’s last match in the WWE/ECW. If it is, he went out with pizzazz. Paul is a solid mid-carder that gave him a run for his money. I still expect Tommy to take the strap on Sunday, only to drop it to Vladimir Kozlov in a brutal beatdown. That assault might even happen as early as next Tuesday. The only other thought is that Tommy might end up as ECW’s General Manager, replacing Tiffany. I just don’t think Tommy is gone from the WWE. Heck, maybe he could take over tha announce duties and send Striker to Friday Night Smackdown. If he does leave ECW, I have to wonder if he’ll join the ECW Alliance over on TNA?

Tommy was in the ring to talk to the crowd. He thanked the fans. He knew that this might be his last ECW TV appearance and just wanted to say…good-bye. Jack Swagger came out to disrupt Tommy. Jack made fun of Tommy for being the last ECW Original. Jack said that only Tommy cared about his own legacy and the ECW Original thing. Jack said Tommy would not be able to take the ECW title. Jack was sick of listening to Tommy talking about winning the ECW title. Jack said he was glad that he would not have to hear Tommy on “his” (Swagger’s) show. Tommy told Swagger that he hopes that, someday, Jack would understand. Tommy said that he wasn’t doing this for the glory. Tommy said he was determined to gain the ECW title on Sunday.

Matt and Josh talked about Tommy’s new confidence. They then talked about Extreme Rules. After that, The Hart Dynasty arrived for the main event. The Pink and Black Attack has been reborn, stronger than ever. Tyson Kidd was set to battle Christian…next.

The triad of Hart family members waited in the ring. The crowd went wild when Christian’s music rang out. Christian was wearing green and black for the battle.

Christian d Tyson Kidd
Non-Title match

The Finish:

Smith and Natalya screamed for Kidd to get up and fight. Kidd hit the Rope Flip Kick. Kidd tried for a Springboard Crossbody but Christian turned into a Powerslam. Christian caught Kidd with the Pendulum Kick and went up top. Jack Swagger came out to watch the match. The distraction allowed Kidd to Back Body Drop Christian off the top rope. Kidd then nailed a savage Guillotine Leg Drop from the top rope. Amazingly, Christian kicked out! Jack started to come into the ring but Tommy Dreamer rushed out and pushed Swagger off the steps, into Smith. Tommy then Cannonball Rolled onto both Swagger and Smith. Kidd then came over to kick Tommy in the head, through the ropes. Kidd tripped Christian and kicked him in the ribs. Kidd went to throw Christian into the steel ringpost but Christian reversed it and Kidd’s shoulder struck the post, instead. Christian sealed the deal when he detonated the Killswitch.

Grade: A

Jay’s Thoughts: That back injury that Christian was pushing will be the determining factor on Sunday. I expect Swagger to hit the Gut Wrench, only to have Tommy nail the D(reamer)DT on Swagger. Tommy will then take the win and the title. The Hart Dynasty is really on the wrong show. They need to move to Raw or Smackdown and square off against the Colons. This match was really outstanding. Both men really shined in this one. Christian needed to win this one to go into the PPV with confidence.

Tommy came in to congratulate Christian. The two stared each other down and talked tough. They shook hands but Tommy pulled Christian in and hit the D(reamer)DT. The crowd actually booed Tommy, until he struck the Raven Pose!

Final Grade: A-

Final Thoughts: The show was full of action and devoid of silly backstage skits. Kozlov got the night off. It would have been nice if Ryder would have gotten the same deal. Tommy did get to make a grand exit, if he’s leaving after Sunday. The main event was filled with hot action and lots of twists and turns. It was definitely ab above average show. The best thing about the show was that it didn’t turn into an hour-long commercial for Sunday’s PPV.


— Jay Shannon
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