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ECWAECWA is ringing in the new year with “New Year’s Resolutions III” on Saturday January 25, 2014 at the Greater Newark Boys & Girls Club in Newark, Delaware!

ECWA Heavyweight Champion Kekoa the Flyin’ Hawaiian has a new year’s resolution… to defend his title against ANY and ALL comers. Originally he was scheduled to face the Legion of Destruction’s Napalm Bomb… but with the date change a new challenger has emerged…. And it’s someone Kekoa AND the fans know very well.

The challenger is known other than former ECWA Mid Atlantic Champion Ricky ‘The Model’ Martinez!

Martinez of course is fresh off one of the most impressive and longest championship title reigns in the history of the ECWA. He was Mid Atlantic Champion for over a year! Over the year he gained much more confidence in himself and he became a deadly member of the ECWA roster. Along with his girlfriend Renee Michelle they could very well be the most powerful couple in independent wrestling! After losing the Mid Atlantic title, Ricky didn’t whine like he used too…. He set his sights on the most prestigious title on the indies today.

Kekoa has had one long road to this. First having a lengthy Tag Team title run with ECWA legend Aden Chambers… then having to be the one to retire Chambers in July 2013. And to top it off having a “screw job” of sorts when he faced then champion Papadon for the ECWA title. Finally, Kekoa reached the mountaintop! And he’s already been under fire with a target on his back…. Especially from the Legion of Destruction as he already successful in taking a beating from but ultimately beating the ‘Monster’ Ahtu in his first title defense. And he was originally scheduled to face LOD member Napalm Bomb before the date change! Kekoa’s just looking to survive and prove he is deserving of carrying the belt that everybody affectionately calls “Big Red”.

Tale of the tape: Kekoa and Ricky Martinez are longtime rivals that have battled numerous times over the years up and down the East Coast at various promotions. Now they’re bad blood feud that has never ended will erupt in the ECWA!

And now it’s settled: Kekoa the Flyin’ Hawaiian vs. Ricky ‘The Model’ Martinez for the ECWA Heavyweight Championship.

Can Kekoa show his fighting spirit and fight off one of his oldest rivals? Or will Ricky Martinez continue his climb up the ECWA ladder and show this new Ricky is the deadliest yet?

You’ll have to be there to find out for yourself! Get your tickets now by calling 609-220-5598 or go to ecwaprowrestling.com for more information!

ALL tickets bought for the January 4 date WILL BE HONORED for this show!