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Sunset Flip Presents Ending Guest Hosts
By Jim Boy Star

Welcome to another edition of Sunset Flip Wrestling Show’s column here on Online World of Wrestling.

When I think of problems with today’s wrestling, there seems to be an endless list from both of the major companies. To me, the biggest problem is the guest host concept that WWE does each week to make them feel like they are Saturday Night Live. 

This column is not about which guest hosts have worked and which ones have not. This week’s column is about the effect the guest host concept has had on pro wrestling. It has gone on long enough to make an opinion.


Let me start off by saying that the guest host concept IS NOT a success. WWE will tell you it is, certain WWE fans will, but usually they have nothing to back it up. Of course the term “success” can be measured in many different ways. If the guest host concept was truly a success the WWE would be consistently getting their ratings about 4.5 each week.


Guest hosts vary between audiences. I don’t believe that ZZ Top have the same following (demograph wise) as Seth Green. So, with each new host, you would think a whole new audience in brought in. The problem, of course, is that WWE sucks and people tune into watch the guest host of interest and then say “oh wow, this show sucks” and then leave again.


Another problem with the concept is that it takes away long term storyline planning. WWE, since the host changes each week, has to do everything that night. Almost nothing is carried over to the next week and ultimately the wrestler usually looks worse by the end of the night.


Some examples of this problem are Shaq and Bob Barker. How awesome is it that old man Barker gets the best of Chris Jericho? Or non wrestler Shaq is able to take care of WWE’s giant the Big Show? Can someone answer me what is gained by doing things like this? The answer is nothing because ultimately you can get more exposure in the media but if you put out a crappy product no one stays for the long term and that is exactly what is happening.


Finally, the guest host concept makes WWE VERY VERY formula-tic. With exception to maybe a handful of guest hosts here is the formula: Within 15 minutes (usually the opening segment) they are introduced and make the main event of the night. Then there will be several backstage skits that will show the guest host with the Bella Twins. Also, at some point we will see a really bad comedy skit with Santino Marella. You can expect those three things almost every week. I swear, sometimes I feel like I’m watching Raw is Repeat.


Luckily, there are rumors there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Unfortunately, guest hosts are confirmed until February so that is the earliest we can get rid of this stupid idea.


This week on the Sunset Flip Wrestling Show it is all about the Monday night Wars this past Monday. You can listen to the latest show at sunsetflipwrestling.podomatic.com


Jim Boy Star

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