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Reckless Youth

ECWA is one of the longest running independent wrestling promotions in the country

In the almost 50 years of history, top notch professional wrestling has always been the companies calling card. The men and women who have sacrificed their bodies for the ECWA faithful many times have become house hold names whether it’s been in WWE, TNA, ROH, or even around the world! One of the main reasons for that is the long running Super 8 Tournament… which is coming up on it’s 20 year anniversary! The Super 8 is a one day, single elimination tournament for the much sought after Super 8 trophy. And with victory comes the spoils… all of our winners get national magazine exposure which has often led to bigger and better things! Our winners and participants list reads likes a who’s who of today’s wrestling stars. Names like Austin Aries, Christopher Daniels, Matt & Jeff Hardy, Low Ki, WWE’s Xavier Woods, and perhaps the biggest name to never win the tournament, former WWE champion Daniel Bryan! How’s that for a lasting legacy? The Super 8 has been copied and replicated dozens of times over the years since the 1997 inaugural show. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery and ECWA is proud of it’s history of innovation!

20 years… that’s a long time for anything to last. So ECWA management wanted to do something special to celebrate  this HUGE occasion that the fans would truly enjoy. What innovation come out of this brain storming? It’s been announced that on Saturday April, 23, 2016 it will be an ALL STAR EDITION of the tournament! The only men who will be selected to participate are past winners and participants. That means ANYTHING can happen! ANYONE from the past could be in this year’s tournament. Maybe a chance at redemption for those that fell just short!

Seven participants have been announced… 2015 champion Jason ’The Gift’ Kincaid, former ECWA champion and 2012 winner ’Greek God’ Papadon, 2014 Super 8 Finalist ’Southern Savior’ John Skyler, and TNA star- 2006 Super 8 champion ’The Lone Wolf’ Davey Richards, ECWA Heavyweight Champion ‘Hybrid’ Sean Carr, Former TNA X Division and Tag Team Champion Robbie E, and recently announced former TNA X Division Champion DJ Z.

As noted, all 8 of this year’s participants are former winners or participants. It’s going to be HISTORY IN THE MAKING!

However, ECWA didn’t want to stop there when it came to making history. Surely, the night’s tournament and non tournament action will surely make this one of the top independent shows to ever take place in the US… but management wanted to further pay homage to the history of ECWA and the Super 8 Tournament itself. So they went looking for not one… but TWO co-hosts of the tournament that are as etched in ECWA and Super 8 Tournament history as they are indy wrestling in general.

These hosts are considered two of the most elite top talents to ever step foot in any ring ANYWHERE. To say these two are ECWA legends is quite the understatement.

The first host was the FIRST EVER Super 8 Champion, he’s a former ECWA Grandslam Champion (meaning he’s won every ECWA title ever in existence). He wrestled the sport’s top men for nearly 20 years appearing all over the world and country even having numerous stints with the WWE. He appeared in the first THREE Super 8 Tournaments! Fans might remember his last match was at the 2011 Super 8 tournament against protégé and the since retired ECWA icon Aden Chambers. He’s one of the most respected men in independent wrestling history.

The first host is the icon himself…. ACE DARLING!

The second host has NOT appeared in any fashion in an ECWA ring or any ring since his retirement. He was one of the BEST WRESTLERS TO EVER lace up a pair of boots. His innovative high flying style changed indy wrestling forever as he took to the ring for companies like ECWA, CZW, Chikara, and was once signed to a WWE developmental deal. His style just wasn’t done in wrestling back he was stealing shows coast to coast. He’s a former ECWA Mid Atlantic Champion… and was once ranked as the number 50 wrestler in the world by PWI, a huge honor not given out often by PWI magazine back then. He was a participant in 3 Super 8 tournaments as well!

The second host is a legend… his name? RECKLESS YOUTH!

This is GROUND BREAKING NEWS that will shake independent wrestling to it’s core! The ALL STAR SUPER 8 TOURNAMENT is going to be the BIGGEST SHOW in independent wrestling history when it’s all said and done, and you can bank on it. Saturday April 23 is a date to mark on your calendar ASAP!

Come out and see these TWO LEGENDS OF THE RING at the ECWA All Star Super 8 Tournament!

This HUGE news plus we still have ONE more entrant to go! Is your mind boggled yet? We wouldn’t blame you if you’re completely blown away by this game changing announcement!

If past history is any indication ECWA management is cooking up something spectacular at this very moment to add to this crazy news! Stay tuned to all ECWA channels for news on ECWA shows and most importantly all news regarding the All Star Super 8 Tournament!

To keep updated:

ECWA Webpage: www.ecwaprowrestling.com

TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE NOW! As always please call (609) 220-5598 for information, reserved seating and all things ECWA!


East Coast Wrestling Association (ECWA)
Spring Battle V
Saturday March 19, 2016
Woodbury Heights Community Center
741 Helen Ave
Woodbury Heights, NJ 08097
Doors open 6pm
Showtime at 7pm


Tickets available in advance, via Pay Pal, and at the door:

-To buy now, go to http://ecwaprowrestling.com/ecwa/about/tickets

-For info and reserved seating please call (609) 220-5598 or email [email protected]

-Tickets are $20 for Adults and $10 for Kids 12 and under

For Directions:

Scheduled card (subject to change)

ECWA Heavyweight Championship
‘Hybrid’ Sean Carr ( C ) vs. ‘Heart Thriller’ Chris Wylde

WWE Legend & HOF’er TITO SANTANA vs. ‘Old School’ Eric Martin

ECWA Tag Team Championship
PCA (Damian Adams & Ricky Martinez) w/ AJ Pan and Miranda Vionette vs. Konqueror Kinnally & Howie Timberche

ECWA Mid Atlantic Championship
‘True Talent’ Bobby Shields (c ) vs. PCA’s Azrieal w/ AJ Pan and Miranda Vionette
*If Shields wins, he gets 5 minutes alone in the ring with AJ Pan

ECWA Women’s Championship
Deonna Purrazzo (c ) vs. Maria Manic

*Loser leaves ECWA for 60 days
Chuck Payne vs. Kyle Payne w/ Joel Blackhart

Breaker Morant vs. ‘The Ripper’ Zac Connor

Napalm Bomb vs. ‘New Standard’ Cory Kastle

ECWA webpage:

ECWA Twitter:

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