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Elite Professional Wrestling Results
ElitePro Presents: The ElitePro Showcase
Results From Sept. 29th, 2007

ElitePro Presents: The ElitePro Showcase
Midlothian, IL

1) Chase Richards won the $600 Six-Man Tag Match, defeating “Old Timer” Jeff King with the Burning Hammer. Richards qualifies for the Grand Finale in February. Other participants included Jeff Brooks, Mike Horning, Kid Hybrid and Adam Reynolds.

2) Mickie Knuckles defeated Kimberly Kash by DQ after Night Breed interfered. Kash Inc. intimidated the referee into counting a pinfall by Kash on Knuckles after the match had already been thrown out. Kash Inc. left with the IWA MidSouth Women’s Championship.

Ian Rotten came to ringside after Kash Inc. left the premisis and challenged Night Breed to sign the open contract to fight he and Corporal Robinson when ElitePro returns to Oak Forest on Saturday, Nov. 3.

3) Kash Inc. (Night Breed & J.D. Hughes) w/Kimberly Kash defeated The Soul Touchaz (Willie Richardson, Marshe Rockett and Aicd Jaz) w/C-Redd & Dymond when Night Breed hit Richardson with the Doomsday Device followed by a second-rope leg drop by Hughes.

4) Jason Hades & Ricochet defeated Arya Daivari & Jake O’Neill after Hades hit O’Neill with the Kilswitch followed by a top-rope 630 from Ricochet for the pinfall.

5) Team IWA MidSouth (Chuck Taylor, Drake Younger, Devon Moore & Billy Roc) defeated Team ElitePro (Dysfunction, Jay Jensen, Acid & Synn) when Jensen was surprised by a rollup from Younger. Jensen, Acid and Synn had communication issues throughout the match, which led to Dysfunction abandoning his team and eventually led to Jensen being surprised by Younger.

After the match, Ben Jordan called Ian Rotten out from the back and asked him for another shot against IWA-MS. Rotten agreed, and on Saturday, October 13 in Joliet, ElitePro comes to IWA MidSouth for a “Best of Seven Challenge”. There will be five singles matches, one women’s match and one tag team match on the show.

6) Sal Thomaselli defeated Vito Thomaselli & Brandon Thomaselli after he hit Vito with a top-rope Horse Collar Driver. Brandon was eliminated after being caught for a three-count by Vito as they traded pin attempts. Ian Rotten was the special guest referee.