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Here are the EVOVLE 2010 Awards as voted on by the fans:
Please Note that “EVOLVE 6: Aries vs. Taylor” was not included since the DVD wasn’t released in 2010.
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Best Card:
Winner: “EVOLVE 5: Danielson vs. Sawa” – 31%
Runner Up: “EVOLVE 1: Ibushi vs. Richards” – 27%
“EVOLVE 4: Danielson vs. Fish” came only 14 votes short of passing E1. EVOLVE promoted E5 as being its first “supercard” and the results prove that you agree. Great action from top-to-bottom with an excellent semi-main and main event combo made this EVOLVE’s card of 2010.
Match Of The Year:
Winner: Bryan Danielson vs. Sawa from EVOLVE 5 – 24%
Runner Up: Kota Ibushi vs. Davey Richards from EVOLVE 1 – 22%
It’s no surprise that the top two best cards also featured the top two main events. This was a very close race between a pair of excellent, must see bouts. Bryan Danielson vs. Bobby Fish (E4), Munenori Sawa vs. TJP (E1), Claudio Castagnoli vs. Chuck Taylor (E3) and Chris Hero vs. Ikuto Hidaka (E2) all were in the running until the final few days.
Winner: Chuck Taylor – 38%
Runner Up: Bobby Fish – 21%
Taylor won by the largest margin in any category. He started in a “qualifying match” and ended the year in the main event. It is hard to argue with the choice of the fans here. Jimmy Jacobs and Bryan Danielson were the only others that received more than 10% of the vote.
Breakout Star:
Winner: Chuck Taylor – 22%
Runner Up: Johnny Gargano – 21%
It’s a banner year for Taylor who won both MVP and Breakout Star. It might be a long time before this happens again. Larry Dallas has to be a happy man. Only five votes separated the two fighters Dallas is sponsoring. Bobby Fish, Kyle O’Reilly, Ricochet and Sami Callihan, in that order, were also competitive in the voting.
Breakout Match:
Winner: Munenori Sawa vs. TJP  from EVOLVE 1 – 24%
Runner Up: Ricochet vs. Kyle O’Reilly from EVOLVE 5 – 21%
Sawa was new to the United States and TJP was a young veteran still looking to fulfill his potential. The result was a sensational, cutting-edge bout that instantly elevated both competitors. Other top finishers included Chuck Taylor vs. Claudio Castagnoli (E3), Sami Callihan vs. Arik Cannon (E4), Brodie Lee vs. Jon Moxley (E4) and TJP vs. Kyle O’Reilly (E4).
Thank you to everyone that voted. We greatly appreciate your support in 2010. We look forward to growing wrestling’s newest brand even more in 2011. Who will be the breakout star of 2011? What will be the 2011 match of the year? Who will win MVP in 2011? Keep watching and find out.