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It’s another edition of the ClubWWI.com audio show so controversial that it has to be powered by MEGAWATTS. That’s right.  Erik Watts has returned to his ClubWWI show for a 98 minute edition that hits harder than any before.

Fans are still talking about his stinging comments in the debut show on ClubWWI.com, but now have a whole new world of topics to debate.  In one of the most jam-packed audios you’ll find anywhere, Watts talks about a ton of topics (including a special appearance from his mom, Ene Watts) like: The Night Steve Austin Refused To Put Him Over, Why Erik Agreed, Kurt Angle‘s Arrest, The Truth Behind HGH, Raven The Pain In The Butt Genius, Taking Andre The Giant To 3rd Grade Show-n-Tell, The Sad Ending To The Narcissist Gimmick, The Night The WCW Lockeroom Taped Up and Bathed The Smelly Kongs, Ultimate Warrior and Sting Coming To His House To Sign Their Bladerunner Contracts, Why His Tekno Team Partner Chad Fortune Hit Troy Aikman In the Head, Steve Williams: Babysitter, Angry Ole Anderson, Buff Bagwell’s Backstage Heat, How Paul Roma Could Have Gotten Over Big, How You Can Buy Mid-South Classic DVDs at UniversalWrestling.com, and tons more.

When James Guttman brought out questions from WorldWrestlingInsanity.com readers, the stories came pouring out.  One question dealt with Kurt Angle’s arrest and situation with Jeff Jarrett.  Erik talked about it all including the TNA booking situation, Vince Russo in WCW, why Angle may not have had a prescription on his HGH bottles, why that doesn’t make a difference, TNA’s “Drug Policy”…or lack thereof, why they don’t need one, and more.  But on the subject of Jarrett’s recent romance with Kurt’s ex wife, Karen, E.W. spoke frankly…

“As far as Jeff tagging up with Angle’s ex-wife, what have you, let me explain something about that as far as I’m concerned.  That is so weird because boys are just boys.  These guys, it’s got to be a fascination that if I can’t be a bigger star than you, man, I’ll show you if I’m sleeping with one of your girls or one of your exes.  Because there are so many women that come to these events.  There are so many chicks at every one of these events that you have your pick, I hate to say it.  You’re on TV.  You’re doing your thing.  You can have the choice of people you’re with.  You mean to tell me that you’re gonna sit there and get serious with someone else’s throwaways?  Whether she left him, he left her, are you kidding?  You don’t see this in football.  You don’t see this in basketball.  You don’t see this in baseball.  You see this in wrestling and that’s what cracks me up.  That’s how far the ego goes outside the ring that it’s like, oh my gosh, ha
 ha ha.  And what’s backfiring is that Angle probably has more stroke.  TNA has probably been looking for a reason to do something with Jeff because Jeff is just not one of your smarter individuals.  I think he’s a good worker and I’ve said this.  Good worker.  Horrible on the mic and just not one of your smartest people.”

Watts goes on to discuss his verbal mismatches with Jarrett on the microphone, the recent passing of Jeff’s wife, how his new romance is more spectacle than anything, and more.  But when it comes to Jarrett’s stance in TNA, Erik feels that his absence may help the company.  He explains to ClubWWI.com listeners why the stars were always rather small there…

“TNA is a mini-WWE with a six sided ring and mostly midgets wrestling.  So, I think that will change as they’re bringing in big guys, which I’ve always said that’s been the problem.  I’ve always said the problem with TNA mostly is that when Jeff had so much power there, he wasn’t going to have real big guys there.  He didn’t want the competition.  He wanted to be King of The Midgets.”

Another question dealt with a story in the book, Sex, Lies and Headlocks.  The book tells the tale of a backstage brawl with Rick Rude that left The Ravishing One extremely upset.  Watts is apprehensive about the story as he doesn’t want to talk badly about Rick since his passing, but wants to give the true story to ClubWWI.com  and does he ever.

It all started with Rude, a former Golden Gloves Boxer, explaining to the boys how he had defeated Curt Hennig, an amateur wrestling champion, with ease…

“He was talking about Curt (Hennig).  I hadn’t met Curt at this time, but it ticked me off for two reasons.  Rude was being rude, which means he was jabbering his jaws and talking sh*t.  Two,  it was Curt Hennig.  Second generation and that got me too because we always defended each other.  At some points, I don’t think people wanted to defend each other, but they did anyway.  Three, my amateur wrestling background would not let me believe that some boxer (could beat an amateur wrestler)…So I just said to him, ‘Well, the only thing I could figure is that Curt must have never been as good an amateur wrestler as you’re talking about.’  And as soon as I said that, I went, oh no.  Why’d I say that?  Everybody’s mad.  There’s heat in the locker room. You know, I’ve got a sh*tload of head and it’s like a pin dropped.  That was just it.  He came over and I was just sitting in the locker room and he was standing right over me going, ‘So what are you trying to
 say?’  And it was so stupid because he’s like, ‘Curt’s my best friend.’  I’m thinking, ‘If Curt’s your best friend, all you’re doing is talking about how he can’t turn you or whoop your butt.  That’s all you’ve been talking about now all of a sudden, you want to stick up for him?  And you’re mad at me because I stuck up for him?'”

The story just piled up from there including the result of the first match, the rematch, and the second rematch.  He also reveals the WCW Champion who refereed it, Rude’s anger afterwards, the violent outburst he had, harsh words for Golden Gloves Boxers, and tons more.  If you’re looking for backstage stories, it doesn’t get any more in-depth than this show.  Watts opens the flood gates including the rib the locker room played on the “Smelly Kongs” during a battle royal, heat he had backstage, and so much more.  The only place to hear it all…is on ClubWWI.com!

Erik Watts not only joins over 180 stars on ClubWWI.com including everyone from Jesse Ventura to Samoa Joe, but also other superstars in hosting his on audio.  Other shows feature Bull Buchanan’s “Bullpen,” Paul Roma’s “Glorious,” D-Lo Brown’s “Lo-Down,” Orlando Jordan’s “Club O.J.,” and show archives from Tom Prichard and Ivory.