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On Saturday, February 2 at the Oak Forest Park District, Elite Pro Wrestling will present it’s second TV taping event entitled “Grand Finale” as we finally crown the first-ever Elite TV Champion.

The main event of the evening has already been determined, as we will see Team W.A.R. (Acid & Synn) defend the ElitePro Tag Team Titles against the former champions, The Iron Saints. Fuel has been added to this already raging fire, as the match will be a Dog Collar Match and if the Iron Saints lose, they will not be eligable for another title shot for one calendar year.

As the new championship rules dictate, the Iron Saints must defeat Team W.A.R twice in one match in order to regain the titles.

Making their CHIKARA debuts at King of Trios will be the collective talents of Acid Jaz, Marshe Rockett, Willie ‘Da Bomb’ Richardson and manager C-Red: Elite Pro Wrestling’s Soul Touchaz. Although relatively unknown on the East Coast scene, this quartet (sometimes a quintet when joined by Dymond) has been carving out their own niche of fame in the Midwest, particularly in and around Illinois. This time of year offers no greater stage on which to stake your claim at fame than our mighty King of Trios tournament, and you can bet that the ElitePro gang are coming East to make an impression.

Over the past 6-7 months, participants have been qualifying for the a chance to take part in a very prestigious match to crown a new champion in Elite Pro Wrestling.

Brandon Thomaselli was the first wrestler to qualify by winning the first $600 Six-Man Tag. The match, an original ElitePro creation, starts as a six-man tag team match. The teams are selected by ElitePro officials and the match goes to one fall. The loser of the fall is eliminated from the match, while the winner earns a break from the match and the match now becomes a four-way dance. No tags are necessary and the match goes to another fall. The winner of the fall advances in the match, while the remaining three are eliminated. The winner of the first and second falls then fight one-on-one to a single winner.

Jay Jensen was the second man to qualify, followed by Chase Richards, Mike Horning, Ash and Jeff King. Those six men will battle it out to determined who will be crowned the first-ever Elite TV Champion.
Last season, ElitePro officials introduced a concept called the “Fight For The Gold Rumble”, a battle royal where the winner would earn a title shot later in the night.

Chase “The Face” Richards won the first-ever FFTG Rumble and capitalized on the situation and became the second ElitePro Champion. Another member of the ElitePro roster will have that same opportunity.

Any member of the roster is eligable for the rumble, including wrestlers that are already announced in matches. Should they win the FFTG Rumble, they would wrestle twice in one night.

The champion, in this case Dysfunction, will also be entered into the rumble and should he win, he will have earned himself a night off and no title defense.

The wrestlers will surround the ring and participants will be draw out of a hat at random in 30 second intervals until everyone has been entered.

Talent already signed to participate in the rumble includes: ElitePro Champion Dysfunction, Mike Stevens, Kris Chambers, Brandon Thomaselli, Jay Jensen, Chase Richards, Michael Elgin, Corporal Robinson, Mike Horning, Ash, Troy Walters, Jake O’Neil, Mustafa Ali, Jason Hades and Jeff King. More names may be added before the event.

The feud between Team Taliban and Jason Hades has been raging for well over 7 months, and on Saturday, Feb. 2 the feud gets deeper as Hades will take on the newest member of Team Taliban, Mustafa Ali, who was hand-picked by “Prince” Arya Daivari, in a one-on-one grudge match.

Without question, Jason Hades is set to make 2008 his breakout year in ElitePro and independent wrestling. Since “Prince” Arya came to ElitePro some 8 months ago, it was Hades who took it upon himself to run him out of the company. While it’s not quite “mission accomplished”, Hades has still been competitive depsite being out-munbered. Hades has scored impressive victories in tag team competition with partners Ricochet and Brandon Thomaselli against Team Taliban. On February 2, he must go it alone against what appears to be the most athletically gifted member of this indy wrestling terrorist cell.

Mustafa Ali has been beyond impressive in his two matches thus far, including a decisive tag team victory at “Make Your Mark” when he and Jake O’Neil defeated the team of Brett Gakiya and CJ Esparza. He has shown to be smart, vicious and has clearly made an impression on his partner, Jake O’Neil, who has promised to be in Ali’s corner at “Grand Finale”.

Catch up on all the action by watching Elite TV, available each week on the website and Friday nights on Comcast Cable Ch. 19. Check your local listings to see if you get Elite TV